Think you are SMART with your Smart-phone? Think AGAIN! Your Privacy is being VIOLATED!

by Tarheel on March 5th, 2012

Dont be anybody's FOOL, people. Smart phones are not only Tracking your movement with GPS, but they are selling your personally identifiable information to ANYONE WILLING TO PAY for it, and there are many businesses that are willing to pay !

I read an article in WSJ that said "cell phones/especially Smart phones are tracking people and that they can tell where you are. They sell this info to businesses who are willing to pay for it, the businesses text you a "BIG SALE" text or similar-then you drop by and buy somethg!". Then they hinge on the pretense that "they appealed to your SECRET desires"! Secret desires, my ass? Nothing secret about cell phone companies throwing your personally identifiable info about for any and all who are willing to pay. WISE UP, Folks !

How to stop it? 1) Turn OFF your tracking device (GPS) on your phone. 2) Make damn sure you join the "DO NOT CALL" registry for your cell phone.

Call 888-382-1222 to register your phone. This will terminate scumbags calling you.

Or you can go here, and register your phone.
Click on "Register a Phone" in left hand column.

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