Tanaath on warriors and what a healthy universe is.

by Chris on December 18th, 2017

I asked her "Can you explain how you balance spirituality with war? When is carnage a justified spiritual practice? Isn't spiritual warrior an oxymoron?"
This is what she replied with:
"It is a very long and complicated story that goes back to before this universe was born. But I'll do my best to tell it.
First off, it helps to explain a bit about how universes work. I've spent a lot of work over the last three years consciously in this life re-learning this information, though it's part of the reason why I exist in this universe in the first place. The first principle that you should understand is that a Source is a universe, is the creator of that universe, and is simultaneously everything, everyone, every energy, every matter, every possibility, and everything that isn't yet in existence, within that universe. Sources are literally 'The Creator' to every being that is native to a particular universe. Beings themselves choose to be created by a Source and may have multiple expressions within other universes simultaneously. Every Source initially started as a being in someone else's universe. This is an infinitely recursive process - there is no first Source, there is no 'prime universe', there is no ultimate authority or ultimate creator. We are all capable of becoming a Source if this is what we choose, though that particular path is very very very long (multiple universes long).
When this universe was being created by our Source, like other universes created by other Sources before it, this universe was intended to be a place where Source could explore its own self through the creation of independent beings who could then go forth and have whatever experiences they intended to have. In other words, it was to be a completely free willed universe, one in which a natural balancing system would occur to ensure that beings in existence would attract and experience only those experiences which they intended to attract and experience. A universe in which there was room for those who wanted to have only good experiences, and those who wanted to experience the intensity of negative orientations, without requiring that the two orientations ever overlap or come into conflict. This is where the original idea of the 'Law of Attraction' comes from. Part of the natural system that keeps those of negative orientation from overgrowing (like a candida infection) and overrunning those who do not wish to have those negative experiences is the type of being known as a warrior. Warriors do not start wars. They interpose themselves between those who want to attack others, and those who want to be left alone. This suits the warriors, who get the thrill of being heroes. It suits the negatives, who get to play out their aggressive urges on something they can't dominate and win against, and it suits the positives who want to be left alone, because they have a shield between them and those who would harm them. This kind of interplay tends to occur in the mid and lower ranges of a universe's densities. In higher densities, negatives are polarized into realities that cannot touch those of positives in any way and there is no need for a warrior type of being to provide a barrier. Negative beings have as much right to exist as positive beings. They do not have a right to force negative experiences on those who do not choose that orientation. Warriors exist as a kind of immune system to make sure that negatives can't force their way into the experiences of positives.
That is what things look like in a healthy universe that is working as intended.All things have a place, all options are available somewhere, and the system stays in balance. Everyone gets what they want. It's wonderful.
This universe is not working as intended.
When a Source becomes a Source and creates a universe, it gets a copy of the base fractal of creation to help get it started, which it can then customize to better suit its creative potential and drive. A fractal is an infinitely repeating, recursive pattern that is self-similar at all levels. Universe fractals are incredibly complex things, spreading over multiple dimensions and spiritual realms. A very small change can result in fantastically incredible differences between universes. Sometimes an inexperienced Source makes an error in modifying its base fractal and creates something that eventually becomes unsustainable. A small error can compound over the centillions of years and multiple dimensions that a Universe goes through and become a kind of 'fatal exception' or 'blue screen of death' that renders the universe ultimately unable to survive. The expression of the fractal eventually drives the beings within the universe to act in ways that are fundamentally self destructive and unsustainable, until the universe itself reaches a point where it cannot sustain its own existence and collapses. This is rare, but it happens.
Our universe was born with an error. It was assumed at first that this error was the result of an honest mistake by an inexperienced Source, as mentioned above. However, this was not the case. It turns out that the base fractal our Source received was subtly corrupted from the start. The Source that our Source got the fractal from also received a corrupted fractal from its Source. There were three layers of corrupted fractal iterations. The nature of the corruption was such that the first two universe iteration levels would not suffer a fatal error, but by the time it got to the third iteration, those levels would. This was done deliberately, in a kind of universe incubation project. A project had been created dedicated to preparing Sources to go out and create a lot of different universes. In order to be a living universe attached to the universe tree (the collection of all other living universes in existence), a Source must agree to two conditions. The first condition is that the creation is to contain Free Will for all sentient beings. The second condition is that the Source cannot simultaneously be the Creator of the universe and the Authority over it, or a personalized, individual singular or group being within it separate from the rest of the beings within it. In other words, no creator godkings ruling over creation, because it is a violation of free will. Sources can create universes like this, but they MUST be finite things that are not attached to the tree of life. A universe that is attached to the Tree of Life can potentially have an infinite lifespan, growing infinitely. A universe whose Source disobeys these two requirements is not attached to the tree and will eventually run out of energy and die. This limits the suffering of any sentient beings and allows for those beings to be removed back to the Tree to live again in another universe.
Ok, back to the universe incubator project. A small group of corrupt individuals wanted to violate those rules. They wanted to live like kings over their own universe, and they wanted to do it forever. They realized right off the bat that they couldn't be directly attached to the tree, so therefore they were continually going to be faced with a situation in which they were always using energy and never replenishing it, unless they found a way to replace what they used up. They came up with the idea of altering the incubation project to groom universes that would be easy to harvest. Universes that were grown to contain tiny little flaws in the fractals, unbeknownst to the participants (who fully expected that they were going to get the usual free will law of attraction type experience), that were sabotaged in just such a way to make it look like the Sources involved fucked things up. Then, when the victim universes inevitably collapsed - or reached a point where they could easily be collapsed with the right bit of nudging from the right people at the right time, it would be dismissed by the tenders of the Tree of Life as inexperience rather than sabotage. The Tree of Life can only see that which is attached to it. It cannot see that which is not. It cannot see the 'dead' universes of the renegade Sources until those universes finish dying and their potentiae return to the whole. Therefore if these thieves did their work correctly, they would be able to harvest universes for a long time, feeding their tyranny in perpetuity, or until they got caught. They thought they would never get caught. They killed many universes this way, the siblings and cousins of our own universe.
Like I said, our universe was born with this error in the fractal code which our Source used to create itself. It was well hidden. Our Source and everything within the universe believed, like most universes, that we were getting the usual free will experience. The problems that started to arise from the very beginning of this universe were dismissed as isolated events. Errors, selfish people creating selfish events and their victims assumed to be somehow desiring of the victimhood. The widespread strife and pain, the dramas of domination and tyranny, were thought to be happening because the people involved must want that. A funny thing occurred. It didn't keep itself isolated to the lower and mid level densities of the universe. The tyranny dramas were occuring at alllevels, including the top creation-level densities (10th, 11th, and 12th density) which were usually immune to that kind of backbiting and drama. Again, these things were swept under the rug and assumed to be an anomaly that would resolve itself. Many beings in many densities went on living their lives undisturbed, which enabled them to believe that there was no problem. In the meantime, there was a HUGE problem, and it was actively and aggressively encroaching on those who did not choose to experience negative tyranny oriented experiences. This was dismissed by the unaffected as a factor of the 'law of attraction'. In fact, all of it, including the passivity and the dismissal by the unaffected, and the virulence of the negatives, were created by the error in the fractal.
Our Source kept encountering a 'critical error'. It ran a number of timeline simulations to try to isolate where it made mistakes in order to fix its fractal and survive, only to keep encountering the problem over and over and over again. Almost every time, the error came to a peak at a little no-count 3D planet - the planet we're currently living on. Our Source asked the tree for help. Beings who were willing to help troubleshoot the error and find the source of the problem joined this universe as creations within it, and positioned their experiences to attempt to isolate the cause. Many of these beings were warriors, who had performed that mid level 'immune system' role in other universes. Many of these beings were also beings who had been affected by mysterious universe death and wanted to get to the bottom of this.
We've gotten to the bottom of the error. The cause of the error was this third party who introduced the disease. We've alerted the tree tenders to the fact. They're going to be taken care of. The error is being fixed. Our Source has a copy of the 'good' fractal, and is getting a chance to survive. But just like a worm infection leaves a body full of holes that has to heal after the worms themselves are killed, our Source has a bunch of stuff that needs healing. And though the worm medicine has been administered, it takes 'time' to kill all the worms and their eggs (or, since the concept of time isn't the same in all dimensions and spirit realms, you can consider this to mean that a lot of particular events have to occur in the right places in the right sequence before the healing is complete. All over the universe. Not just on this planet, but DEFINITELY here as well, since we were the kill shot).
Many beings, as I mentioned before, were operating under the assumption that things were working as intended. They found this universe and took it for simply some kind of unenlightened slum, and brought their wisdom and teachings here, hoping to help enlighten humanity and bring about positive growth. They didn't realize that they were mistaken. They didn't realize that they had been altered from what they were supposed to be, and they didn't realize that this planet had been altered from what it was supposed to be. They operated based on assumptions that weren't true, but were believed to be true, because in their isolation they hadn't encountered the problem and those that had were dismissed as somehow deserving what they got. This is where we got a lot of our basic positive religious ideas, such as Buddhism. Buddhist ideals are pretty accurate in higher densities in universes that are not infected. They are not particularly useful here, where the situation is very obviously not the case. Because of the widespread encroachement of negatives at all levels, this universe still has a need for warriors. It will need warriors even at very high spiritual levels for quite some time, until all the events have occurred that result in healing. After that point, the warriors will cease being warriors (except at the mid range experiences where those things are necessary and part of 'working as intended'), and simply become a bunch of playful goofballs, until or unless they are somehow called again to serve. The flaw that caused warriors to 'go rogue' and become part of the drive of war will also be healed and will cease to exist, because it was part of that little corruption in the fractal. The Buddhist ideals will once again be accurate for this universe. This planet will get a chance to go through the usual stages of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Life will be pretty good. And I will put down my spear, hang out with my former warrior friends, and engage in all the wacky 'hold my beer and watch this' hijinx that retired warriors are known for. If I'm never called to fight and defend again, I'll just continue to goof off and play around for the rest of my existence and have whatever experiences I want to have. My job will be done.
Still with me? I hope so. It's a very long explanation, but it encompasses the discoveries that I have spent the last three years of my human incarnation learning, and the last few universes of my existence trying to get to the bottom of. I'm one of the troubleshooters that was called in to figure out the problem. This information is VERY new, to the whole universe. The Silver Legion and others like us were part of how it was discovered, and in particular the experiences of us incarnates on this planet directly led to the discovery. Many beings still haven't 'gotten the memo', so to speak. But the good news is that the root cause has been discovered and is being fixed, now it's up to each and every one of us to make a future in which we all thrive and go back to being free willed, free beings unhampered by any authorities save those we consciously and willingly choose for ourselves.
In the meantime, we still have to deal with the dying worms, the corpses of the dead worms, and the massive holes that have been left all over. Part of that is the old misapprehensions that anyone who suffers 'asked for it'. Part of that is realizing that many of our previously held beliefs were not reflective of the reality of this universe - they were reflections of an ideal that was supposed to be real but never got the chance. An ideal that will now have an opportunity to exist, provided we all do our job to contribute to the healing process. That includes efforts on the part of 3D humans on this planet, it also includes efforts on the part of ETs, EDs and spirit beings at ALL levels of existence and spiritual development, including those beings known as 'gods' who helped assist Source in creating this universe, the natives of the 10th to 12th dimensional densities. Everyone is going to have to do their part - however large or small, whatever that part may be. The most important thing is that whatever part you do, that it be as self-guided by your free will as possible, not by the directions, demands, authority, or tyranny of another. If we all, or as many of us as can be, do our thing, whatever that is, of our own free will and desire, we repair the free-willed aspect of the fractal of this universe. The fractal is repaired not by some kind of top-down imposition, but by all aspects of creation up and enacting the repair. And no one can do it for us, we have to do it ourselves.
You are confusing 'spiritual' for a kind of basic assumption of what many people consider to be 'good' in the good/evil dichotomy. All beings have a right to exist. They have a right to choose experiences that they desire. They have a right to free will. Free will does not mean *free of consequences*. If a being chooses to limit the free will of others in order to benefit itself, a natural consequence of this choice is that beings will appear that desire to oppose the tyrant and restore the balance. The notion that 'every action has an equal and opposite reaction' is absolutely accurate when dealing with free will choices that harm others. Free will choices that help others provoke a reaction as well, but it tends to be one of mutual increase. The universe permits unlimited beneficial growth. It's part of how a universe stays alive. But negative entropy is checked through synchronistic matching - when an entropic or free will limiting society emerges, in a healthy universe it will self limit. If it should overgrow, resistance and opposition will spontaneously and synchronistically appear to check it.
Good beings and evil beings both have a right to exist. They are both capable of being 'spiritual'. Spirituality is not limited to the passive, stereotypical 'good' beings. All beings are capable of being spiritual. They just express it in different ways. A very high density warrior might choose instead to deflect an aggressor or offer them a lesson rather than destroying them outright. A lower density warrior will be more limited in powers and perspective and may only have to option of brute force opposition. And a high density warrior may also conclude that a specific individual or group has pushed the bounds to the point where removal is the only healthy option. The more the offending being or group resists gentle measures and persists in attempting to harm others who didn't desire this experience, the harder the warrior will push back. In a healthy universe, 'pruning' only tends to occur with extremely stubborn beings and groups that leave the warriors no other alternative - they push and push and keep pushing until they grind themselves into nothing against the wall the warriors construct. In this universe due to the error, we have had a lot of instances of warriors going rogue or taking up excessive force. This is something that will also be healed in time and will not be a factor forever.
Healthy warriors tend to be deeply spiritual. They are devoted to the *balance*, and see balance and protection of the innocent as the highest good. They live as a form of service to others. The universe creates beings that find all different kinds of things *fun*. If you don't want to do it, there will be someone who exists that thinks it's the greatest shit ever, whether it's washing dishes, knitting shawls, planting gardens, healing injuries, or making a tyrant sputter and froth and destroy themselves. This way no one is ever forced to do something they hate. *The universe runs on matching people with their desires and enjoyed activities and experiences*. That, in my mind, is very good. The activities one enjoys do not dictate whether one is spiritual or not. That is a corrupted notion based on judgement of others due to lack of understanding of balance and free will. The fact that it is a common notion in some circles doesn't make it right. That corruption of the idea of what is or is not spiritual was part of the damage done to this planet through manipulated and altered religious programming. It is a control mechanism, designed to reduce free will, by suggesting to people that spirituality can only look like one particular passive, servile expression. Resistance, and self defence, which are healthy natural mechanisms, become reviled as 'non spiritual' which makes you easy to control and manipulate and abuse.
Remember in order for a Source to truly experience itself, it must contain within its creation the potential for ALL THINGS that beings may wish to experience. This includes the bad with the good. The problem arises when the balance is disrupted and one part overgrows and reduces the free will of another part. Source is ultimately *neutral* but loving and accepting of all. The only thing Source is *not* neutral on is things that threaten the existence of the whole or large portions of creation.
Very few Service to Others types are in it for carnage. Being in it for carnage is more of a negative orientation expression than a positive orientation expression. Positives tend to be in it because they want to help others, because they are masters at certain skills and enjoy being able to practice that mastery (did you hear about the 3rd Dan karate master that was mugged in the Dominican some years ago? The thugs *quickly* discovered they had made a mistake. I don't think he killed them either. Warriors love that kind of thing), because they find challenge to be invigorating, because they cannot stand injustice, etc.. There's other motivations for engaging in resistance, opposition and combat besides a lust for carnage or a desire to harm others.
Here's a little example of what things are like in the Silver Legion. We love to goof off. If we are not active on particular missions, we spend our free time engaging in hobbies and training, or playing games or are a sparring, not looking for a new fight. Silver Legionnaires are famous for our arena sparring. The arenas allow people to match up against each other for fun. It allows warriors to hone their skills, enjoy the thrill of a challenge, and maybe even show off a little. It's also an opportunity for people to solve disputes without actually harming each other, for those times when people argue and want to kick the shit out of each other. But no one goes into the arena simply because they want to engage in carnage. If we had no war to fight, we'd spend all our time playing in the arena and playing other games (some Earth games are huge up there, like dungeons and dragons if you can believe it). We wouldn't be going out looking for trouble. We have no need to seek trouble. Distress calls and jobs make their way to us synchronistically and we can get a mission and ask who wants to take it and all the people who enjoy that work will start waving and yelling 'pick me, pick me!'
The warrior mentality off planet among positives is very different from examples you might see on this planet. The people involved in the war machine on this planet are generally either negatives or under the control of negatives. The cabal has made active use of earth's militaries, particularly the US military and secret projects. The warhawk mentality which gleefully sacrifices the eager young and innocent civilians for the benefit of old rich men is not a trait found in positive warriors. If you've used this as your example through which to conceptualize warriorhood then I can understand where your misapprehensions regarding warriors might have stemmed. You'd get a better idea of what positive warriors are like looking at examples of things like legendary master martial artists (and there are Buddhist and Zen examples of these as well).

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Logical Chaos: Wow.

Lots of great information! Really breaks down what a "spiritual warrior". Makes a lot of sense now.

Ive always wondered about "The Source". Ive felt the Source personally, at least I believe it was the Source. It was an energy that "held" me inside of it, very gentle and loving, but also filled with energetic energy.

The explanation of the fractals is interesting. Explains the flaws of our Universe. I did notice that being selfish is kinda common, must be from that flaw in the Source Code. I often wonder if some of the mean/selfish personality characteristics are the embodiment of those Source Flaws flowing thru us.

Ive also always wondered about alternative dimensions or alternate Universes. So interesting that other Universes might have failed and destroyed themselves.

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