by Annunaki77 on November 12th, 2011

Thomas Edwin Castello was a Secuirty Officer who directly worked with the Draco Reptilians at the DULCE UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES between the 1960's till the early 1980's. Once he found out that the Reptilians were not here for benevolant purposes he launched a campaign to expose the DULCE MILITARY BASE. Along with some friendly Reptilian workers he tried to expose the Dulce Bases, but some Reptilians got a wiff of what was going on and warned the Draco Bosses.
There was a massacre of both human and reptilian Personnel, Thomas Castello was the only Security Officer who escaped.
Castello found out that the Dulce Military Base was a Genetic Facility for cross species research as well as a Human Meat Factory for food processing to feed the Lizards from Inner Earth.

Learn the treachery and learn about the Reptilian Evil which is now trying to form a New World Human Meat Market.

You better study this quick because these Videos
never stay up for long they keep getting taken down. Because it is the truth. (1 of 7) (2 of 7) (3 of 7) (4 of 7) (5 of 7) (6 of 7) (7 of 7)


Tarheel: I know this wasnt your intent, BUT...

...but I extracted that there are friendly Reptilians among the Reptilian lot? If this is true, I am truly confused. How would anybody know whether or not a particular Reptilian is friendly or not. Now Im really lost.

Can someone help me,please?


Just Like everything I've encountered in my life, the omniverse tends to try and balance its self out. There is a great episode of Futurama where Santa Clause is a killer robot who brands everyone naughty, and tries to kill everybody so people hide for their lives on Christmas. While this is a terrible thing to endure, it does have the effect of bringing the characters who would normally hate each other together.

Also you can see this same effect in Iraq where under Saddam's iron fist everyone there huddled together to hide from the death squads but the moment he was deposed the old fights came back. Same thing in the countries of the former soviet union.

So, imagine if your ruler was a 9ft tall bloodthirsty, cold-blooded, dragon-like being with powers to kill you with a look. Imagine how close you would become even with others you might not like otherwise. There are those with in the Draco-reptilian race that really feel for humanity, and would help out if given the chance.

Also try and understand that this universe we all live in is vast far beyond our ability to imagine, and it is teaming with life in every crack and crevasse. There are countless races out there who have evolved from reptile origins, and probably most of those are peaceful. It's the ones here on Earth that are from the Orion constellation that are negative and have plans to enslave us as cattle for food. Of those it is mainly the warrior and ruling classes that wish us harm the working cast probably is just indifferent or even loving and peaceful.

There is also a race of reptilians who claim to have evolved here on Earth before humans, though I'm not sure why they would have moved under ground, they claim to not really care about humanity.

At any rate there probably are not too many good, positive, loving reptilians here on Earth at the moment. If you see one, its best to run, and hope they don't have time to mess with you. If you can't run then put your hands palm out at waist level to show you mean no harm and hope for the best. Unless you've been trained and equipped to fight them, you wouldn't have much chance against one, they are some of the most fierce warriors in the galaxy.

Annunaki77: Yes the Reptilian Slaves not the Reptilian Elites

There could be a remote possibility that some are benevolant but they simply cannot be trusted, none of them.
They eat humans , this is abit of a problem.

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