Terra Forming Planets is a beautiful thing

by edisonik on April 1st, 2011

Star Systems are formed like Branches on a Tree and Every Season a Tree bears Fruit, so too the Galaxy which is one big tree. Stars are the Fruit of the Galaxy and when Stars Grow they pop out Planets which are more fruits for life to begin.
These Systems have been around for trillions of Cenuries, Stars Grow and Produce Fruit which is Life, when this Star System Developed it was New Fruit, many Settlers came here to Eridance ( Bad ) from Sirius and they were happy and Settled on Venus, Planet X, Mars, Jupiter and the Moons of Saturn as well as Neptune & Uranus.

A Canis King Settled on this Star System and he Created a Vast Empire called Mount Olympus, his Name was Zeus , he Ruled with his Ikiki Warriors. Quinton your one of them, and his Star System was Awsome , but his Arrogance was too Great and King Zeus decided to Attack Orion , the Lizards there ran for their lives because Zeus was after the Serpent Queens, King Anu which is also a Canis King combined with Forces with the Orion Troops because if Zeus was not Stopped he would Conqour Orion and then Sirius.

The Battles with God Zeus & King Anu & Orion was so Brutal that Tiamat ( Planet X ) home of the Olympians and Mount Olypmus was blown skyhigh with the Serpent Queens advanced Weapons , the Sirius & Orion Troops then proceed to battle the Ikiki Warriors of Zeus, they killed many Reptiles , it was messy but the ikiki were Captured as well as Zeus himself, they were taken to Orion where they were Executed.

The Star System was totally destroyed the only Panet that had some life left was Venus, Earth & Mars, the Survivors created Monuments to Commemorate Zeus & his Warriors, on Mars , the Face on Mars is Zeus, and the Monuments on Venus also Resect Zeus and his Bravery.

The Planets then had to be Terra Formed by Prince Enki and a New Work Force had to be Created. The Human Being, Part Primate, Part God, Part Angel, all Passion.
Live Free , Live Well and also Defend your Liberties.

Do not Accept Tyrranny in any shape or Form, because you will come back , Death is not the End believe it or not. Why do you think the Pharoahs believed in the Afterlife, they believed because they had inside knowledge, know it's your turn to have inside Knowledge.



phil: 0


VaccinesKillBabies: zeus is alive

zeus did not die he is back and is kickin reptile asses as we speak out of jupiter mars and finally the earth possibly in october or so
down below is a more genuine version (sitchin faretile free) of our history


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