The taking of your clubs and sticks begins

it's mainstream now, the plan to not only reveal peoples records (like it's some dirty heretic secret) but to take away people's weapons, and it won't just be breaking the law in USA, it'll be breaking UN laws to try to keep those weapons..whatever the correct term for the global law would be.

This whole system is a result of people wanting to be governed and fearing big sticks..trusting their lives and soul lessons on these planets to another person. It's disgusting that we have to fear that our brother's and sister's would take our things, would stab us in the back, would want to harm us in anyway. It's disgusting that we cannot live out whatever we want to be because we must have a job to thrive, to pay off the debts that our leaders have created, that we have to pay and work just to be in a country. Its god damn disgusting that inventions in the past could have had free energy down by now..but in the name of the all holy currency each new life changing break through was thrown in the furnace or locked away so only the top could use.

If..who are we kidding..-when- this bill passes, people are going to roll it over and cry INVASION OF PRIVACY!!! Privacy..that word has no meaning in the USA anymore. Phones are tapped, smartphones not only have Bots (allowing SOMEONE to watch through the cameras and listen through the receiver anytime the phone is on) it is also easily traced and most of the that tracking is downloaded through an alternate means of goodness I lost my phone let me use this handy app. Your computers activity is monitored each and everyday. Drones now flying in a sky near you have the same strength xrays as the airport security scanners so they can see into your house and through your clothes whenever they please. There are laser instruments that can tell if you have drugs, explosives, what you ate, your adrenaline levels. And if you have anything to say other than put me to work sir..some asshole on a monitoring station will put a frowny face next to your name and a drone will either harass you later or kill the shit out of you and you wouldn't know why, until released on the headlines later for something completely different.

We are cattle now..we could always be like the Chic Fila cows and tell the global governments to eat more chicken instead.

There was a time we all lived in at one point, where people had names, and thrived on having a reputation, where they weren't afraid to say yes my name is John Doe.. look at how far we have fallen. This world is no where near unity, its own races eagerly tern on each other for being different or not sharing the same mind set..all the while the small portion in control are all laughing and dining fine.


bluesbaby5050: You are so right ---

You are so right about this Crigtine! It Really is Disgusting! It is like a BADD nightmare we can't wake up from,and this nightmare will only get worst! Are people so dumbed down that they can not speak up for themselves? Are they happy living a total lie? Do you feel really good,and do you have alot of energy after you eat? Haven't people noticed this yet? I have lived long enough to remember when you did not need much food to be able to go all day,and not feel hungery. I remember having plenty of energy to work third shift,and then go home clean house,wash clothes for 7 people walk the dog,and play with my kids,all 5! Get dinner,and then sleep for a couple hours,and drive to work. And I would eat only 2 times a day!And I felt great! For example,some people I talk with, people in their 20s-30s say they have to eat alot to keep going, and they feel like crap,and don't have half the enegry I had at thei age! They tell me what it is they eat too. They do not eat out,and buy organic when they can,as this is very exspensive to buy.They have to spend money wisely to make it though the week! The people I know work full time,and then goes to work ,and works another shift,and gets home at 2 in the morning,get up at 5am and heads out to do this all over again!18 hours of work a day! Both parents work full time jobs.They are barely making it. At full time! They have 2 kids,and have to feed them too! It is rough now! And it is supposed to get worst! They can not even stock up on food,and water,as there is not enough income coming into the home.They have only one car,as this is even hard to afford now. People are cutting corners to make it,and this is not enough.This is the reality of life for most people. They are ready for a revolt,and they sure are mad as hell! They are sick ,and tired of being sick,and tired! They are ready to fight to the death for a decent life,and for their childrens future.It is up to the regular people to make a firm stand,and never depend on your goverments for anything, cause they sure do not give a dam about us!! Look how they live!! They dress real fine,eat real fine,take real fine vacations when ever they want,and eat real fine there too! They have a real fine social life too,while us regular people are struggling to make ends meet! Now tell me you do NOT see a big difference here! Feed up in the USA!

Tarheel: Great post, Crig! I agree on every point-WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!

Yes, they are trying to make our PLANET a joke now. a BAD joke. The People had better WSISE UP toi WTF is going on or it will be too late.
Re: your APP comment. All APPs do is give the people whose APP you are installing permission to violate your Privacy...and people have fallen for it! Ive preached this to as many as I could and people JUST WONT LISTEN. They have been dumbed down for so long that they are numb to what's going on. Idiocy-"there's an APP for that!" Pick one...any one. But that is just a microcosm of what's wrong with this planet. The People have been dumbed down to the point they arent aware of anything much any more.
Things are supposed to be changing...FOR THE couldnt happen fast enough.

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