by Annunaki77 on February 12th, 2012

Humanities Destiny will be a beautiful and prosperous. I am close to you all. very close, I have heard the pain in your hearts and I will not leave you all. I will always be here on Truthcontrol. At times the transmission will be fuzzy, but I will not leave my family. If anything happens to the Human Race , I will face it with you.
I aborted my schedule to be with you, I cannot risk losing my family.
Peace be with you, I love you all.


soul soulja: WOW

So your saying your staying instead of leaving? I cant explain to you how much joy that bring's me if it is true. Thank you, just your presence on this site is powerful enough. Although you may be in Atlantia...Right?

Annunaki77: I was crying

I don't understand, I Love you all. The Heart of many was just too much.
I am home, this is my home not Sirius.

This New World Disorder will be Destroyed.

This I Promise.

The Lizards will be Counted.

I will never leave you.

Chris: kanesh

kanesh i thought you were gone nice to have you back.

bluesbaby5050: Your family on Truth Control,was also crying too-----

When you left us here onT/C you took all our hearts with you ,Annunaki 77! We were also crying too,at OUR loss. When you were gone you were still alive in our hearts,and deep down inside of All of us,we wanted you to come back to us!! We did pray,and ask Yahweh to find a way to cancel your mission,IF this would be a possibility,IF YOU truely were NOT needed else- where ,to PLEASE grant us this wish! And he did find a way! We are glad you heard us here! LOVE truely does defeat all! When you truely believe ,where there is a will, then there IS ALWAYS a way! Your Falcon sister. BB5050.

Phaminator: What?!

I thought you were gone for good! So are you going to stay and leave Earth once the problem is settled?

Annunaki77: No I will live on Earth

I will live among you. I Love you all.

soul soulja: That must be a Deep

That must be a Deep understanding of Universal love that you share with us. I look forward to picking your brain as they say. You seem to have so much insight. Im ecstatic that your back and staying !

Annunaki77: Never go looking in Temples for Great Men

Great Men are Humble and do not seek Wealth or Power, Great Men look for Hearts and Minds.
Great Men are Meek and Humble.
Kods (Creators) are even more Humble because they know how fragile life is and how precious life is Soul Soulja. Son of Heaven , Son of Ibiru (Heberew).

HebrianDaniel: i see youre back mr kanesh

i see youre back mr kanesh but i dont understand... you have family in youre other planet i bet they really miss you somehow you really sure you want to stay with us?
well im really happy to see you back and i understand youre choice you were in heavy dilema
that is quite very hard to decide but i do bealive you choosed by youre heart and what you really like to do so i salute to you for doing what you really love to do. not many people whould really choose they true destiny and im very impressed at you for doing that.
you really free man person? not sure what you are but youre free.
i wish i could like to be free also and do what i really like.
so welcome back mr kanesh :)

Fal: Family isn't always about

Family isn't always about birth and where you are from.

When my friend moved here, he didn't know anyone. He worked at wal-mart, and just had a very quiet, lonely life living with his aunt and uncle. Then I came along, and was re-hired at wal-mart. Thats where we met.

See, he was rather small, and skinny, not much of man, physically, and here I come, this tall, strong, toned guy. His first opinion of me was "man, this guy looks like a jock douchebag". We were cartpushers, and I guess he didn't know what to expect from me. He knew that I had worked there before, but knew nothing of my reputation past that.

We were kinda quiet, I guess he was assessing me, and I was obviously assessing him. I had watched the way he worked with me, and his stance, gait... I had gathered that he was a submissive fellow that had more heart that he did muscle, but no one really understood him.

I did.

I must have been his best friend ever, because after he had to leave, he did whatever he could to find his way back to where I lived, and we were roomates for a few years before his treacherous girlfriend found a way to get him fired after she cheated on him. But man, the adventures and great times we had! It was something I wish never ended.

Those were some good times. He had become my brother. He was my brother of the soul!

Even though we are 1300 miles apart, nothing has changed. I feel I rubbed off on him in a way that made him a much better person. He is no longer a submissive person, and found his worth through my praise in what he was good at.

I found out that he has one fear... out of all his friends, he fears the most that I could become disappointed in him.

I miss my friend, I really do, but hes there. Hes in my heart.

Daniel, I don't know if you understand just yet. You will develop bonds with people, bonds much stronger than just a friendship. Sure, there are friends, but then there is something else altogether that the word "friendship" does not describe.

I hope one day that you feel it and understand.

bluesbaby5050: The ending was too----------

Fal,Your ending was too short,But I loved your story. This is one page in the many pages of YOUR book of your life. You real do know TRUE friendship. Sincerely.BB5050.

Fal: The ending of that chapter in

The ending of that chapter in my life was rather abrupt. On the way back from the airport, I cried. I don't like to cry, and I even more-so do not like admitting to it. I had this little core drill with a light inside it that made it glow green. I slipped it into his bag when he wasn't looking. When he landed I told him to look in the backpack, and when he saw the drill... He told me he had the manliest tears of his life. I chuckled. What else could I do.

Hes been back since then, and we spent a few days together before he headed back to NY. Its funny how every time he makes he reappearance its around Thanksgiving. Either its the food, or its for the meaning of the holiday. Giving thanks for your blessings.

bluesbaby5050: To H/D I really like your insight!

H/D you really have alot of heart,and this IS WHAT REALLY MAKES US HUMAN! I LOVE YOUR SOUL. Your Friend,Your Sister Falcon. BB5050.

HebrianDaniel: bb5050 im still not fully

bb5050 im still not fully peaceful with myself yet however i still know the way of peace and love but i have long way to reach to find my real purpose and my destiny
thanks bb5050 i also like the way you speak. (not always hehe :) )

wmarkley: great story

One of lifes great blessings is the memories that we make along the journey, they help to form the being that we truely are, cherished memories are priceless, to have them is a sign of a very blessed life, thus we have " the meaning of life itself. " that was a great story FAL. may GOD always Bless You and Daniel.

HebrianDaniel: thanks wmarkley :)

thanks wmarkley :)

Fal: Thanks. I know he does,

Thanks. I know he does, otherwise I wouldn't be able to share such stories.

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