is their a galactic federation and do they protect humans ?

by kaleohrile on September 16th, 2021

So i been dealing with some thoughts and it has been a big toll on me , so i was working today dealing with these thoughts and then i heard that fed where going to protect me and watch over me , and just like that the thoughts where gone , just wanted to know if any one else has had an experience too!

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bluesbaby5050: Is there a Galactic Federation?

Hello there, I'm so glad to see your still with us! 😄😃. Yes there really is a G. F. In existence. Yes they are protecting planet Earth and our solar system. You can have all your questions answered, plus you'll have all the up to date information about this subject and more if you follow this link to,,,,,,,,,
President Trump signed it into our US Military Space Command as Official, and we have our own Space Command Flag too. You can find photos of this flag on this site also. You will become very informed, and pleased to learn everything you want know on this subject on this site I gave to you. Copy this link I gave you, and put it into your search engine, and it will pop up. This site is blocking this link as I
tried it 2 times, and it won't work on Truth Control, as TPTB are at work on this site to make sure people are kept in the dark. Never give up. Your welcome, Bluesbaby5050. ☺

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