The Teachings of the Immortals

by moonsstarr923 on January 30th, 2014

Some might find Mikal Nyght's immortality concepts rather intriguing... I bought the book, and there's hidden gems all through it (regarding our immortal selves and our 'Dayshine' lives, which is our perceived reality here and "now") So folks, here's the link. Enjoy (or don't).

If you believe in joy, it's because of SADNESS.
If you believe in Light, it's because of obscurity.

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Crackdown: Knowledge should be free ;)

also could get it here (correct "Download" button would be bottom-left)

It is suspicious: they are so worried about piracy that placed "FBI anti-piracy warning" on their website! They focus on earning money, so don't expect much truth from books :P

If you are downloading our titles from pirate websites, be aware that the FBI has your number and you could find yourself behind bars or worse

lololol, that reminds me of IT Crowd parody xD

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