Taking Personal Responsibility for yourself

by edisonik on October 24th, 2010

The Andromedans were correct when they said " When you take Complete Responsibility for yourself and to become fully self confident and free", you are declaring to your World that you can take fully responsibility for yourself without being forced into accepting Tyranny by a Third Party that being a Nanny State Government that wants to Babysit you from Cradle to Grave.

When a Human Being takes full responsibility for his or her life they become free, when a human being is afraid they are signaling to the World they can't take responsibility for their lives , you must take Responsibility for your lives, Personal Responsibility means taking care of your very needs without being forced to accept someone elses Agenda or Beliefs.

Irresponsibility is when you see wrong and you do nothing to correct the wrongs being done to you and your community by Government, when you have Bad Government and you do nothing you and your Community are not being Responsible, when you demand transparency instead of Lies and Deception you are taking responsibility for the future of your Children and your Species, when you sit on your butt and do nothing and watch the wrong being done on humanity you are being irresponsible. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, so take Responsiblity for your Planet and your People.

I know you folks can make a difference, all it takes is the motivation to make things better.
Can you make things better?, yes you can because you all have the light of the immortal Creator inside of all of you, do not be decieved, you have incredible Power flowing through those veins.

Take Responsibility for your World and keep your Governments Honest by keeping their feet close to the fire, remember this World belongs to you which is the many , not the few who think you are useless assets to do what they wish.

Think, Breath, and Practice Freedom & Love always , show the Galactic Community what your made of. Peace Terrans.

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Quinton: I think this is one of the

I think this is one of the most important points to be made and agree completely. People absolutely need to take responsibility and reclaim their sovereignty as a human being. Freedom and personal responsibility go hand and hand. Letting others make your decisions and force their agenda on you is akin to that of a slave. It has never been the mission for us to become slaves and it is our responsibility to stay educated and responsible for the future of our earth species. Great post!

Silenci030310: I also agree with this

I also agree with this edisonik good post.

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