Test test and more test !

by kaleohrile on December 28th, 2016

Thanks for the test i know i have more , that how i wnated to earn me being me , their is a game for final fantasy , that i like and i lost time in it while i was earning being my but it tought me one thing , maigc is not free you have to earn it with your own to hand , my team for many years gave it out and it came with a price , i sure i pay a lot form ever one , but now ever one that join me get ot earn it with while working with ever one with the one hand no cost , call it i pay lifetimes so ever one could earn it with out loseing anything which i would want , any way feel free to ask me qestion , now i can do some r&r and get cought up with some friend i missed some time with in games i love !

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Quinton: If you're going to keep

If you're going to keep spamming the site and other people's post I'm going to ban your account. I'll give you one more chance to contribute something other than spam.

kaleohrile: no i not spaming the site i not lieing who i am

no i not spaming the site , i sorry if you feel that way thier are those on here i want to talk to , i am thankfull you made this site it help make me why would i not pass the blessing on i been a long life do think i would not bless you , love take care thank you !

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