These are Mysterious Times

by Annunaki77 on January 22nd, 2011

All of Humanity is linking up to a Global Consciousness, from all around the World Humanity is being aware and is waking up to the Hologram that they live in. Special abiities are being unlocked, special intuitions are now being activated and the Human Collective is now waking up, this is the integration of 4th density unto the masses of humanity, this is what the Globalists fear the most , the spiritual awakening of all humanity.
Once this awakening happens the Earth will be steered into the right direction not the wrong direction.

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Annunaki77: We will never be alone

Angels are with you, even if you don't see them.

Even with unthinkable odds we still have Awsome Power, but we must believe!.

The Warrior Spirit is in all of Us from The Americas to Asia and the four Corners of the Earth.


Those Days will come back

kwamerica: The Strangest Mystery

Yes that the the birth pangs of the New World. Like a woman in labour before the child comes out she groans in pain.

The strangest Mystery (The Truth) is about to be scattered all over the earth. The one single truth that will get us a perfect peace.

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