Taco Bell Illuminati commercial

by freedmftr88 on September 6th, 2018

Did anyone mention the sort of recent Taco Bell commercial this year ? I seen it and I immediately thought without hesitation " Oh sh*T ! What does this secretly mean ?"

One thought that came to my mind is a sign of The New World Order about to collapse big time , so they go to their ol' popular non-aggressive method of dumb down television to make a commercial that would be funny to dumb people as a method to stop any sort of awareness awakening , pretty much to cover it up with a joke.
"No people , none of it's true. The NWO is just as silly as this funny taco bell commercial. " . And just using little kid humor in the adult world along with publicity and marketing money to make sure the commercial goes viral and they get comments of " lol " and "dat'z funny Sh*t ! " And if this theory is true , I could see the idea of any sort of secret society members wiping sweat off their head in relief to a close call.

Or , using the same method of dumbing down the masses but as a signal to the head powerful and rich people all over the place with the symbolic message of " It is time to go into overdrive with The New World Order mission , people are becoming more aware and smarter thanks to the internet. "
Which would explain the "Anti-Net Nutrality" scares relating to the head of the FCC " Ajit Pai " .
Does we want to shut down the internet or is it just a controlled media to get people to back off.

All it takes is a false flag event.

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