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by obsrvantlouie on November 6th, 2013

The Truth is you already are a Shaman, Druid, Mystic, Healer. Whatever you choose to call it LIKELY they are all the same thing. A combination of being led astray from ancient knowledge and lack of desire to be accountable for one's self.... has led to the current gameboard. Thankfully, there are those of us reclaiming our power. However, recognizing the false plateau and reminding yourself there is always more to learn should be very high on the priorities list for those of us continuing our awakening at Truthcontrol.

Test yourself below to see if you fly with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan-duh).........or Booster Gold.

How often do you monitor your thoughts? Daily? Bi-daily? 3 times per day? How often are you aware of your thoughts? Can you discern which thoughts are truly yours versus....not yours? This could be expanded upon...

The Healer's Power -

At the very least the Healer is fully aware of his own thoughts, their implications and energies involved. The thought of allowance is focused upon along with positive experiences (lessons for some) BOTH intently focused upon and ATTRACTED.

Upper limit indicators: ability to enter 4th density in less then 30 minutes, auras visible, telepathic abilities, electrical sensitivity, near limitless physical/mental energy. The ability to "be, operate, function" entirely in "THE NOW". Not one second ago....nor one second ahead. Can focus on more than one thought at a time. See's situation/event playing out before it happens (time of precog sight varies dependent upon person and event). This can be focused intent alah "remote viewing" OR simply seeing the car cut you off before it actually happens.

Seeing a situation play out is evidence of crown chakra energies
Knowing you should grab the umbrella is your solar plex

Tip - becoming more aware of your thoughts and focusing their intent towards self improvement will lead toward advancement of mental abilities listed above.

Now, most people should substitute stress however. Stress, doubt, worry, anxiety, judgement, victimhood...all these are only minions to FEAR. How often do you confront FEAR? Have you ever fully recognized and admitted your FEAR? Have you ever confronted your FEARS?

The Healers Power

At the very least the Healer is AWARE of FEAR and confronts it with confidence. Always the Healer triumphs over FEAR because he remembers his true nature; that he is a spiritual being having a physical experience and the only way to attain knowledge is to overcome unkowns. Once you recognize childhood, indoctrinated and self generated FEARS...once these are recognized and put in their FUCKING place, you are now riding your own stallion of FIRE! From this point FEAR is beaten with one lackey remaining....that lackey is you and the power you have now attained.

Upper limit indicators; Total conviction with self and for selfs path. Allowance for others "path choices" is on autopilot. Lives constantly in the moment. Does not care what YOU think but just desires that you do, in fact THINK and EDUCATE yourself.

Where do you stack up?!

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Quinton: Great post. I monitor my own

Great post. I monitor my own thoughts sometimes throughout the day but not nearly enough. The book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle has opened me up a lot more to recognizing the difference between my consciousness and my mind. He also explains living in the now in such a cool manner.

I have also been meditating more and am working on increasing my 4th density abilities. I have never been able to see auras or energy and would love to have access to this level of information.

obsrvantlouie: Purchase this book to increase 4th Density ability

"Journey's Out of The Body" By Robert Monroe (paper back will suffice). 3/4 through this book Robert provides detailed instruction on how to induce your own OOBE. This purposely hidden gem is well worth the $10.

Crackdown: This book could be got for free :P

Just type "Journeys Out of The Body pdf" in search engine, and you will see :)

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