The Middle East is Annunaki Territory. The First Group that Arrived was Mighty Lord Enki.
The Cabal has desecrated the Middle East and has destroyed Ancient Sumerian Relics and Tablets, their Armies aquired a Sirian Star Gate and even attempted to go through the Star Gates to attack Sirius.

I will say this for the Last Time, Iran must not be Attacked. The Issue with these Innocent Folks is Nuclear Aspirations, You Hypocrites, you cry foul because a Nation is progressing.
Earth is a very Close to being cleansed by Legions from Space.

War in the Middle East will not happen. The Desecration of Iraq has been observed by the Kods.

The Cabal is walking a fine line between Polarized Insanity & MAD Mutually Assured Destruction.
The Nations must stop this Madness in the Middle East before the Kods get involved.

An-Dul Pa-Bil Nam-Tar ANUNNAKI

War will not be tolerated.


Fal: Question about the stargate.

Question about the stargate. Is it in the hands of their government, and if so, is it still functional? If not, what would it take to become functional?

Annunaki77: A Crystal Power Source

And the US Government figured how to Run the Star Gate. Many who went through did not survive, some went Insane because of what they saw on the other side.
There will be an Alien Contact probability this Year.

Fal: So, it's a crystalline power

So, it's a crystalline power source. I've watched the movie "Stargate", and they had crystals that contained immense power of which I am sure could have powered a stargate. My short friendship with a Wiccan brought up questions about crystals. He said they all had different purposes, but the purer the quartz, the easier to store and transmit/transfer energy.

Also, did they reach a physical destination, or did it take them to the space between spaces? I would assume the latter, because elements of this physical plane couldn't be so difficult to digest that it would make a man insane, could they?

Annunaki77: The Transfer of the Flesh and Soul through the flux

When you go through a Star Gate , you free fall for an Hour, your heart stops for a few seconds and then you get the wind knocked out of you when you hit land or water on the other side.
Then the other side , a Reality contrary to your own, with beings and civilizations similar but different. Like a Movie or nightmare that doesn't go away.
You return but you return crazy because you realize the Sci-fi is Reality.

Annunaki77: The US Government has these Gates under Armed Guards

They are Terrified of the Return of the Annunaki.
They cannot stop Destiny, they cannot stop what cannot be stopped.

It is time for the Human Race to awaken from their Mindcontrol.

The Gods are closer than they appear Fal.

wmarkley: good

I look forward to the return of these beings because it will truely wake up humanity, and become the end of the evil empire, I think that the technology they bring will cure many terminal diseases including cancer, my father has been battling lung cancer for 3 years and i pray that he holds on long enough to be cured, the thing that i hate most about this evil empire is that they dont cure anything because their is no profit in it, the money is in the treatment because you always go back for more, why the people dont wake up to this is beyond stupid. when i think about how stupid my people can be i get so very disappointed, but i know that in the end they will wake up, this i also pray for, i read about the arrests and resignations taking place only because it raises my spirits and gives me hope for humanity. Cancer took my grandfather, and is trying to take my father, i have watched him battle this and have been helpless to stop it, he went from 250lb man to 175lbs so far, he told me the other day that he is getting tired of the fight, i keep telling him that he will beat it, and i pray that he does. and i also know that it is a battle that i will undertake some day, a battle that i dont want to fight. when your worst enemy is your own flesh. I pray that the E.T. come and soon, we need their wisdom and medical expertise, i dont mean to sound selfish, but it kills me to see the children with no hair dying of cancer, and the other diseases that will never be cured under the current system.

Annunaki77: Wmarkley beautiful Wmarkley

I will Teach you a cure for your Father. Ask your Father where he feels the Pain the Most from this Disease. When he tells you where he feels the Pain the most tell him to clench that area where he feels the most Pain and Symbolically make him pretend to grab this Disease with his right Hand and hold it in his hand then with these Words make him say " By the Power of God I give this Illness to Mother Earth", he must have full Faith.

A Miracle will happen, he will be cured.
Good Luck Son.
Listen to this Pleadian Drunvalo, learn how to Heal.

Phaminator: I hear ya

Two Novembers ago a classmate of mine for social studies lost her father from lung cancer. From what I heard, They (she and the mother) didn't know that he had lung cancer till it was too late. Actually I didn't know about it until several months after that when a close friend of mine told me.

Tarheel: The Wise One,Anu77 has shone his light upon you,WMarkley!

Awesomeness is the love he sends your way that you may offer help to your Father !

Behold The Power of Wise Annunaki77 !

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley---------

This man that Annu speaks of,is the real deal here.He really knows how to heal this way.I have watched all his videos,and have read some of his teachings in alot of material that is on the internet.He even has his own web site.Put his name in,and dot com it.Good luck! This really does work.I have tried this too.I do alot of self healing in my life.Trust in God,and do as Annu says. Mother Earth will absorb the illness into her, from your father. BB5050.

wmarkley: ok

I have seen the video Annu77 sent, it was interesting, i do have faith, and will look into this, i will do everything, and anything that i have to do to save my father, and anyone else who needs help. thank you for the tip Annu77 and BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley----

Tell your father to have faith,and he MUST believe in this.The power of the mind is at work here also.Explain this to him too.BB5050.

wmarkley: i did

I just spoke with him, he goes in tomorrow for cat scan to see how he is doing, 4 years ago he had a cancerous kidney removed, and it went to his lungs, he had 4 spots on his lungs, he has been taking kemo pills for 3 years that make him sick, last year 2 of the spots were gone, now he has 2 left, we will find out tomorrow if they have gone too, i keep praying and so does he. i am optimistic that it will be gone. It angers me greatly to know that this can be eliminated, humanity could have cured this many years ago, but there is no profit in cure. only treatment. i keep hearing about this galactic law of non intervention, it seems to me that there was intervention thousands of years ago, and humanity was enslaved, and mind fucked ever since. So this BS law of non intervention is just a way that galactic pussies justify not helping humanity. WE dont need help beating an outside influence, WE dont need anyone to fight our battles for us, What WE do need is for This Galactic ancestry to help WAKE UP the masses from the false reality that has been imposed on us by this outside force, and then just back away because there will be an ass kicking of galactic proportions, once humanity wakes up and understands what has happened to them, WOW it wont be good to be a pencil neck grey, or a slimy reptillian. it would BE a good idea if the star brothers and sisters just get off the planet because it wont be a very safe place for ANY star family. and when the dust settles, we can greet our star family, and you can bet your ASS that humanity will be standing, not kneeling.

Son of Leod: I too wish and pray for the

I too wish and pray for the return of our elders. So many of our brothers and sisters think I am insane when I try and open their eyes so that they might try and begin their own awakening.

bluesbaby5050: I understand----------

This is a terrible disrace for humanity! There so many people around the world that have to suffer,and die for nothing, when there are cures that do exists for these patients.I am sure if the people that are in heads of goverments,and this was in their families,they would think twice,if it were them going though this nightmare at the hands of the thoughtless ,and greedy people at the top of world affairs.This change is SOON to happen,and I can not wait.

HebrianDaniel: stargates sound very

stargates sound very interesting. so if you enter inside the stargate you will reach another planet. thats great! does all the stargates occupied by goverments?

Tarheel: Where have you been, H/D? We were worried about you.

It is not like you to be gone. Is everythg okay?

HebrianDaniel: im fine dont worry about me

im fine dont worry about me TC
last times there was bombarding in gaza to southern israel but luckily i live in north israel
i will be fine.
but lasts times i start to have ashtma diffuclty and i dunno why

Son of Leod: You have a Stargate in your

You have a Stargate in your head it's called your pineal gland that's what your soul leaves through when you die, and astral project. Unfortunately the lovely Draconians have found it necessary to tamper with ours via fluoride and other poisoned food products. This is also why they tell us we aren't allowed to smoke weed no matter how natural and safe it is, because it stimulates this gland and Our melatonin production by up to 4000%.

Tarheel: At Star Gate openings, there's an OWL watching over it.


But, how cool must a Star Gate really be? "Hey pal, step inside and you'll come out ON Sirius A." Whoa ! I dont know if they exist, I dont know what they do, but by definition-they're way cool.

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