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by Tarheel on December 21st, 2012

Happy Holidays..I just read that 12/23 is The Enkist New Year ??? I did not know that or if it is even true, but Happy New Enki Year! IF it is true, and may The Kods bless all of us any way.


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bluesbaby5050: This is really ENIK'S Time now!

It is the Age of Aquarius! The AGE OF AIR! Lighter then Air! Space Travel! The Clocks Are RE-SETTING NOW!


It become Free, Independant, to be Personally Responsible for your Lives.
All Humanity
Not for a Few Sick Men and Greedy ET's but for all Humanity.

bluesbaby5050: Yes, Now it's Humanitie's Time ........

And we have En-ki to thank for his gifts to humanity from long, long ago. Humans have come a long ways,and they will go even further into the heavens, and explore the galactic realms,and learn so much more. We have alot of work ahead of us, and we will succeed. Peace ,and Harmony to all during the Holidays.

bluesbaby5050: Those that Believe in EN-KI , Know Him.........

And EN-KI also lives in the Hearts, and in the Minds of his People Forever! Peace to you Lord of the Light! You are Loved Prince EN-KI ! You will Remain in our Memories forever.

Eldertree: Enki is already on the planet

Enki is already on the planet, watching everything. His throne is for humanity. His spirit is here to help mankind ascend to the stars

Annunaki77: Beware of the System

Beware of the System, for it does not serve the people.

Robert Morningsky-Star Elders Part 1-11/14


HebrianDaniel: uhm nothing happned.. i dont

uhm nothing happned.. i dont feel any change...

Tarheel: I've been feeling IT most of this year,but more so of late,HD

I've been getting BODY RUSHES off & on, especially in the 2nd half of this year. Thursday evening/night the RUSHES were at a fever pitch.

I tried to be AWARE for the 1st half of the year, but the 2nd half-I havent had to try. I seem to be on "auto-pilot". A LOT of changes are happening to me. I also have tried to take notice of what's going on with the people around me, too. The Masses seem to be getting Nicer and more Aware of OUR surroundings/environment,too.

It is HERE, and coming through in waves, or so it seems to me. I have been looking at myself mainly for the changes, but I am now looking more at what's going on around me. Perhaps you are trying too hard or looking for IT to smack you in the face?

I can say without reserve, ITS HAPPENING.

Eldertree: Hebrien, you are thinking in

Hebrien, you are thinking in 3D... The shift is happening, and lot's of things are happening, as it alway's is. It's the beginning of truth. It is the beginning of the new age. It is the beginning of you. Thought manifestation will become so much easier. Your sensory abilities will continue to sharpen. Soon all the negative entity reptilians and oppressors will have no choice but to leave Earth. as the vibrations don't match their frequency. The only way you'll feel the change, is when you start to realise this and match your vibrations to the frequencies shifting on our planet.

Eldertree: Don't trust anyone, but yourself

Trust your intuition, feelings, instincts and senses. They will guide you. Annunaki, now now, slap slap, you know Robert Morning sky, is not to be trusted either. I don't trust anyone, who doesn't present his background or show his/her full intentions. Do you know anyone who can be trusted with a surname "morning sky"

humans are not beasts. There are lies in his works. Remember the truth is never revealed by any of these agents.

Tarheel: I think MorningSky is of Indian heritage.

I never thought of him as untrustworthy. In fact, I believe the opposite. I think he is most truthful. He appears to talk from The Soul, to me at least.

I will chalk your denunciation of him up to your Free Will. But I would like to hear just How you think RMS hides his intent, if you will.

bluesbaby5050: He is of Native American Stock.......

He is a teacher,and a dancer, and spreads the words of his Ancient Elders of his tribe to those that will listen. Morning Sky is his indian title,and it was earned like most of the indian names are. He speaks the Truth. The native americans are mostly from the Pleiadian star systems.

Annunaki77: I never Sold Snake Oil , so you assume too much

I will not be played with. We are here to Enlighten, perhaps it is wise not to Trust anyone, but at the same time isn't that the Illuminati Way?, perhaps the Illuminists seem to be alittle less Educated in the Ways of Heaven.

They are too Fixed on the Material Relms and Power. I am fixed on a Higher Level. The Heart and Mind of the Kods. My Currency is Knowledge so you can try to Discredit me but my Works shall Prevail.

Try Harder , it will not Work. I will be measured by my Works.

12 Gods and Goddesses - The Olympians - Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Ares, Hermes


Eldertree: I'm not here to expose anyone

I'm not here to expose anyone or make people believe in anything. It's like most of these guys. Icke and Alex jones, are all agent infilirators, whether they are aware or not. Many are in fact not aware they are infiltrators themselves. That is because the nature of the old reality is controlled by a few. That is changing and it's sure starting to show. All you have to do is become aware of how people present themselves and read behind the fronts they present. People tend to take all these "truthsayers" at face value.

First off hes wrong about Zeus. Enlil, is Zeus. if he had made that mistake, you are sure to find MANY more mistakes, because that is a huge blunder and a killer to me just by that claim alone. Now don't get me wrong, he does offer a lot of truth. But I don't like the truth and lies mixing business. Stitchin is another guy, who offered out a lot of information, was found out to be an infilitrator. The truth will come out in the end, regardless and that's all that matters :)

and who do you know has a surname "Morningsky"... come on folks,, get it together, Enki is waiting on you ;)

Tarheel: Some things you say are true, and then I go "WTF" .

You're not here to make people believe, so you're here to make us NOT believe? That wont happen.

If Icke and AJ are infiltrators, they dont know it. They are alowed a free pass because they spread Fear (I think they do, anyway). Still there is a message that needs to get out.

The Old Reality is controlled by a few ultra-conservative Dark Lords-YES.

I cant subscribe to EnLiL being Zeus. Did you read The Sumerian tablets?

Sitchin is an infiltrator? That guy did all he could to bring out The Truth about our past. Wow ! I just read this post. You're trippin', AST.

Who do YOU know who has the name WHAT? Indians routinely take on ...nevermind...what about Sitting Bull? This nomenclature thing could be endless. How about "Dances with Wolves", for example? The Natives call me, "Whoops TRs Ass" regularly.

Im not feeling your gig, AST.

Eldertree: Stitchin was a freemason.

Stitchin was a freemason. That's all I have to say. By saying Enlil isn't Zeus is like saying, 1+1 is not 2 just because you don't want to subscribe to that. whatever TC.... You want to fall into the traps and believe what you are told by everyone, go ahead. That's your free will. But it won't change reality or the truth of what is and always will be.

Tarheel: FreeMasonry at low levels is a good outfit. Upper levels=NOT!!!

I know./ My brother is a freemason, and he was Grand Worshipful Master of his outfit. They went around looking for people to help, and took care of the elderly ...I GUESS so the Top Tiers can spin their DEVIANT BEHAVIORS about. The Top Tiers use the Lower Levels as a disguise. Sad. But, my brother knows nothing of the deceit, and wont hear it. I have to keep the family peace or I would push him hard on it. Im sure it is hard for him to admit something he thinks of as GOOD is actually BAD and that he's been serving The Dark Side, unknowingly.

Tarheel: Oh, and I guess you know it all and I know nothing. PLEASE.

Stop it...you're embarassing yourself AGAIN. You may want to actually read The Sumerian tablets. I have many times over.

Apparently, TR has dredged up another (ASsT) to fortify his ANTI-campaign. Just like that other assclown from before...ya know....the so-called law student who wanted info on Sacred Geometry! Cant recall his handle. Hahahaha! He went go-bye-bye too.

Eldertree: If you want to know

If you want to know embarrassment read that post back to yourself.

Freemasonary is Enlil's camp. Therefore your blood is connected more to Enlil. There's something revealing and you revealed it yourself.

bluesbaby5050: Morning Sky, is Just an Indian TITLE!

It is ACQUIRED By INDIAN Traditions. BY the Inians for the Indians! ALL Indians have them. He of Course, has a Legal Surname. { Enough Said. }

Eldertree: lol...


Annunaki77: Looks like Aya shin Tara is a Disinfo Agent

I have given you a chance to prove yourself as Credible and you have shown yourself as a 200% Disinfo Agent.
You have failed, Lord Enlil is Annunaki, Lord Zeus is Annunaki, you are a beast hired by your task Masters to bend the truth.

I am sorry Aya shin Tara but you must cleans yourself of this Path, otherwise you will hit a Brick Wall. Do not sell out Humanity for a Piece of the Illuminati Pie.
I see who you are now. Lord Falcon was right about you.

I gave you a chance. You totally blew it.

Eldertree: Truth always comes out in the

You are showing your true colours Annunaki... :)

Eldertree: Truth always comes out in the

Truth always comes out in the end, and I'd be happy for you to take this matter further and prove to everyone that I am an agent. I'll enjoy that. Seems to me that the messenger is always deemed the terrorist.. Just like Enki who was demonized by the Annunaki so long ago for doing the same, standing against the corruption and lies of The Orion and Annunaki empires. Isn't it Ironic. This is Enki's age, and he will stop at nothing till humanity is freed from the Oppressors.

Enlil is Zeus. I don't care if you don't believe me. Enlil calls hmself Zeus. go find him yourself and ask him. You to don't have to believe it. It doesn't change a damn thing if you believe it or not. JeZEUS? God of the Bible, Enlil god of the word, Who is Yaweh, Illu, Zeus etc etc. It's all connected, and all you have to do is do YOUR OWN RESEARCH and stop believing in agents like Icke and RMS...

Enlil calls himself King of the Gods and King of the Annunaki. Zeus in Greek Mythology says the same exactly, king of the titans and of the Gods. Both were head of the Annunaki. Both represent Jupiter. Both deities represent Thor, which is another name for the god of Jupitier.

Cronus s Anu.

If Enlil isn't Zeus, then,, Enlil doesn't exist in Greek mythology.

if you can't see the truth in that then we all know who's lying here. Agents are riddled on conspiracy sites, you don't need to remind me of that. Just remember we have just moved into the Age of Aquarius and the truth WILL COME out. The Annunaki who roam here are not in control and they are starting to panick. Also just to add MANY of them are pretending to be the Rebel Annunaki and of the Enki faction, as a means to mask themselves.

Just as Icke exposes the reptilians and not many know that hes a reptilian himself who is also an agent for the Jesuits, Zeus Enlil faction.

If you want to try expose me, as an agent, go ahead, We'll see how long you can keep that game going. ;)

Annunaki77: Boy oh Boy have you gotten your Kods Crossed!

Well I will not play your little game, if you Love Enslavement and Servitude Good for you.
But I will go with Free Will, Passion and Destiny.
I choose FREEDOM Aya shin tara. I hope your not offended by my choice since Freedom and Liberty is not something the King of the Kods likes.

King of the Kods?, Smells like a Tyrant to me. Your Perspective is intriguing but flawed nonethe less my Adapa .
You are smart but you serve an agenda different from mine.

Mortal Kombat Story Mode Chapter 16 Raiden Vs Shao Kahn (Part 3/3)


Eldertree: I am not playing any games, I

I am not playing any games, I put forward some facts and truths here. That is all, it's you who is making the personal accusations, I am just making you well aware, this is your game ball here and I will simply watch you roll.

What I've shared isn't my perspective, it is the truth. It is not my opinion either. If I haven't stressed it enough, the truth will come out in the end, and HIS tory will not be tainted anymore as it has been for the last 2,500 years especially.


You want to send your Minions over bring them. And see for yourself just what your dealing with.
You will not like what your getting yourself into Agent Shin Tara.

Eldertree: Are you threatening me?

Are you threatening me?

You are actually exposing yourself, and for someone to call me a tyrant, your words and actions are quite revealing.

Eldertree: You are not an Enkite, I've

You are not an Enkite, I've known that all along,and I don't have to come to this forum and try swing people to my view or my cause, I can see it clearly in your behaviour and how you speak to people and myself here on this forum.


Fear, now that is a word that Governs all Earthly Empires. If you knew anything about En Ki, he never engaged in Fear, rather Enlightenment. En Ki was Demonized for his Role in giving Humanity Knowledge. And His Teachings were Twisted to Serve the Cabal Agenda.

Everything people know about En Ki is horribly wrong. Remember the Powers of Sirius and Orion consider anything that is Free to be Evil. Evil is anything that has Free Will.
Free Will is considered to be very evil to all Tyrants.

So therefore I am Non-Compliant , I am a Renegade, and I am Free, truly Free because I will not be a Pawn to the Monolithic System.

JFK secret society speech (our last good President)

Eldertree: Ok let us all be very clear

Ok let us all be very clear here, You are insighting fear by threatening me.

Quote from Annunaki77
You want to send your Minions over bring them. And see for yourself just what your dealing with.
You will not like what your getting yourself into Agent Shin Tara."

That is a threat, an accusation, and you are warning me.

Go on, lay it out Annunaki77 perhaps you are not been responsible for what comes out of your mouh. Enki is well aware of the nature of fear and how it works. You don't need to remind him or anyone of that. :)


You know more & I'm a Monkeys Uncle.
If you do not believe in me, at least believe in the work I do.

Peace & Harmony. This is the Last post between the Messenger and Person who does not Understand me.

Humanity will Prevail.

Eldertree: Yes humanity shall, and the

Yes humanity shall, and the truth shall too :) The Shining ones and the Serpents are here.

Eldertree: So happy you posted that JFK

So happy you posted that JFK speech one of my favourites.


This is how it works since my enemies are already coming.
The Agenda is simple.

The Aliens run the New World Disorder.

The New World Disorder wants to Destroy the Human Race.

They are waiting for the Natural Disasters to come because of the Galactic Plain.

Once the Disasters come the People will run like sheep to their Governments for help.

Their Governments will Instruct them to go to these Special Locations.

Once the Billions of Sheeple are Rounded Up in these Locations they will be Terminated with Clean Nukes.

Those that Survive will be collected and forced to work in the Mines.

Then the NWO will be Terminated Once they have Accomplished their Agenda.

The Aliens will Rule again.

Now put that in your Pipe and Smoke it.

This is why it is Important that you wake up.

2029 is the Deadline.

Do not trust your Leaders or this Monolithic System.

Annunaki77: Look I Love you Aya

I am just so sad that you do not Understand me. But remember always remember Human Life has Value.

I am a Nobody and a Reject.

Eldertree: You don't give me orders or

You don't give me orders or tell me what to do. And I don't believe in you or your work. I don't work for anyone. That is all Enlilte programming.

I be-LIEve in no one nor even myself. I allow, accept and acknowledge all of creation so within and so without. I don't submit or bow to anyone. I am the light, that rebelled the stars to be my own inner light and shining star.

I wish the human race to realse the light that they are too. Rising stars. :)

edisonik: Please forgive them Anu77 for do not know what they are saying

There is still hope for Humanity.


Some will never Understand Great One.

Tarheel: AST, Anu77 has long said WE are Gods/Goddesses.

I think things have spun out of control. Let's get them straight, please. I knoiw this is from 3 days ago, but I hope they got/get worked out.
We face enough negativity in this engineered facade we are told is reality.

Annunaki77: You are Afraid

Very Afraid. Young and still need to Learn so much more.
Attacking me is not the answer.

Phaminator: Hold your horsies for a sec...

Ok, if Poseidon is Enki, Zeus is Enlil, then who the heck is Hades?

Eldertree: As far as I've been told, hes

As far as I've been told, hes incarnated on Earth now and represents the energy of Pluto and scorpo. I don't know why Hades is not talked about in Annunaki and Sumerian records. i to have tried to find the comparison. Personally I don't like Greek mythology so much because it swings towards favouritism and fantasy to certain God.s There s always an element of confusion in Greek mythology. Like you will find Egyptian and other cultures resonate with Sumerian transcripts more than Greek mythology. One thing I can say is we'll find out soon enough. As for Annunaki77 last post to me, lol. He's clearly lost it now. His ego needs puncturing.

wmarkley: I think Marduk is Hades, and

I think Marduk is Hades, and is satan, and is amon-ra.

Eldertree: Wrong. Marduk, is connected

Wrong. Marduk, is connected to Mars. Marduk, is RA, not Amon Ra. Hades is a brother of Zeus and Posiedon and the planet connected to Hades is PLUTO. Therefore you are talking complete shite.

bluesbaby5050: You know, SOME PEOPLE DO FORGET..............

They do need to RE-fresh their history if they have not been here for a while. They also are apt to forget when they have a life to live in these changing times. Lets be civil here at least!

wmarkley: you are a shil with alegence

you are a shil with alegence to the wrong people, I personally dont give a shit what you think, and i dont give a shit who enlil is, or who zeus is, or mercury, satan, or saturn. they mean nothing to me. the only thing that matters to me is the freedom of humanity, nobody is going to stop the freedom movement, not you or your bullshit god. if you are with the cabal, you will get what they get, i dont care about you, or your fantasy bullshit that you sling on this site, everyone knows what you are. maybe if you do a good enough job here you will get promoted to "manchurian candidate", or suicide bomber. thats how important you are to your master. you dumb asshole!

Eldertree: I don't value your opinion :)

I don't value your opinion nor your accusations and lies :)

It would be a terrible tragedy if you spoke on behalf of everyone. Thankfully you don't. :)

bluesbaby5050: No this is not true-SORRY..........

AST has this one Right. But, he needs to clean up his mouth though.

Eldertree: If someone is lying I will

If someone is lying I will call them out, you need to practice what you preach madam.

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