by Annunaki77 on March 11th, 2011

Stay away from Vaccines , Vaccines are Big Business and Kill Millions of Untold Innocents.
There are New Laws being Created as we speak that bring in No Fault Legislation which will protect the Pharmaceutical Companies and the Government if one of your Loved Ones Dies from Adverse Reactions from Murderous Vaccines.
This Man has to Hide his Identity because of the Facts being discussed which are very Sensitive. Do not take any Vaccinations becuase it is part of Population Reduction, done all on purpose!. ( 1 of 3 ) ( 2 of 3 ) ( 3 of 3 )


Phaminator: ive took vaccines before. but

ive took vaccines before. but i dont understand why do the government or phamaceutical companies want people just to take the vaccine as an excuse to say "oh take this and you'll be safe from diseases!" but at the same time it affects the function of the body. well its not going to be like extremely nessesary to take it. For a long time , many people died from a disease such as the black death in Europe but people still live and reproduce. also im typing this on a PSP since my computer is broken.

Annunaki77: The Black plague was done by the Aliens

The Populations were getting to great and the Aliens spread the Plague, Yes Bio-warfare even back then, Listen to William Bramley he studied the Treachery for many years Phaminator. ( 1 of 3 ) ( 2 of 3 ) ( 3 of 3 )

Bingo the Reptilians are managing us like Cattle, knowledge is Absolute.

Phaminator: damn...

i watched the videos on my hacked PSP (pain in the ass) and all i can say is "wow, thats alot of info and stuff that social studies didnt taught me..."

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