Terrorist organizations financed from the Netherlands

by UN.i1-PHI on August 21st, 2014

Terrorist organizations financed from the Netherlands

Terrorism is supported financially from the Netherlands. On a regular basis terror groups from Pakistan and Afghanistan to get money deposited, reports newspaper Metro.

The past eighteen months attracted several international exchange at the bell because they suspect that money was transferred from the Netherlands to terrorist organizations abroad.

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) speaks of "the necessary notifications. The service that banks and financial service providers to report suspicious transactions would not give further details.

If there is to be made to risk from an account, and it is suspected that there is a possible terrorist financing, the banks have to notify. Among others, the criminal money laundering and the financing of terrorism should be so exposed. Suspicious transactions are then transferred to the police or the AIVD.

Last year, a total of 108 suspicious transactions reported to the FIU terrorism. How many of the reported transactions are associated with terrorist organizations in connection actually is not clear.

Because banned the financing of terrorism, money remitters such as Western Union and GWK, as well as banks and other financial institutions to report. Mandatory suspicious transactions

In particular, flows to the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where training camps of various terrorist organizations, they will be able to keep an eye on.

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UN.i1-PHI: Chief Justice: "Isis is conspiracy by Zionists"

Chief Justice: "Isis is conspiracy by Zionists"

[ ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.. is preconceived plan of Zionists who want to give Islam a bad name]

In the Lower House is making a fuss over a Twitter message by an official of the Ministry of Justice. Yasmina Haifi, project manager of the National Cyber ​​Security Center, tweeted that ISIS does not consist of radical Muslims. According to her, the organization, which now goes through life as IS, founded by Zionists to Muslims. Black She also blames the riots in Schilderswijk this weekend to biased media in a corner trying to push Muslims.

Haifi has since removed her tweet and tweeted later: "I realize the political sensitivity in relation to my work. This was never my intention. " She just wanted to make clear that ISIS can act because, to its organization does things that Islam does not approve. Impossible in the name of Islam

Yasmina Haifi
@HaifiY Volgen

Tweet over ISIS heb ik zojuist verwijderd. Realiseer mij de politieke gevoeligheid in relatie tot mijn werk. Dit was nimmer mijn bedoeling.
09:51 - 13 augustus 2014

[ Tweet about ISIS I have just removed. Realize the political sensitivity in relation to my work. This was never my intention ]

"It might not have been wise to give my opinion. As a private with the Ministry of Security and Justice in the light of my job I'd like to admit, "says Haifi in a statement. "I thought Twitter was just a place to give, after placing this Tweet your opinion, you suddenly see what happens."

Although Haifi acknowledges that the message was not wise to Twitter in light of its work, she emphasizes that her opinion says nothing about its substantive work. Moreover, her department at the Ministry 'nothing to do with politics "would have to do.

Haifi claims to rely on documents that American whistleblower Edward Snowden on ISIS brought out its opinion. This shows that ISIS a preconceived plan of Zionists in the United States and Israel, said Haifi. The origin of the documents do not want to explain. "I quoted what I've read on the Internet, it can be found on various websites."

Haifi stood in the last election for the House on the candidate for the Labour Party as a regional lijstduwer in The Hague. The Ministry of Security and Justice Haifi Wednesday suspended. Also, her secondment to the National Cyber ​​Security Center terminated.

The officer of Justice does not back her words. On Radio1 she said today that the freedom of speech, but apparently counts for certain groups in the Netherlands. "I have taken the liberty to express myself and apparently I have to pay for it. I do not know why I should take away. This is what I think. "

She further said: "Apparently, certain things should not be said. I gave no opinion. I have not made up about Zionism itself, but read numerous articles about it. "

Yasmina Haifi
@HaifiY Volgen

Voor de volledigheid: heb willen zeggen dat ISIS onmogelijk islamitisch kan zijn. daden ISIS staan lijnrecht tov de islam predikt
11:28 - 13 augustus 2014

[ For the record, I want to say that ISIS may not be possible Islamic. ISIS deeds are diametrically compared Islam preaches ]

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UN.i1-PHI: Dutch officials in uniform of Israeli occupation army: is that a

Dutch officials in uniform of Israeli occupation army: is that allowed?

There was much ado about the last week of Justice official who was suspended because of a controversial tweet she sent about Zionists. Yasmina Haifi specializing in diversity policies, was seconded as project leader at the National Cyber ​​Security Center. Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice said to be the content of the tweet. Shocked Haifi wrote Tuesday that the radical Islamic terrorist movement IS 'a preconceived plan of Zionists' who deliberately want to make Islam. Black

Officials of Justice may not post tweets about Zionists, but the government has apparently not mind if they worked for the Israeli occupation army. What does a board member of the Christian Union Miramichi example, in a uniform of the Israeli army? Two years ago, reported newspaper De Pers that Kees van Pelt annually takes three months free to hoist. in the olive green uniform of the Israeli army

Kees and Ineke van Pelt posing in army uniform

In a video on YouTube he and his wife Ineke pose proudly in uniform. Furthermore, it is shown how Ineke equipment sorts Israeli soldiers at the military base Bat Zap at Ramla. What does an employee of the Ministry of Security and Justice in a uniform of the Israeli army? An army of a country that is increasingly international is under fire because of the continued occupation of the Palestinian territories, violence against Palestinian civilians and colonization and de facto annexation of Palestinian land.

Van Pelt carries his volunteer work in the army not contribute to the continuation of the Israeli occupation? He himself sees no problem in the combination of his work for the Ministry of Security and Justice and the Council of Miramichi.

"I am a citizen councilor and never make the village politics with files over Israel," Van Pelt said. "Nowhere is forbidden us to help the Jews, on the contrary, God has promised never to" fall "His people. Then we can surely do that? "

Van Pelt signed up as a volunteer for the Dutch branch of the international organization Sar-El , the abbreviation for Sheirut Le'Yisrael what "service to Israel" means.

The Jewish president of Sar-El Netherlands, Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau Max Arpels Reader says on the website that the volunteers *don't* get a rifle in hands *nor* do they become a soldier, but they can help in the fight against the Palestinians. [* edit alert: google originally mistranslated it]

‘Israëlganger’ Marjolein Hak (Patrick Guitjens)

In 2006, the year of the last Israeli-Lebanon war, 55 Dutch left for Sar-El in Israel, including CDA alderman Werkendam Marjolein Hak. The devout Christian volunteers are unconditionally pro-Israel. When Israeli violence against Palestinians every case, these "preventive action" against "Arab terrorists."

Jam at Defence

Pro-Gaza Demonstrators plan Tuesday to raise a blockade at the Ministry of Defence in The Hague. On a Facebook page demonstrators argue that the Department, as well as Dutch companies, working closely with the Israeli occupation army. "We can no longer accept the Dutch complicity in war crimes," they write in a note.

The massacre that Israel has done in Gaza would not have been possible without the political, economic and military support from the Netherlands and other states, set the demonstrators. "By maintaining close military ties with Israel Netherlands supports a violent occupation army that is constantly guilty of war crimes."

The demonstrators refer here to the visit of Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert (VVD) in May brought to Israel as her ministry described it, highlight it. Good relations with Israel in the field of defense

With the blockade, the protesters want the "criminal activities that are essential for the Israeli occupation of Palestine" from the Ministry of Defence stop as long as possible. Also, the protesters plan to require Netherlands all military ties with Israel freezes instantly, the Dutch ambassador to Israel will be recalled that the Netherlands and pressure on Israel to ensure the immediate and unconditional lifting of the blockade of Gaza. "

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HebrianDaniel: We are not called Israeli

We are not called Israeli occupation army. Our army called Israel defense force and it's soldier job is to defend Israel inside and it's borders

UN.i1-PHI: maybe thats not how they like to call themselves in your country

but that sure is what they do and have been doing for so long on prior paelstinian ground wich they now occupy (after some more world war false flag attacks also to set up the state of isreal with the excuse of the holocauset), but they've been doing much more than just defending israel inside and its borders HD... please HD why you say "We" while we're talking bout the army your lucky to not join them brother, so why associate yourself, please dont take all this israel vs palestine stuff to a personal level because it actually isnt, it's all politics vs people and yes its the normal innocent people/persons are the ones suffering and being led astray and the whole world is being deceived while they're executing their operations according to their agenda for world manipulation, regulation and domination

HebrianDaniel: And we give Palestine a lot

And we give Palestine a lot of supply such as food water electrify we also financially fund them and I myself don't have problem if they declare autonomy but it's look the elitist don't want it sadly

UN.i1-PHI: yeah isreael is taking good care of palestine LOL

sure hd there is/should be some kind of support from israel to palestinians (to a certain degree) because they're the ones suffering directly from their prescense, the zionists elites robbed them from all thesethings wich are necessities in life, and its supposed to be okay/excused or seen as giving support/supply just because they('d have to) feed em a little atleast( wich relatively is really not alot/that much..) wich in turns favors israel because it conditions israelites to think that isreael isnt that bad or is kinda caring for palestine anyway...

they always do this stage up terrorism blame it on those they want to invade and then pretend to be taking care and giving support while they're establishing their things in there, just like with the Red Cross BS in ukraine and they only blame russian aid for bringing gunz in while who knows what they (EU/US etc) are bringing/smuggling(in form of aid) while doing it, there's a conditioning going on now to see things only from one side without making you considering the plain opposite, all to favor the EU, US and Israel (and England) propaganda
they want you to feel only sorry if israel is hit or if an american is decapitated or to make you suspect russia for all things going on around there while they're themselves are acting covertly all over there

people should really stop buying into all this MSM covert pro-pirate-agenda

bluesbaby5050: People should put down all those weapons.....

It is NOT COOL/KOOL or SEXY to wear a uniform or to carry a gun that indorses the killing of another human. To be a soldier is a person that is hired by their governments to murder/kill another human. Soldiers are doing the dirty work for their governments leaders while they are sitting safe behind their desks out of harms way. ALL WARS ARE THE MURDERING OF OTHER HUMANS! WHAT COUNTRY DOES NOT MATTER, BECAUSE IT IS ALL THE SAME. YOU NEVER GET PEACE FROM WARS FOR LONG, ONLY DEATH, AND SEPERATIONS FROM THE LOSSES, and from EACH OTHER. SO STOP BEING PAWNS TO MURDERING FOR HIRE. There are better ways to make a living, and fighting wars for others are not one of them. Also, people take on karmic debts from killing others, and causing harm to this planet, and all life on it. Love is the KEY to PEACE for the future on this planet. YOU WANT PEACE, THEN DROP ALL WEAPONS!

HebrianDaniel: Even if there war in Israel

Even if there war in Israel when you get summon message called order 8 which you must sign to army immediately and if you refuse to go you get arrested. In Israel army is not question upon age 18 you are tested by army to see if you are healthy enough to join . You are forced to go army. And you can't deny it. Unless person like me who has certain disability will get rejected. I myself not surprised about our army it's corrupted as fuck. I do hope in future soldiers will have flower in their hands instead of guns but it's not possible now you know . Israel have many niegboaring enemies. And nearly been thrown to the sea at you kippur war 1973 by Anura el Sadat of Egypt and haapaz asad of Syria who are father of bashar asad who currently president of Syria now. I myself hate my government and it's elitist but I know ther also outside threat so I guess it's hard to bring peace in Israel where there ire resents that enjoy from the spoils of war. I wish for my country freedom prosperity and pluralism and understanding each other but I'm realist it's won't happen in the next years. But who knows the future itself lies many surprises and mysteries I bealive inside my heart it's can be happen and we nearly reached peace once in 1995 but then our prime minister who's called yitzhak Rabin have been assassinated by person who's called Igal Amir and I still think it's huge conspiracy today.... I myself have still hope for peace even if it slightly

HebrianDaniel: You know it's almost

You know it's almost impossible to have peace with Muslims who's their desire is to sweep you from the land and throw you into the sea. The problem in the conflict is religios rather than political when both sides stop being religious and more secular the peace will be possible it's wont be possible because of the fanatics in both sides you don't know the mentality of the Islam in Middle East therefor it's easy to you judge Israeli people. They fear of Arabs and Muslims due the many wars together we Israelites won't easily give in peace as long as they keep firing rockets from gaza now a real peace talk aren't used by weapons I do recommend you to visite Israel. And understand better the conflict between us rather by fed by the false propaganda media of the world

UN.i1-PHI: sorry hd i sence influence of israeli propaganda media in you

in the way your commenting and thinking from the israeli side versus palestinian (also because you live there and are hebrew and you associate yourself with it yourself), while you try to explain/argumentate/excuse what or rather why isreal is doing what it does all the time...

look hd i do not watch that often the mainstream media and i am sceptic towards their every move as i am aware of their ways of deceiving and conditioning, but i have noticed certain arguments/things from you wich relate/reflect on certain msm propaganda being pushed atm to excuse israel for what it has been doing for a long time against palestine, however this is a conflict where the actual 'leaders' of israel and palestine are both the responsible ones (and the ones controlling&financing them) for the ongoing war where innocents have to suffer and die and most probably both sides, considering them as marionets, are controlled by strings that lead to the same higher-up puppetteer(s), so they set up terrorism here and there to have the excuse to invade and war against the local people/city/country who they directly or indirectly (falsely) label and associate along with the terrorist organizations they have in their pocket anyway, so they pretend to fight the enemy but the enemy is their secret 'friend' to create an opposite party and include the innocent people wich is their real target so they can take over and control

you say it's almost impossible to have peace with muslims who's desire is to sweep you from the land and throw you into the sea... tough this is the case from both sides, i think the palestinians rather have the fair right to say this about isreal, this is what they've been doing all along wiping palestine off the map bit by bit... and they wont accept it you know, however i think it's all according to the plan of corrupt leaders of both in isreael and palestine who are in bed with eachother to fullfill their purpouse&'prophecy'

this is not about judging israeli people or muslims, this is what the higher ups are doing to continue and excuse the conflict (using religion) but they are the one who we rather judge here at TruthControl, you say "we israelites won't easily give in peace as long as they keep firing rockets from gaza", but i think that is precisely what your zionist leaders want you to think, so what if it's all false flag attacks etc, they probably control the conflict and those rockets firing being fired from the 'muslim side' so that they can continue warring and robbing palestine till the last bit, but lets say they didnt control/caused those rockets being fired upon themselves from gaza, and there is muslim radicals who fight back, well then they're just fighting back right how would you feel like to have your home and family stolen and teared apart and the invader occupies most of the territory and you're left with a small unacceptable percentage, especially with religious conflict programming/conditioning theres no surprise why they wouldnt want to fight back against israel they can say oh now we'd want peace (we have so much anyway), you think they will settle the game over the palestinian/israel territory losing more then 80% orso, hell no even if they would want 51% why would they give them this after theyve robbed and killed them families and places, but i really think both movements are 'highjacked'/controlled to go on doing what they do all according to the plan of no peace untill they have what they want creating a new (world) order

HebrianDaniel: I myself said that I hate my

I myself said that I hate my leader like most israelians do they do not represents our ideas and feeling they are corrupted as hell we did tried few times to change it but it's only very slowly change I myself do hope for peace but it's can't happen when there warmongering elitists and fanatic religious people I myself hope there will be solution in future :)

UN.i1-PHI: yes i know HD your against them

and that you dont like the war going on in israel, its just i've been noticing your comments on certain events were brought in the pro-/poor-israel way while negecting the palestinian suffering and innocence tough they also have warmonging leaders,

i know you're against war but the way you talk about israel defending itself from terrorists is in my observation the way/side israel wants people to think (from their 'innocent' side) and fits the desired reaction wich was the purpouse of the staged/set up terroristical/false flag event in the first place

please take a look again at how you brought this over (from one side) and consider how this could support the ongoing war by portraying israel as just defencive against terrorism


i know you mean good hd, i'm just trying to point out how your leaders want to condition your people to look at these things and excuse israel and what they're doing covertly and not so covertly ;)

bluesbaby5050: Most people don't know the true history of Palestine, and it's

People. The Palestians were kicked out of there homes, and off there lands where their generations of peoples and their families were living for thousands of years. The Isrealites were were NOT NATIVE TO PALESTINE IN THE FIRST PLACE. They came FROM ISREAL! That's where they should be, and bitching over the lands that really belong to the original people of Palestine. They should divide the lands equally, and stop this crazy bloodshed over land! Those people were kicked out during the early 1900's, and that's when the Isrealies took over. They even barbed wired off a small section of land that totally surrounded the left over Palestine people, and they were imprisioned for years living that way. LOOK THIS HISTORY UP. The British were the last owners of those lands, and they had occupied that land by force! There were many before them even. That land actually belonged to the original people-Palestine. Not isreal. This is NOT Propoganda at all, it's facts! Study that history, and you will get the real truth. All the Middle EAST- ERN LANDS WERE FIRST OCCUPIED BY THE ANUNNAKI, AND THEY TERRA FORMED THIS WHOLE PLANET, AND THEY SETTLED IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR STARTERS! STUDY THE WHOLE HISSTORY,and follow it along to this persent day, and you will learn WHY WE HAVE WARS, AND WHO IS BEHIND THEM!

UN.i1-PHI: when will people finally set away their associated dependence

when will people finally set away their associated dependence(or rather dependence by association) of the rule of their 'nation/state', kick em elite asses out of lead, recognize eachother as living beings who share the same planet and recreate the world in their own way for peace and harmony for all
its the cabal who create and stage wars, not normal humans unless their so conditioned by brainwashing tools like religion to join game of terror and hate against eachother wich is a set up for the people to keep em down while the higher ups secure their position while pretending to be doing that for "ITS PEOPLE"

let it go, fuck em all, they're all corrupt, only you can make sure to not be corrupt yourself tough you could be thinking this aswell because you know yourself to be good intended while still being corrupted and deceived by social conditioning dogma setups like religion and mainstream-ism...


UN.i1-PHI: Isis trained by the USA military on a secret base in Jordan

i've posted this before but i think it's important to have this mentioned here too with reference:
"Fox News is more dangerous than ISIS"

UN.i1-PHI: "Decapitation Video journalist James Foley put in scene"

The film in which an American journalist is beheaded by a British jihadi probably put in scene. So say forensics experts, reports The Australian.

Pictures of Foley and a man with a British accent, who last week were placed on YouTube and the world passed, prove to be the Islamic State (IS). Powerful propaganda weapon The Brit seems to have been merely a stooge

The film has been studied by an international forensic engineering firm that has worked with several British police forces. It seems clear that there has been used camera tricks and post-production techniques. "I think it is put in scene," said one of the experts. "The execution probably took place out of sight."

The production quality of the videos that the Islamic State is has improved greatly in recent years. From the analysis, a number of irregularities emerged. For example, there is no blood and are also sounds that Foley would not match what you would expect.
"Decapitation Video journalist James Foley put in scene"

James Foley (left) and rapper L Jinny (right)

The movie begins with a fragment in which President Barack Obama speaks about American air attacks on targets of IS in Iraq. The imagery seems to be downloaded from the website of the White House. The images are then processed to look like them. Dated

Foley (40), in the northwest of Syria, was detained since November 2012 will be filmed by two cameras. The text seems to be complete. Scripted according to forensic experts By the end of the movie the jihadist state alongside Steven Sotloff a second kidnapped American journalist. The analysis shows that this fragment is possible already recorded.

According to British newspaper the Sunday Times, the jihadist identified by the British secret service as the rich rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary (23) from London, under the name L Jinny received extensive airplay on BBC 2 He left early this year parental home (worth 1.2 million euros) and went to Syria.

Bary's father is a militant, born in Egypt, adhering to a terrorism indictment and awaiting trial. He is suspected to have been involved in the attacks on American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Involved


British Intelligence has identified the ISIS killer of American, Abdel Majed Bary of London, England!

[ The Australian ]

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UN.i1-PHI: Syria: "Journalist James Foley has been dead for a year already"

Syria: "Journalist James Foley has been dead for a year"

There is much to do around the movie about the beheading of the American journalist James Foley. According to American forensic investigators is the video that has caused a lot of commotion probably put in scene. A senior Syrian official has told how a year Foley is no longer alive.

The journalist was captured by the Free Syrian Army and sold to ISIS said Bouthaina Shabaan, spokeswoman for the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. She added that the Islamic State (IS) an 'extension' of the Free Syrian Army, a rebel group backed by the West and three years ago led the revolt against Assad.

Shabaan said the United Nations 'information' are showing that the American photojournalist slain last year. "Isis (which is now called Islamic State) is just an extension of what is happening in Syria from the first day," she said. "James Foley was first arrested by the Free Syrian Army and then sold to ISIS. You can check with the UN. "

"James Foley's been a year have been killed," explained the spokeswoman off. "They have only now put the images on the Internet, but it's been a year already slain. The UN also has this information. "

The family and boss James Foley have angrily responded to the statements, reports the British Daily Telegraph . According to Foley's boss Phil Balboni of GlobalPost is not the information is correct and it is a shame that it has been published.

Experts and video experts speculate that the gruesome video of the murder of American hostage is fake. They believe that the film was edited using camera tricks and special production. While no one denies that Foley was slain, the actual beheading never shown.

The forensic analysts who have studied the images, suggesting that the rapper born in Britain Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary therefore only served as a sort of figurehead. He would just do it for propaganda purposes as if he kills Foley because he the English language is powerful and so the message of the terrorists IS can spread more widely.

There battling an estimated 500 Britons and several hundred Americans and Canadians for IS in Syria.
[ Mail Online ]
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HebrianDaniel: In the next years you will

In the next years you will see many people will leave these brainwashing religion and reach secularism pluralism and freedom these religious zealots and warmongering leaders will no more poison our minds body and souls when that day happen we will kick these guys and reach true peace but it's also applies to the other side...

UN.i1-PHI: yes but be aware they be converting ppl into mainstream-ism

the new religion, this is also what i meant before with considering atheism as a religion when TR posted the topic about it having 'satanistic influences', may sound strange to you because you consider youself as an atheist because you do not believe in god as in religions, however the elites want to control all kinds of ideologies including atheism and implement tought patterns and deception for people who consider themselves atheist too, to a certain degree it becomes a kind of religion itself, i'm not saying you are because you dont believe in god, its atheism that say you are like 'us atheists' because you dont believe in god, if someone would ask me if i'm atheist i'd say i'm not atheist nor for any other religion, they like to put labels on people so they can associate with eachother and by this carry on and take over/absorb the ideologies wich are covertly implemented(&implied) with it

i hope you get what i mean sure more ppl will eventually abandon these religions but theres a plan going on for that too so they can convert people into carefully implanted ideologies that support the new world order with one global rule and a modern form of religion/ideology/dogma(a'm-god) that support the covert global take over disguised as world peace and unification

people need to be as (mentally) independant and aware as possible to really have a mind of their own and unify for real peace and harmony and watch out that the movement is not being highjacked anyway by the ones who want to control all sides even you, the real opposition that want real peace opposed to this covert tyranny

UN.i1-PHI: associating yourself with belief system due satisfying condition

labels, categories, groups, tags... when people put these terms upon themselves, or have them put on by others, there is an imaginary group created and there is division that splits off from the collective whole and also from your sole individuality of yourself, this allows certain things that are implemented to be exchanged and carried on by those groups that can set the people against eachother in an competitive fashion, where the groups attack and refer to eachother just by association, so that everyone who satisfies to a certain condition would join the corresponding group, and by having these groups controlled with ideologies etc the PTB aim to control all these groups, wether your "religious" or "secular", they'll have their ways to tactically influence and deceive you
but they succeed only if you give in and associate yourself with these things they create to lure you into thinking its the same what you (would) think by implanting deception that would resonate enough due to association with the corresponding group to be accepted

UN.i1-PHI: VIDEO: How Israel helped to create Hamas

VIDEO: How Israel helped to create Hamas

Late last month, the Irish senator David Norris have been much discussed speech in the Irish Senate about the conflict between Israel and Gaza. The video of the speech has been viewed more than 300,000 times on YouTube, Norris makes the most successful Irish politician on the movie site.

"I'm for human rights, whether a man is Israeli, gay, female or black," said Norris. "I do not ask my opinion on. I'm not anti-Israel or anti-Semitic, but I am for human rights for everyone. "

Norris lashed out at Israel, how the country has the grind on the rest of the world and uses the Holocaust as a justification for the bombing of Gaza

In the video says Norris

Israel is afraid of the Palestinian unity, that's what it's all about. It has nothing to do with the murder of Israeli children, the Israelis knew prior to this war that Hamas had nothing to do with it. Israel created Hamas to split. Fatah They are therefore responsible for Fatah, and I did that a few years ago at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can confirm in Jerusalem.

Senator David Norris" Israel bombs first and weeps later". Full unedited

Fatah is a Palestinian political movement that was co-founded. By Yasser Arafat The main objective is "the liberation of all of Palestine," the "termination" of Zionism and restoring the state of Palestine to the original territory of the British Mandate of Palestine. The movement, which joined the PLO is seen by Israel as a "terrorist organization."

Hamas, the Islamist movement that lately has been frequently in the news, was founded by Israel, as Senator Norris suggests. Previously proved by WikiLeaks cables that Israel wanted to use the PLO to weaken Hamas. More on this in an article in the Washington Post entitled "How Israel Helped create Hamas. In 2009 appeared in the Wall Street Journal for a hefty article showing how Israel has helped in the creation of Hamas itself.

Documents show from the eighties that Israel Hamas has strengthened to sow among the Palestinians. Divisions during the First Intifada In American government documents , we read: "There is only a small number of Hamas leaders arrested. Israel sees the activities of Hamas not only condone, but supports them even. "

Similarly, the mujahideen were (later Al Qaeda) Osama bin Laden armed and financed by the United States in the fight against the Soviet Union. Years later, these freedom fighters were suddenly seen as terrorists and fought by an international coalition force.
[ Irish Examiner , Washington Post ]
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UN.i1-PHI: ISIL completely fabricated enemy by US: Former CIA contractor

Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley says that the ISIL terrorist group is a completely fabricated enemy created and funded by the United States.

“ISIL completely fabricated enemy by USA”, former CIA contractor


“This is a completely fabricated enemy,” he said in a phone interview with Press TV from Anaheim, California on Thursday.

“The funding is completely from the United States and its allies and for people to think that this enemy is something that needs to be attacked in Syria or Iraq is a farce because obviously this is something that we create it, we control and only now it has become inconvenient for us to attack this group as a legitimate enemy,” Kelley added.

He made the remarks as US President Barack Obama is under pressure to seek congressional approval before expanding Washington’s military air campaign against ISIL targets from Iraq into neighboring Syria.

The Pentagon has already launched at least 100 airstrikes on ISIL positions in northern Iraq since Obama authorized the use of force against the terrorist group earlier this month.

The White House insists it does not need explicit congressional authorization for those operations because they are intended to protect American personnel and interests inside the Arab country.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that Obama “will not hesitate to use his authority” to keep Americans safe, but added that the president was “committed to coordinating and consulting with Congress” on a decision to hit ISIL targets in Syria.

“If you want to get to the root of the problem and remove this organization, the first thing they need to do is to remove the funding and take care of entities responsible for the creation of this group,” Kelley said.

“I believe that this ISIS group would probably go away, would be easily defeated by the armies of [Syrian President] Bashar Assad,” he said.



UN.i1-PHI: Congress must probe ISIL creation by US, Israel and Saudi Arabia

Congress must probe ISIL creation by US, Israel and Saudi Arabia: Dankof

Congress must probe ISIL creation by US, Israel and Saudi Arabia


A former US Senate candidate calls for a congressional investigation into the creation and funding of the ISIL terrorist group by the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
“The entire world knows that this ISIS organization, also known as ISIL, was created by the United States, Saudi Arabic and Israel for the specific purpose of enacting regime change in Syria,” said Mark Dankof in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

“There needs to be a set of congressional hearings –honest ones which we are never going to see—that actually expose how this ISIS organization was created, who provided the funding, who provided the logistics, and why it is that this organization entered Syria and later Iraq principally to the auspices of two American allies; Turkey, a NATO member, and Jordan,” he added.

Dankof characterized ISIL as “a foreign mercenary army” that has been “deliberately introduced into Syria" by the United States and its allies for the “nefarious purpose” of “regime change in Syria” and as “a prelude to a military attack on Iran which is what Israel has wanted all along.”

US President Barack Obama is considering expanding the military air campaign against ISIL targets from Iraq into neighboring Syria.

Dankof said that Obama is using the terrorist group “to justify military actions in Syria which are as much aimed at President Assad of Syria ultimately as they are at ISIS.”

“This is a classic case of ‘creating a problem and then offering a ‘solution’,” he said.

Starting a war without congressional authorization is a violation of Article I of the US Constitution, Dankof pointed out. “The fact of the matter is Barack Obama knows that he can get away with this. He’s had a series of predecessors, who have gotten away with it.”

The White House insists it does not need explicit congressional authorization for military operations against ISIL positions in Iraq or Syria because they are intended to protect American interests.

On Tuesday, the United States began surveillance flights, conducted by manned and unmanned aircraft, over Syria which could pave the way for expanded military action against ISIL terrorists there.


UN.i1-PHI: ISIL is ‘a funded branch of US terrorist campaign against Syria’

ISIL is ‘a funded branch of US terrorist campaign against Syria’: Welch

“I think it’s absolutely a folly to get militarily involved again in Iraq,” said Bill Jones with the Executive Intelligence Review in a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

Jones also said that “there’s a certain amount of hesitation on the part of the political leadership” in the United States with regards to a possible military intervention in Iraq “because of the general reaction that would occur within the general population of the United States as a result of this.”

Over recent days, militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have taken control of some key northern Iraqi cities including Mosul, the country’s second-largest city, and Tikrit, the birthplace of former Baathist dictator Saddam Hussein.

The militants, who have posted pictures of their atrocious acts against Iraqis online, have vowed to continue their offensive towards the capital Baghdad but Iraqi armed forces have advanced toward their strongholds. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has warned that the militants have nowhere to hide.

On Saturday, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered an aircraft carrier and two guided-missile destroyers to move into the Persian Gulf should President Barack Obama decide to launch airstrikes against the ISIL militants in Iraq.

On Monday, Obama notified Congress that about 275 troops would be sent to Iraq to provide support and security for US personnel and the American Embassy in Baghdad.

Jones said that if such measures by the US “lead to even air strikes, it would be the first step in the wrong direction.”

In an interview with Yahoo News on Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the Obama administration is “open to discussions” with Iran and does “not rule out” military cooperation with the Islamic Republic to help resolve the crisis in Iraq.

However, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has said Tehran sees no need to negotiate with Washington on the issue, adding that the Iraqi army is capable of dealing with the crisis itself.


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UN.i1-PHI: ^*TITLE: Another US military intervention in Iraq is 'a folly'

oops wrong title, should be:
Another US military intervention in Iraq is ‘a folly’: Bill Jones

UN.i1-PHI: ISIL is ‘a funded branch of US terrorist campaign against Syria’

ISIL is ‘a funded branch of US terrorist campaign against Syria’: Welch
An American political commentator says the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as ISIS, is one of the US terrorist groups funded against Syria.

“ISIS is a funded branch of the US terrorist campaign against Syria and the US has been training ISIS in Jordan” and other countries, Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV in a phone interview on Thursday.

Commenting on US President Barack Obama’s recent remarks that he does not need congressional approval for possible air strikes in Iraq, Welch said, “The central problem of authorization of force in American politics is a non-story.”

“Ever since Vietnam and increasingly in more recent years, the foreign policy apparatus in the war machine acts completely unreviewed and unintimidated by Democratic control and, if you notice, in this case Obama is just simply saying he doesn’t need it [and], you know, ‘You can all go to hell, I don’t need you.’ And of course Obama isn’t just Obama, he just a sitting US president,” Welch added.

On Wednesday, Obama met with senior members of Congress and discussed options for helping Baghdad halt the advance of the militants of the al-Qaeda-linked ISIL towards the Iraqi capital.

He told the top Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate that he would let them know what was going on.

Nevertheless, as the US says its military is ready for air strikes against ISIL militants in Iraq, some US officials, including the chairwoman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), and Republican Sen. John McCain say Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki should go before the use of US air power.

Meanwhile, in response to a question from a reporter that asked if he had confidence in Maliki, Obama said on Thursday that it is “not our job” to choose Iraq’s leaders.

According to Welch, the US is “playing both sides as it always does.”

Welch also said Obama “doesn’t have much of a choice and the foreign policy establishment and the war party are ecstatic to have a president who would rather go golfing than do foreign policy because it makes him the perfect foil for the projection of imperial power.”

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UN.i1-PHI: Fidel Castro compares NATO Nazis Terror Group IS set up by US-IS

Fidel Castro compares NATO Nazis, "Terror Group IS set up by US-Israeli"

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro accused the 'cynical' United States and European Union that they use NATO to unleash wars. In a published by Cuban media text the 88-year-old 'lider maximo' compares the Atlantic Alliance with the SS units (Schutzstaffel) of the German Nazi regime. "On some occasions they hoist themselves during the summer in dark suits."

"The European economic community with an iron hand and unconditionally led by the United States," Castro wrote. "They feel that the time has come to settle with what remains of two great nations (Russia and China) the bill. Both countries have been so bold to break. Imposed by the Europe and the United States to the world, colonial and imperial order The aggressive governments of the NATO countries by their cynicism and their attempts to preserve become the laughing stock of Europe and the world. "Their shameful privileges

[check out: policy blunders pushing europe into a depression]
The "destructive economic policies of the West," according to Castro will lead the euro and dollar soon to be dependent on the Russian ruble and the Chinese yuan. He writes that the political bruising Washington and its European allies will be run on an "economic collapse" that dollars and euros to 'worthless paper' will reduce.

The communist former president accused the Republican senator John McCain it together with the Israeli secret service Mossad have created. The terrorist Islamic State (IS) "McCain unconditionally support Israel and have contributed to the creation of IS, who has the power conquered large parts of Iraq and part of Syria."

Instead of unleashing wars, governments must invest in hospitals and schools for the billions of people who desperately need, says Castro.

Fidel Castro was between 1959 and 2008, the leader of the island of Cuba. In 2006 he carried his duties for health reasons, to his brother Raul. Since then he has numerous articles and books on foreign policy.
[ RT , HLN ]
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UN.i1-PHI: Also abroad, it catches the eye that the NOS is lying

Also abroad, it catches the eye that the NOS is lying

Max Keiser, presenter of the television program Keiser Report, writes on his website that the NOS has lost its credibility.It louds further that it has been proven that they have manipulated a report from Russia Today about Putin, president of Russia.

The item was about the BBC programme ' Panorama '. We see images of journalist John Sweeney who is trying to put these questions to Putin. The voice-over of the NOS tells that Putin ' as good as ignores ' the questions about the Russian involvement in the situation in the Ukraine.

On Russia Today, the same scene was a week earlier too be seen, only then became a different picture visible. Putin remained no less than two minutes to answer the BBC reporter.

In a statement the NOS said: "In the limited space that there in a tv subject, we should always choose and select. In this case, the reaction of Putin was left out, because he entered in his answer not concretely on the core of that topic, namely: have the Russian soldiers fired a rocket on MH17? "

NOS-trivia went through the dust:
[twitter message translated]

Marcel Gelauff :

About Putin: our text that Putin as well as ignores the BBC reporter, was not very convenient. Because Putin did go into that conversation.

The NOS is funded by the Ministry of education, culture and science, with taxpayers ' money and partly with advertising revenue from the star. The default budget of NOS is 130 million euro annually. This equates to 1.50 euros per family per month. For ' super events ' such as a World Cup, the NOS gets extra money.

NOS fails and lies with propaganda anti-Russia
The images that were broadcast by Russia Today:
'The essence of Ukraine tragedy is..' Putin responds to BBC doorstep

It was previously shown that the Netherlands is not averse to anti-Russian propaganda. "Imagine that you need to lose your spouse and then should be afraid that thugs go off with his wedding ring."said Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans (PvdA) in the Security Council over a week after the crash of flight MH17.

The emotional words of the minister went all over the world. Everyone spoke disgrace of that pro-Russian separatists who foraged through the crash zone as a grocery store without cash registers.

The government later admitted that the situation was different than originally outlined. In a letter to the Lower House, the government wrote that the State Emergency Service, the national disaster relief of Ukraine, a search has taken volunteers. These people have taken the largest part of the disposal work of the bodies on their behalf.

Netherlands was poorly informed of the work, as it were communicating with Kiev, while the disaster is under control of the Autonomous Republic of Donetsk. Mainly Kiev But that authority is not recognized by the Netherlands.
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