A review of the link below and it's comments are required reading to understand this post.

Since we are releasing heart felt opinions, I will offer mine.

Respect is not given…it is earned.

That “Annunaki77 & Edisonik” have earned your respect is noted. That they have earned others respect is noted as well. That they have habitually ignored valid questions from me (and lately Tim and probably more…user name “Wise” to be included) is also noted.

“There is no such thing as a master….and a true master would not declare himself as such. You have only one master, and you need look no further then within, as it is you” Obsrvantlouie

Below is a list of forum Topics by Edisonik and I have provided MY OBSERVATIONS…since I have been called out in the dark by Tarheel for politely “ASKING A QUESTION”. My methodology below is to advise of the subject title from Edisonik via…content TITLE/direct quote information from the post…followed with my OBSERVATIONS.

* Galaxy song – “im afraid” says edi….way to be a role model. Sounds more like a pussy cat than a garuda.

* Lifetime, after lifetime, we love you – “our duty to defend humanity”…”If humanity is in danger we will alter your reality, if it comes to a NWO takeover, we will destroy the NWO”.

Sounds like a lot of violence going on….and keep in mind how he said “we will alter your reality”.

* Riots coming to America – this speaks for itself….FEAR mongering.

* Hell comes to frog town – I thought chemtrails were causing the infertility but at the end it says vaccines are the cause..?

* The Reptilian New World Disorder cannot challenge us! – “But the They cannot challenge the Kods”. Chest thumping….chest thumping.

* Reality is a Hologram – “when you are alive you sleep and when you die you wake up”….a sly way to say that we are all still sleeping? I for one, I have awakened to the NWO and AWAKENED my spirit FROM SLUMBER…there are others who have awakened as well. Who exactly are you speaking to hear?

Anonymous Rex – “please wake up so you do not become loosh” I WOULD LOVE to hear Edi’s answer to how and why a person should not become loosh….I would absolutely LOVE TO HEAR THIS EXPLANATION.

* The Gift of the Feather, Humanity is divine – “THOUGH YOU ARE ENSLAVED”…here we go again…Edi is TELLING YOU THAT YOU ARE ENSLAVED. AND THAT YOU ARE HIS CHILDREN. ALSO THAT YOU CANNOT ATTAIN ANY TANGIBLE POWER…but you can feel the power of the feather HE SAYS.


* Always believe in yourselves “ Read Xamo comment”.

* A zoo is no home for lions, an institution is not home for humans” – clearly, a zoo is home for lions as I have been to the zoo and lions live there. CLEARLY there are those humans WHO REQUIRE AND NEED TO BE INSITUTIONALIZED…..PERHAPS THE ONES BEHIND THE ILLUMINATI? PERHAPS THE INSANE NEOCONSERVTIVES WHO WANT WAR AND TERROR AND FEAR TO RUN RAMPANT? YES…..I think there are most definitely humans here who SHOULD AND NEED TO BE institutionalized.

* Slavery by consent – Read Edi’s comment below the post saying “we cannot do anymore, otherwise we will alter your reality”…. I thought I read earlier THAT HE CAN alter reality…? Hmmm….I am confused.

* We are electric!! We the people are electric power! – “move your body insane”. Why would anyone ever want to move their body “insane”?

* The ways of Freedom – “to fly WITH US, you will understand true freedom. Freedom is not comfort, freedom is not sitting at home, freedom is constantly on the move, freedom is having the ability to bond with others, freedom is about survival”.

The freedom Edi is speaking of sounds awfully hectic and chaotic to me…Speaking for myself, I am just fine exploring my soul…from within….from the comfort and quietness of my home. It’s peaceful herE ;)

* Believe you will achieve eternally! Lot’s of ME TALK goin on here…”I, I, I, I, I,”….and one of my least favorite words….”BE-LIE-VE”.

*Resistence is victory!, say no to the New World Disorder! – “Life is a fight, life is not free and since it is not free you have to fight” if you get hit you should hit back “harder and harder”.

This is not an eye for eye…..beating someone harder and harder is not an eye for an eye. Fighting is NOT THE ANSWER.......HOW ABOUT....passive inteligent resistance....not voilence.

* The ET Ambassador Val Valiant – “learn to become independents, learn to think like the kods not like slaves”

If you want us to become independent…why should we think like you??? Shouldn’t we THINK FOR OURSELVES?

* Study the puppet masters not their puppets – Starts out with FEAR! Set the tone early...

* Moses the deliverer of the Hebrews – “Men and woman should be ruled by just laws.” Perhaps you should catch up on reading Plato? I will look up the story that recalls justice if you need me to. That he says LATER in his article "Self rule" is noted….but that he said “Men and woman should be ruled” is duly noted.

* Life recycles, you all take life for granted, understand your power – Why have you lumped “us” into a group that takes our power for granted? Who exactly are you saying this to? And then the post says….“You see what you value most is really not what you believe to be important? Huh? “Universal understanding you really have nothing”. Huh? Did anybody get the license plate of that BUS that just hit me….I’m in left field bro.

* Divine Creation, Life is the jewel – fluff.

* Always spirituality, always comes before technology – fluff – thanks for advising about the 3D printer…maybe we can lay out some blue prints about how to “fight”.

* Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica - "is no mistake this show was installed into the human subconscious for a reason. The reason is these groups could return to earth at any time."

This is fear mongering….if they return the Bird Clan will smash them right?! Loads more better examples of Hollywood subconscious/subliminals…LOADS more with a simple youtube search.

* Let go of your fear, embrace yourselves and then go for it – Overall this is the truest post I have seen/analyzed so far…EVEN STILL……“now, why are you still afraid to do what is right”? MAY I ask who is afraid, and what is right? “learn to awaken the kod within you”, SHOULDN’T WE be learning to awaken our own spirits as individuals? “Many of you are still afraid and I can feel this energy”….MORE FEAR FEAR FEAR about how WE ARE ALL AFRAID.

I SAY Fears are not let go of….they are observed, addressed and conquered by virtue of being PUT IN THEIR PLACE….., to let them “GO” freely and undisturbed is to let them linger unknowingly.

* Welcome to the twilight zone – “let any who challenge do so”. More chest thumping….

* As the Global population ages they will need teachers – I have addressed this in my comment on the forum….POLITELY may I add. This is a nice message with much truth…EVEN STILL coupled with lightsider fallacy.

* Garuda – looks like ANY OTHER EXTERNAL DIETY TO ME. Light or dark.

* Tai Chi Master – A very very poor yoda impersonation….”the darkside you will engulf yourself in”….how feel are you?

Look TC....

You must understand BOTH POLARITIES and EXPERIENCE BOTH POLARITIES…in order to obtain an understanding of each. Understanding dark is just as vital as understanding light…..they both possess useful and needed attributes. Without dark…you would have no backbone….without light…you would have no empathy.

* Everyone is looking for all the answers – that he even suggest a super computer is more capable then consciousness/awareness is just absurd. “Super advanced civilizations are super simple civilizations”…..I SAY NO CIVILIZATION in the 3rd density is as spiritually advanced as earthers. This is the true reason behind the “quarantine” of earth. Sequential civilizations (Pleiades etc) are frightened to experience earthers because of earther emotions and earther unique individuality…AND earther spontaneity. He goes on to say “In advanced civilizations we have no lies, no deceit, no infamy, no treason, no chaos, no fear, no uncertainty, no hatred, no ignorance, no stupidity” Sounds awfully boring to me….does everyone do the same thing every minute of the day? Since you are all as stupid or as smart....where is unique individuality?! Without the advent of uncertainty…..where is the individuality? Are you saying you and your “advancedness” are aware of all actions of all peoples to and fro?

Sounds like a tripped out 1984 future I want no part of….thanks. And who the fuck wants to be SIMPLE?! MORE LIGHTSIDER FALLACY.

* Learn from Alaje the pleadian – Really Lord Rayden? The Dark government does not like wisdom? I am fairly certain you have mentioned before about how the dark govt has deceived and hidden ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE from the beasts. And you suppose to tell me they do not love as well? You think that a sadistic person does not love to be sadistic??? You think that you cannot love something dark???? You think you can only love something of the light???? MORE LIGHTSIDER FALLACY.

* To Wise – MORE LIGHTSIDER FALLACY…the laws of intention and attraction work for BOTH POLARITIES. Do you mock me? Yes…..I... Obsrvantlouie ...I am mocking you, and I AM NOT FRIGHTENED.

* The controllers will use all YOUR IGNORANCE against you – A TITLE telling people at TC they are ignorant. “SO BEHAVE BETTER BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING OBSERVED BY MUCH MORE ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS”…HOW ABOUT THIS....fuck you and your advanced civilization that’s observing me. I will behave as dam well please. “Remember what I have Taught”….self proclamation = red flag. True teachers don’t need this notoriety and WOULD NOT WANT IT.

* You are starseed, 90% population – fluff


Even if you are the majority of one…the truth is still the truth…or something like that so I have heard. I have never said “I do not like them”. I give “likes and dislikes” where I deem appropriate and I have given both to your “light bringers”. Furthermore, I have asked of them legitimate questions and they have ignored them repeatedly over some time. When I see a post….BY ANYONE…that I do not agree with I offer my point of view. For some people I am subtle in this offering. For others, ESPECIALLY OTHERS who pretend to be Kods/Lords/Masters/Teachers …..of these persons, I may ask a bit more not unlike “moonstar” has suggested.

I don’t poke around TC looking for weakness to exploit, this is your own insecurity. That you think someone is bullet-proof says much about your observational skills. No one is bullet proof as no one or every one is perfect....just pick a polarity you if you want to talk in absolutes. TRUE Teachers are humble and I sense no meaningful humbleness from either of them. Frankly, I think the both of them are NOT WHAT/WHO THEY CLAIM TO BE. That I chose to review EDISONIK was by chance...he name was the first I saw when I scrolled to the bottom of recently active users.

I can hear some of you crying already....this is not attack, Tarheel expressed his, so have I.

Colonizing the universe is a nice thought….it will never happen as it is not meant to. Would it be cool….idk….I have never been in a spaceship in orbit.

I propose it would not be as cool as astral travelling and seeing the stars for yourself...this I have done.

That they keep advising you to LOOK TO THE STARS, VANQUISH THE DARKNESS, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT etc is very telling indeed....

This is contrary to going within, finding internal truths and connecting with your higherself. The overstated connection with the heart is also noted….how come there is no mention of connection with your crown chakra or how to do this IF THEY ARE SO ADVANCED? You don’t need to LOOK OUTWARD to travel the stars…YOU CAN DO IT FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME.

I also disagree and I say they DO DISRESPECT me and others on this forum by IGNORING QUESTIONS IN OPEN FORUM….NOT UNLIKE TIM HAS JUST ASKED IN THIS FORUM. They preach as if they are Fathers of all humanity....while your gracing us with you presence o wise Odinson could you be a little less crypitc and perhaps a little more tactful and RESPECTFULL when people ask a question of you..or don't....I really don't care.

That I seem like an okay guy to you matters not to me… you seem to be in the corner of “judging” lately. Keep your judgments…I don’t care for them and I don’t need them. If I seem “controversial” to you….GOOD. This website and those that blog could use a little SPICE…..because lately….everyone here just wants to “GET ALONG”….can’t we all just GET ALONG.

Your request has been observed and disregarded....I will poke at who I please if I feel it is justifed….especially frightened people who claim to be something they are not.

If my methods and language upset you….boo hoo. If my sense of HUMOR is seemingly disrespectful to you….BOO FRICKITY HOO. If my opinion hurts YOR FEEWINGS…..BOO FUCKING HOO.

We sprikincy the same lingity?

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obsrvantlouie: It appears

I have made an error on "galaxy song"....I am trying to determine how I made the error. No matter, let be known.

bluesbaby5050: It's Ok obsrvantlouie.........

None of us humans are Perfect "YET" ! LOL! Great Intelligent Post! Oh how I Remember this movie, I sure had a lot of hard belly laughs! Mostly on " The GROSS, FAT, UGLY, SLOB".........> "FAT BASTARD"! LOLOLOL! I MUST WATCH THIS ONE AGAIN! ( If I can find it). Is it "The Spy that/who Shagged Me"? I know there's more then one movie that rolled off from this one.

Tarheel: Gotcha, OL.

Those Masters have told me that I am my own Master more times than I could ever count.
They also deem us Gods & Goddesses and have from Jump Street. When people read all of their content, their intentions are PURE. I understand your pov, OL and as I told you I understand where you are coming from. The only issue I ever REALLY had is disrespect but you are your own person so exercise your free will and everyone else will too.

Nobody can convince me that what I hold in my heart is wrong. They're Masters/Gods to me, and so am I and so are/is everyone else.

There, now haven't WE (both of us) made great strides with our manner/s ?


obsrvantlouie: All is good

Don't let anyone convince you of anything and stay true to your heart, speak your mind and question everything...from everyone. I think moving forward you and I ...and perhaps others will understand eachother better.

I am not in the business of "fixing" anyone and I would much prefer this song replaced the word "fix" with "help". As we can only lead the horse to water....we cannot make the horse drink.

Having said that, I know you are a fan of music and this came to my mind. Best to play loud ;)


Crackdown: Annunaki77 & Edisonik

Dear obsrvantlouie, have Annunaki77 & Edisonik replied to your request?

I agree with your thoughts on this matter. I strongly believe that ETs (if they are here at TruthControl, or monitoring it) should help us - not with just words "how we love you",
but with technologies and advices - aimed at purification of body, protection of body, and other benevolent directions.

If you truly love us - prove it! Share something that could help us to break this prison!

obsrvantlouie: I noticed Edisonik

Is online and just post a new forum. I commented on his new forum and requested he/she advise.

moonsstarr923: They won't answer, BUT

BUT, they are beginning to see that a lot more people (like me) are coming here to TC that do NOT like their GRANDIOSE, MEGA claims followed by TONS of obscurity and convoluted logic (that crackdown and OL did a good job of quoting from them). Time--however slowly---will begin to abate their pull. In fact, it has already begun, , , as you can see. We are not angry. We DO NOT, "NEED TO BE FORGIVEN" edison. For, my good sirs, *questioning* things (from you sirs) is NO sin!!! But we ARE *confused* and we're not *liking* the confusion you graciously bring us.

Like Crackdown said: If you TRULY "love us".......

And like I have said:
***Do NOT play games with the ones who look up to/ love you (us).***

killingwithkindness: with moon

count me in!!! a lot of bark and no bite. pretty silly really. why don't you answer them almighty edison???????????

obsrvantlouie: I have received

No reply from Edi or Annu.

edisonik: Do not be afraid

Please think outside the Box. This is about you , the Human Being.
There is a Covert War against Humanity , please learn and please wake up because it is not about us , it's about you and your families.

Please learn to think Independantly , learn to break from the Matrix , think Survivalist, because the Matrix is coming down.
This will freak the Humans out , be prepared be Educated .

The watchers will watch as these unfolds.

Learn to Become Strong and Fight the System.

Look even your Veterans are Angry over what the Governments are doing.
No Services for these Brave Men & Women.

This is not about us , it is about you. The Adamu.

obsrvantlouie: ACTUALLY.....



ALSO, I would ask you to address the points I made above IN YOUR CONTENT.



STOP IGNORING THE ADAMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dvogel: lol

I think you are wasting your time :)

Look, I didn't want to say this at first in order not to perhaps hurt certain people, but don't count on that an E.T. will sit and listen to 2 Unlimited

For some people this might be the only thing they have in their life, so they play an "act" in order to feel good about themselves. There are no answers since this might lead to discussions which could 'expose" what they are pretending. Its important to let them do this so they at least have something.

obsrvantlouie: As usual

Well spoke Dvogel. I should let them to their own devices so they do "at least" have flimsy as it is.

edisonik: Your Reality is about to be turned upside down.

Politics is a Movie for Ugly people.
Don't let them lead you to War.

Humanity will be tested , will they repeat History or will they tell the Zionists " GO TO HELL".
Defend your Liberties always.

Tim Lovell: yes history is about to

yes history is about to repeat , the same lessons as atlantis , but this time there is no great crystal to overload and explode and cause a cascade failier down to the bottom 3rd dimension this time light wins ....

UN.i1-PHI: yes history shouldnt repeat like that this time

edisonik said will they repeat history OR will they tell the zionazis to go to hell!

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