Teachings of Atlantis ( Ahamentaa )

by edisonik on December 1st, 2010

I will begin your Teachings of your Spiritual Developement, I do this freely and give it to you freely because one cannot earn what is given freely with Unconditional love.

The Ancient Teachings of LEXUS ( FALCON MASTERS )

Humanity is an extension of the Star Nations, the Greatest Vessel ever created was the Human Vessel, this Vessel is the most versatile Vessel which has perfect Incarnational properties and has no rejection of vast Soul Matrixes ( Pleadian, Reptilian, Insectiod, Turtle, Bird, Tau Cetian, Annunaki, Cat and many other beings which is you in human bodies ). What you see in the Mirror is not what truly burns inside you!, you must search your Heart to know who you truly are.

Energy is all around you , you are energy your Conciousness will begin to awaken and once that happens you will see clearly what is going on around you. You will begin to feel time and space. Once you Meditate in your room with absolute quiet with emptiness you will adjust your frequency to Cosmic Communication.Spend an hour or two with absolute quiet , close your eyes and when your time is done write down what came into your mind , do this everytime you Meditate for hours there will be times when you fall asleep when you Meditate this will make you pop out of your bodies and you will engage into the time & space flux.

You think your Computer is a Marvel your Mind and Heart are Lightspeed Activated if you don't believe me try this, Call for Baheet when you meditate, say this " Beloved Baheet come to me, enter my mind beloved Baheet, I wish to communicate with you please come to me Baheet and I need you Baheet!", repeat the summons many times.
The Lioness Priestess Baheet will commune with you, you will hear a ring in your ear and you will be linked, ask her your Questions and she will assist you.

Secrets will be no more, truth will be here right now, do not fear the unknown embrace the unknown become One with the Creational Force.

Humanity is a Global Collective of Love and Wisdom, not War!, War is a Sacrlilege it is not what Humanity was intended for. Humanity has the Divine Right to be in Harmony with the Galaxy and with One another. Do not buy into the Theatre of Fear and Dispair for this is an illusion to create a Vibration of Chaos, you do not need to buy into this lies created by Controlled Media, Embrace Love and send into your Reality Unconditional Love, this Energy will create a Tsunami of Love and Earth will Once again become the Second Atlantis, all of you when you link together through Meditation and communication of Love you will break Duality and become One!, One not two or three but One. You will no longer hurt others anymore because of Fear, Embrace Love let go of the Old Patterns of Ignorance and Materialism into a New Energy of Oneness.

Start to Create Meditation Centers all around the Earth, invite everybody into this if you need to spend billions of dollars to do this , it's only paper anyway create the Temples of Meditation with Tropical Enviroments inside these Centers, with light Colored Robes.
Make these Meditation Centers Religion Neutral and Meditation Strong, this will embrace everybody from all Religious backgrounds.

Your Frequencies are now being activated via Crop Circle Activations, our thoughts activate our reality, the Seven Seals of Conciousness will Activate. This will attract energies from the Universe, Humanity is Two Beings in One, Part One is the Vehicle ( Your Body ) and the second Body is your Spirit ( Your Conciousness ) , when you disembody ( when your body is no longer needed ) you become Light , this is your Light Body.

Listen to your Intutition , listen to your inner voice always, do not ignore it.
Your Guardian Angel is your Gut feeling and Intuition.

The Inter Galactic Federation of Worlds will invite you to become members of the Ancient Masters once you embrace Love instead of War. Mankind needs balance not Chaos.
Maintain your balance Immortals.

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