The T-Boundary [or the Thought-Boundary]

The T-Boundary. or [THE THOUGHT BOUNDRY] Pictured here is a 2-dimensional representation of the two primary regions of the UNUM. - [click on to image to enlarge] It looks like Swisscheese with the holes in the UNUM. It almost gives the impression of a gigantic, "consciously aware" spaceship on a journey through the VOID.

5.] The T-Boundary or Thought-Boundary is the boundless region which is the source of simultaneous manifestation of all superdomains within the Unum. To an outside observer, the T-Boundary would appear as an extremely bright point; much like the opposite end of a black hole, but without the rotating, familiar whirl that goes with it, when viewed from inside the Prime-Causal Superdomain. It's the T-Boundary that allows manifestation and de-manifestation to flourish. There is no primary function of the T-Boundary beside its "instinct" alone, which makes it uniquely important for the creation and manifestation of the Unum.

6.] Regions of the Unum:

Located inside this enormous Thought Superdomain, is the Condensate region, which is separated from the Thought-substance region by a Unisonic harmonic zone, not semitransparent but rather contains a diverse and rich assortment of colors and rings. These Logomorphic rings are the result of a toroidal field (a surface generated by rotating a closed plane curve about a coplanar [in the same plane] line that does not intersect the curve) that encompasses our Universe, the quantum-vacuum and space/time.

The Condensate and Thought-substance regions are very important in the development of the formation of life. Life as physical information starts as thought-substance information, in the Thought-substance region of the Unum. The conformation of life, which tells us how life information begins and ultimately gets matches into a biological life form in space/time is realized in the Condensate region of the Unum. The sub-quantum vacuum-plenum plays a very important role in the latter, as we shall see.
7. ]Subquantum Vacuum-Plenum:

Looking at Figure 10, we can see that beyond the major regions of the Unum lies something which Life Physics calls The Void. This is the ultimate vacuum, the Subquantum which are the fundamental building blocks that defines not only space and time, but also conforms life information that exist in space/time, making this vacuum a remarkable medium with the following characteristics:

• It has access to all physical matter, including all living things

• It displays the properties of a superfluid medium

• It doesn't offer resistance to a physical object or structure

• It generates displacements in dual transformations, such as simultaneously generated electric into magnetic fields, and vice versa.

• It does not have a density in the same way a physical object does

By further studying the above, LPG-C started researching the composition of the subquantum vacuum-plenum, its electromagnetic properties, interactions with matter, and behavior of waves in the medium. It was then realized that it was the subquantum vacuum-plenum that was the interconnected region, accessing the quantum potential, syntonic-diffusive, logomorphic, and unisonic intersuperdomain sets.

In Astronomy it's suggested that most of the mass in the Universe is dark matter, and it has been a mystery to scientists over the years; most of the energy in the universe is even in a more mysterious form, called dark energy.

Further investigation showed that there is an interconnection of all 4-space/time energy (as quanta and elementary particles) with the subquantum vacuum-plenum (the Void) through a process of cooperative sustainability. In simpler terms; everything is interconnected on a subquantum level, which ultimately makes everything in existence ONE; there is no separation! This ONE-ness is "All That Is", the ultimate definition of "God", and so it has proven to be in the Working Model.

8.] The Overfunction and the Akashic Records:

The term "Overfunction" used in Life Physics can perhaps be compared to what in metaphysics is called the Oversoul. According to the Physics Group, there are 12,960,000 degrees of Infinites in interconnectivity between the Thought Superdomain and 4-space/time. It's a mind-boggling concept.
Like we mentioned above, the T-Boundary is a respiratory of the biokind's memories (biokind being the term for biological entities like ourselves). It's the ultimate Akasha Record, if you will. It records all our memories, experiences, knowledge and technologies; actually every single thought we've ever had. And it's stored for Eternity. One can say that the biokind as a "biomind" (the mind/spirit of a biokind) becomes the sum total of its membership as one metastructure of minds sharing the same software and the same operator.

Further research showed that all complex oscillating biological entities (COBEs), are eligible to access information contained within the biokind repository of information. In other words, if a COBE# is advanced enough, they could develop their own Overfunction/Oversoul by taking advantage of this inherited property as a prerequisite for further evolution and evolvement.

This means that the biominds of a certain biokind, through levels of self-realization, are putting the puzzle pieces of life together. They start understanding the fact that they are not one-of-a-kind but we are all ONE. Firstly, all members of a certain biokind are ONE, both in biokind and biomind, and secondly, they are one with everything in the Unum on a subquantum level. Thirdly, by realizing the first two, the conclusion can only be that God is in everything, and everything is in God, and thus, each of us is God.

This leads us to the very metafunction of the T-Boundary. Strzyzewski says:

The T-boundary’s “wish” is for COBESs [sic] to know and realize that the purpose of what at this stage of human development we refer to as “science” is to detect, decode, and decipher the cumulus available as the Working Model which, by the way, is also indicated to be available to all COBE life forms capable of interfacing with thought-forms containing such information." Therefore, the overfunction itself becomes the Unum for the idiomaterial biomind, allowing for the biomind to experience itself in the Unum and at the same time, become the Unum [emphasis not in original].

9.] The "Big Bang" Theory Revisited:

The theory in mainstream science is still that the Universe was created through a "Big Bang" and has been expanding ever since. It's also been postulated that before this universe was created through the Big Bang, nothing existed. This has been reevaluated by LPG-C.

The neurosensors have found out, much to their astonishment, from using ENS and from having had contact with ETs in near space, that the universe (4-space/time) we are currently experiencing is the 4th or 5th of its kind; our Universe is on its 4th or 5th cycle! It is known that the previous universe was destroyed (or imploded) due to that we misused dark energy to such a degree that the light of the galaxies in the old universe literally went out. They became "dead galaxies" and were thus depleted from life forms. Therefore, it was destroyed and this new universe was created around 13.7 billion years ago and is teeming with life. Hopefully we have learned our lessons from last time and will not repeat the same mistake in this universe. On the other hand, if we do, it's obvious that life starts all over again. Mind you, that it is only 4-space/time that recycles; the other superdomains seem to stay intact; at least this is my understanding.

Also, there are also other universes (4-space/times), besides our own, existing in parallel with this one, and they are all in different stages of development. A succeeding universe, in my comprehension, which has learnt what it was set up to experience, will return to Source/God as a "mission completed" and a new universe will be created, built on the experience from the previous. In a sense, this could very well be the base for the reasoning by the Ra Collective, channeled in the early 1980's by Carla Rueckert (more about this in the Metaphysics Papers), where these entities were talking about ascending in octaves. There is, however, nothing in Life Physics which indicates that anything cycles in octaves, but there is still a lapse in acceptance between science and metaphysics. Metaphysical entities are often more than willing to merge the two, but science has always been much more reluctant. I hope that will change in the near future.

Until recently, most humans on Planet Earth have only known of species native to this planet. The question whether ETs exist or not has never really left the discussion table, and the real knowledge and the evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial beings has been suppressed and intentionally kept on a level of pure speculation, when the evidence of their existence is overwhelming. Not only do they exist in abundance throughout the Multiverse, in many different shapes and forms, but some of them are already here on Earth, walking among us, and we don't even notice.
Let's take a look at this subject in the next chapter CONTINUED IN: Known Life Forms within the Milky Way and Beyond.

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Anyone who could tap into the information an did remember on a higher soul level; the moment the new universe came from the ashes of the old. Would be damned an limited by the linguistic and human inability in this particular time frame, especially as a human right now. This to not fully describe or retell to the very depths and definitions of such experience. Not to mention the small minded anywho's that would dismiss it as bullshit. Why bother to tell the masses when you can tell a select few who'd not only listen, but would benefit and appreciate your efforts....

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