There is a reason for everything.

That is why I made it here. New at this and do not have alot of time to be on the internet. I seen a couple of comentaries on TV and think this is where I need to be. Another words, the Good Lord brought me here...


Fal: Welcome, I may be new, but I

Welcome, I may be new, but I hope you find what you are searching for. Even if you don't this site has a great cache of information brought into one place. I hope that you learn much, and share much. =]

ChaunceyJR: Thank you Fal. got

Thank you Fal. got disconected, bach again. Now going out to smoke. Scared of what is happening but know I am apart of this world. So I just keep looking to the sky and work hard.

Quinton: Welcome to the site :) Thanks

Welcome to the site :) Thanks for joining!

LordEnlil: Nice my

Nice my friend...welcome...but please do not thrust in the tube...they lie to much.....and it is a tool
to lie people and not to inform them...have your own filter ....and when you do not like what you see just close him have the remote...get to independent alternative info....and see the world as it is...

Lord Enlil

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