Hi all,

I apologize for my posts the other night. I know I said I wouldn't post here anymore...and I am not trying to go back on my word or anything like that. And I appreciate those who said they wanted me to stay, but the reason I said I'd leave is because I didn't want to cause any unnessecary negative energy here.

So, I will try to control myself better from now on. But I just wanted to know your guys opinions regarding synchronicity.....because I am getting it hardcore. I mean, like you wouldn't believe. I walk through a parking lot and see a license plate with 888 on it, and I just know automatically every other car in the parking lot is going to also have 888 on it, and low and behold, I see 8 cars in a row with 888 on the license plate. This happens to me all the time.

Just tonight I got an AMAZING synchornicity. I just want to know your guys opinions on exactly how and why this happens. I am looking up a link now I will provide it here, but it seems like it could be more sinsiter than what they are implying (But honestly, in my heart I beleive it's for a good reason, as they say, to advance our souls or whatever and to let us know everything is in order....but I still can't believe people CHOSE to be raped, tortured and's very hard for me to grasp that....)

What do you all think? We chose this for the "Advancement"of our souls?? Or do you think we were DUPED into coming here by way of the "bright light" reincarnation trap? And we'd be better of never being here in this matrix? (That's what makes sense to me!) Even though I can see it being possible both ways, I'm still juggling both of these possibilities being truth.

Also the last paragraph could explain it right- (But I still can't grasp my limited human mind on this....)

""""Synchronicity has been proposed as a natural consequence phenomenon of the many-worlds or parallel universes theory of quantum physics. The subject is somehow 'navigating' to those particular alternate worlds that are correlated to their past history among the very diverse possible other worlds that do not have a relationship to their past history. Although this idea has made it into the popular press, it is considered pseudoscience by most scientists as the parallel universe theory states that all possible futures exist simultaneously; therefore the subject indeed lives out all possible futures in parallel.""""""

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This site seems like it explains it pretty good. Still, it seems like there's always suffering going on in the world, somwhere. Hard to believe that, in this infinity we are STILL trapped here in this matrix. I really don't know what to believe anymore.

ps- Why do I always see these new member registering to this site, but none of them ever post?? There's only like 10 people here that post. But 1000's who have registered? lol you don't need to register just to read the site....

pasqualie: About the numbers

I have been seeing numbers for about 5 years. In all honesty i dont know what they mean. i particularly see 222 alot or 22, sometimes 111, 555, 444,333, 777

I would not read alot into it, if its something you are meant to know it will be revealed to you.

here is a site if you are interested but dunno if it actually true. In reality numbers and times that appear frequency for me at least, draw my attention to it, but as for what they mean, I have not yet grasped it yet, and dont really expend too much energy into trying to figure out the meaning anymore.

TillToTheWhen: It's been happening with me

It's been happening with me on and off for years. Lately, it's happening again. I've heard tons of different theories as to why it happens. But I know it's definitely no coincidence. Today I was laying in bed...kind of awake but not really. Then all of a sudden I had the urge to get up. I did, and I looked at the clock on my computer, the second I woke up and it was 11:11 am.

lol everytime I watch a movie, I'll pause it and the time will be 33:33 or 11:11 or something like that. It's almost like we're under complete mind control here. But it could be our higher selves from within controlling us of course. But our conscious self is definitely under some form of control I think.

I am also a sports gambler and I hate when this higher power tries to control me into losing my bets. I don't care about any agreements I made before I came here. I DONT want to be broke!! lol ....It's not good for anyone to be broke. I can't see the "Lessons" being learned when I've already learned these same lessons and learned to appreciate life without money. I just need money so I can be healthy. This must be some form of bad karma or something evil going on here.

(I still haven't read the rest of your guys' responses yet, but thanks for respoding, I will read them in a moment)

I've also heard that you can say out loud "I SEVER ALL TIES AND AGREEMENTS THAT I MIGHT OF MADE BEFORE COMING TO THIS LIFE" and say it repeatedly each day and then that might work. Because they could of duped us into agreeing to this crap, just so they can suck away our energy through our suffering. And our free will cannot be violated, since it's a universal law, if we don't agree to something then they can't force it on us.

obsrvantlouie: If you don't want to be broke

Then do not gamble :p

Synchronicity is easiest described as being in tune with the natural flow of will notice on hectic/chaotic days that you rarely if ever see the clock at synchronous numbers, however. You will also notice that when you do see synchronicity in action it usually revolves around some revelation or a 'lucky' break or a beneficial coincidence. Don't be fooled though - nothing is coincidence.

Your not being mind controlled by your high do have a purpose as your current incarnation and you will will fulfill it, however, the path and choices you take before fulfilling your purpose is entirely up to you.

It's a lot to wrap the mind around for some....just know that if you are seeing the synchronicity of your actions than you are wiser than many and also taking the necessary steps to reach your potential.

Saying you sever ties to an agreement you've already made serves no purpose. You many want to read the handbook for the new paradigm to understand better laws of: intention, attraction and allowance.

Your higherself will see to it that you fulfill your purpose and pass on sooner and no later than agreed.

TillToTheWhen: Well thanks for the advice. I

Well thanks for the advice. I happen to actually be a professional gambler though. I am one of the top poker players in the world (I've just had absolutely insane bad luck...and I don't even believe in luck as you said, nothing is coincidence. I believe there was someone who placed a financial curse on me several years ago, which is making it hard for me to even play or win) My problem with poker is that I never play. My problem with sports betting is that I haven't learned money management yet. I hear it takes years to do so and I've only been doing it about 5 years now. But I have won far more than I've lost. I hope to learn it one day because I think it's what i am meant to do. I mean, why else would I be so good at it? (other than MM) I am in the top 1% of gamblers for sure, I know not many can beat vegas long term but I know for a fact I can. One thing I also know is that games are rigged, which helps me to win as well.

So, obviously I won't quit "gambling" since I am not losing technically. But I need to beat this curse so i can get otu and play poker (I feel I'm always held back, usually by health problems. I can play at home, but it's not for real it means nothing.) and I know I can. But so far, I have fallen victim to it.

TillToTheWhen: IT's like that saying goes

IT's like that saying goes "The rich get richer...and the poor stay poor" ( A good exmaple is those guys who hit the final table last night in the WSOP, they already had plenty of money before even winning those extra millions) I need to practice that law of attraction as you mentioned, because I know it's a toxic mind state. But what if I was meant to be poor? Is there anyway I can override that and just get rich anyway? And when I say rich I dont mean filthy rich. just enough so I can eat good and live a comfortable life and help others who need it.

pasqualie: As for why things happen and why we are here

Its just to experience or have an experience for the different aspects of yourself connected to your higher self. Its also to learn. So depending on where you are, regardless of what is happening good or bad, your higher self is gaining experience from it to know what it is like to be in an incarnational state.

As for why bad things happen, its a delicate subject, and by no means there is any clear cut explanation for it. But the best example I have found is to see if you can overcome the obstacle, whether it may be some challenge in your life, or way of thinking and perspective.

We are all born on this planet, and no one gets off it without suffering that is a fact. Some say we are programmed with through media, people around us, technology, and from experience with victimization and abandoment issues starting from a very young age. With these two main programs, alot of negative things can manifest in our lives starting with apathy or hopelessness to acts of agression and violence.

In particular if you have a victimization programming and belief, that the world or the universe is an unsafe place, and people always are out to get you. Then this becomes the lens you percieve the world as, so you will think and see things this way, and so the universe will manifest things into your life translated from this lens or perspective of life. Its why to a certain degree until a person overcomes a certain belief, say a woman is in an abusive relationship starting from a young age. She gives off an energy signature from herself, and there by will continue to attract men or people into her life that are attracted to this energy. Its why her life wont change until she begins to think differently and love herself unconditionally. Its really about how you percieve yourself and how you treat yourself.

If you are in those situations, a simple thing to do is just love yourself unconditionally, and ask yourself, if i loved myself, what would love do, would i accept these things or this treatment or situation, and act according to what would love do, if you loved yourself unconditionally.

pasqualie: How does not loving yourself attract bad things

Well think of it as part of the illusion you are in when you are born. Self love or unconditional love makes you whole. But since you have to discover this for yourself, you are born with in a sense a hole you sense inside you that you are not complete.

So people on this planet, sense this incompleteness and know it does not feel good. So they attempt to heal or fill that hole inside them with external things to make them feel good or loved.

It may be wealth, a car, a woman, man, status, fame, or just a sense of significance or you matter.

So they chase this carrot all through their lives, only to realize after getting one carrot, it doesnt last, so they chase another, and another, and another.

Until they realize that it is self love and feeling good about themselves they are chasing. And you really dont need anyone or thing to do that. It was just a rule you set up for yourself to allow yourself to feel good or loved. And so you realize unless you heal that hole from the inside, it will never heal. You can chase things and find temporary satisfaction, but it doesnt last.

Its why they say you can never be loved by others and recieve love, until you love and accept yourself first. Just as you can never feel comfortable around others, until you feel comfortable with who you are first. It is why they say life is a mirror, the outer a reflection of the inner.

So chasing things in the external in a way its an escape, of not realizing or avoiding going into yourself to heal yourself.

Examples of this can be shopping, over eating, drinking, smoking, doing drugs, in a sense they stop you from thinking temporarily, but also they are attempts to externalize feeling good.

You see this with celebrities all the time, they seek approval, attention, love and significance by producing and getting attention from the public, but over time they find it doesnt last, they dont get to keep if from chasing it in the outer or external world, so they turn to drugs and alcohol to fill that void inside them

Even in the violence you see today, labelled as terrorism by the governments. Its not really a religious or ideological war. But simply a human being who had run into his abandonment, helplessness and low self worth issues. So they seek significance in their life and will do anything to feel significant. And in their low mindset and emotion, some person tells him he knows how they can achieve significance. And they seek to achieve this feeling of significance and self worth, even if its through insane acts of violence and chaos.

Its why this world is really one big Milab experiment, and we are in reality all Milabs until we wake up and begin to love ourselves unconditionally, and see ourselves as perfect as we are. As well as getting rid of the artificial rules and constructs we have created in our minds of how and when we can feel good and love ourselves. Until then, we are prisoners of our own understanding, and prisoners in our own minds.

TillToTheWhen: I do love myself

I do love myself uncondtionally, consciously. But I think the problem is, that they've installed viruses in our minds, and throughout the years they program us to "Hate ourselves" and that could be part of my problem. Sometimes it even comes out, I'll say it out loud "I Hate myself!" even though I don't really mean it, that's the part of me I need to destroy I guess. I'll continue to practice saying "I love myself" and the release technique.

Thanks Pasqualie

bluesbaby5050: Those are just IMPLANTED THOUGHTS put there by those

That love to control others = US humans. If you have any weaknesses, they will AMP up those weaknesses in people. So it pays to really know yourself, and to be on your guard, and not let it down, because they will use anything to weaken you, and then they will try to distroy you. Most of the time it is though depression, and then suicide. So be aware of this. Not all dianosed people are actually crazy/insane. Many people have parasites attached to them, and they are not even aware of this, and it usually happens during the drug/alcohol use. Like I said , they AMP it up to a higher degree, and they will do this in your dream/astral state too, and if your trying to become addiction free, they will appear as friends, or relatives in your dreams, and offer you your drug of choice usually at a party setting, and this is a common occurance just to keep you hooked. Please read up on this, because it's very important for anyone trying to overcome any kind of addictions.

pasqualie: As for the Release Technique or Sedona method

Its about not feeding energy into negative things or saying no to it. Anything you internally resist or say no to, grows bigger and stronger and persists. In part because you begin to think about it all the time until it takes on a life of its own, and pretty soon you realize you have been upset, afraid or angry for hours and days, just stemming from one thought.

Also your ego will fight you on this TillToTheWhen, it feeds on fear and negativity, its why it gives you a thought and tells you to beat yourself up mentally. Its how you know your ego is active when you do not feel good. Its all about becoming aware of yourself and your feelings, and when the ego becomes active trying to control you.

Ego is apart of you, but most are unaware of it, or think they are it, so it controls people and brings into their lives self imposed misery and suffering, until they take responsibility and begin to take control back. By taking responsibility for the thought and emotion, you can release it, and choose what to focus your thoughts and emotions on, acknowledging you are the master and the creator in your life. Its why personal responsibility is critical in all things, because it shifts you out of victimization programming, and you cannot blame someone else or thing. Because if you do, then you shift into you are powerless or helpless or worthless.

In order for you life to change, you have to accept personal responsibility so there are no excuses. And thereby you acknowledge you are the creator in your life and the one in control. At least in your thoughts, emotions and actions. And that is all we really control in this world.

TillToTheWhen: Yeah I look at the EGO as

Yeah I look at the EGO as being seperate from us, but it's like the DEVIL within us...that tries to control us.

Tarheel: Gotta dig Jung.

You have to admit that Jung's "synch" was groundbreaking.

(Only 3 1/2 minutes)

TillToTheWhen: Just got another sync. I

Just got another sync. I noticed I had 1,888 emails in my email box and then I looked at the clock just to see if it would sync with that and of course it did. It was 12:22 pm exactly

pasqualie: @tilltothewhen

You may say you love yourself unconditionally, but what that means is you are happy regardless of the financial situation you are in. What this means is you are "happy with what is" regardless of the situation or circumstances around you.

As for why certain people are choses to undergoe these experiences, I am not sure. But I dont think blaming a past life karma or soul agreement helps. In part this is not taking responsibility. I simply believe its because you are chosen. For what ever reason, it may have been from a young age you notice something is not right in this world, or for what ever reason, you feel you dont belong, or quite fit in.

The only explanation I found was from Greg Braden in one of his programs, I beleive it was the Essenes program where he talks about the faces of the Essenes, as they are the mirrors of life. When you look out into the world, you either see what you judge, or what you about yourself. He called these events people go through as the Valley of the Midnight Sun, where all you value and hold dear is taken away. He called it a rare gift only a few go through, because it gives them the opportunity to start again. He himself went through it early in his business when he was doing speech engagements, when he came back from 2 months of speaking to find his partner was gone, and had cleaned out his bank accounts leaving him bankrupt.

Another explanation of this was when i was chatting with someone on facebook, he called it total ego callapse. he said it was the only way for you to be able to advance quickly, by having your ego callapse, and all the things you valued in life are taken away one by one, until you have no excuses but to move forward in a new direction, without the old rules and beliefs in the way to hold you back. Perhaps its to break down the rules or illusion of what you believe is real or important, in order for you to feel happy in life regardless of what is happening.

TillToTheWhen: I can see your point here..

I can see your point here...and that you're trying to help me (escape this matrix in so many words) but I guess we are using different definitions of the word. I love MYSELF, but NOT the situation I am in. I don't love my suffering, as much as I'd like to, to release it, I can't brainwash myself into liking feeling bad....because I know what it's like to feel good. I totally see your point though that I MUST do this in order to escape and free myself. Because everything here in illusion. And I am practicing your technique you recommended (Larry's release technique) and it was helping. But I've been slacking. I haven't done it everyday like I should. I feel as if I am a failure because I have this info and I still haven't been doing it. Maybe it's the higher forces controlling my mind into forgetting about it. I have to learn the SAME lessons over and over and over again. I really hope I get it together in THIS lifetime, so I don't have to come back here again. One thing I plan to try is to avoid that beautiful light I see when I die. I believe it's a soul trap. What do you think about that?

ps- reading your response again, I think I may be one of those "lucky" ones who's had everything taken from me thatI hold dear. I have no friends, limited family (No family around me, they all live 1000's of miles away) no money, bad health, etc, etc. Some would call it a curse. Others would call it a blessing in disguise. I am with you brother, I just need to learn to embrace and do what you've recommended. And I am working on it. But so far, I have failed. That first day was the best, I felt the bliss and ever since then I've slacked. But I can totally see your point and I do agree with you, as crazy as it may sound to most people....I think it is true. It makes perfect sense to me....but there is still the force (my own ego) i must fight to make this happen. It's not as easy as you make it but it's possible I know and I'll keep trying.

Thanks again (I mean it, thanks a million for trying to help) now it's up to me to make it happen. (And up to everyone, who's interested in being free)

TillToTheWhen: Just to make sure we're on

Just to make sure we're on the same page here.....

"In other can't fight it,(because it creates resistance) you just have to accept it and love yourself in the moment no matter what happens" and that's the core of the release technique, correct?

pasqualie: There are many examples of people who have gone through this

There is Amir Zhogi, he had his own business making 250 k a year in australia. He simply stopped working, and he sat on park benches for a few years, while the collection agencies and creditors called, as all he valued and held dear from his house and other things were taken away one by one. Interesting thing is he did this by choice. As he detached from what he believed that defined him as successful and wealthy from his house, to his clothes, to his expensive sports cars. And when he went inside himself and found unconditional love for himself regardless of what was happening, and he was happy with what is, his life started to change and he was able to get on his feet and start another successful business.

Everyone knows Eckhart Tolle, he woke up suicidal one day while he was in his PhD program at a university. He sat on park benches for 2 years dropping out of university, sleeping on friends couches with no money. After he found who he truly was by going inwards, his life began to change also.

There is Carol Dore who was the first Law of Attraction and visualization from the Heart teacher. She had been happily married for 10 years, had 3 businesses wit her husband and a very nice mansion. Then her husband became a coke addict, and was having an affair. They had to declare bankrupcy and she lost everything including custody of her 3 children because she had no income or home, so they had to live with their father and his mistress. She was raped, was living in the slums of oakland, until she began to not want to fix or change things or people anymore. And she began just loving herself and visualizing from her heart space each night. She manifested a 1500 dollar a month apartment with no income. She had money coming in that enabled her to move out and start her business. If you look her up she is the lady who bends spoons and sniffs money to created visualization anchors for money. But she got sick as well and thought she was dying so she wrote a book on it so people could do what she did. The book generated enough money to pay for her medical bills and surgery for 4 years as well as allow her to live and pay rent, while she recovered. Some days she had to crawl to the toilet she said.

Lester Levinson, creator of sedona method, in the 1960's Lester had his 3rd heart attack at the age of 40. At that time period, no medicine or surgeries. They said he was dying and he had maybe 3 weeks to live and sent him home. He went home and just tried to figure out what was the purpose of life. Through it he began to release everything in his life from his childhood onwards, and loved himself unconditionally. He was still alive 3 months later and began to manifest things by releasing on the lack he felt, and became a millionaire in 6 months. He met Larry crane and Hale Dwoskin who were working in other professions at the time. A year later he gave everything he had away and moved to sedona arizona and began to teach his method.

Larry Crane was a millionaire advertising executive with his own company in new york. he met lester and eventually moved to sedona arizona where he found he was miserable. because for the first time in his life he was cash poor, his beautiful wife had left him, and he had no idea what to do. He said he has his gun loaded and was thinking about blowing his head off at the time. But he released on everything including his lack, and 2 days later a friend called him and asked if he wanted to get into managing hollywood actors business. His first client was Joan rivers.

pasqualie: I have been there TillToTheWhen

And to a certain degree I am still going through what you are. I have thought on those same thoughts, karma, cursed, soul contract, but it just creates and excuse. All i can say is, all you can do until you arrive at a new crossroads is just release any fear or lack you may feel.

I have often wondered why this is happening also, but until its revealed it leads to nowhere. Basically its a place where everything is taken away one by one. And you may even like me seem to have gone down a new road and started fresh, only to have that door closed down again and everything taken away again. So after 14 years of this, I just release. For some reason effort doesnt seem to be the answer for me at least. Doing doesnt solve the problem. And you also have to release any blame or guilt you hold of yourself that you may think has falsely caused this on you. I had a realization yesterday, from what I had gone through in my 2nd half of what I was going through as it started to close one by one. I had held some emotional guilt or blame on myself when I had ventured into a new career. I encountered 2 unsavory people who were brought into my life during this time, who stole money from me, the 2nd being a suicidal and mentally unstable mafia hitman who was my partner at the end before i left. I didnt know at the begining but found out at the end, just as he stole money from me, after which i left. Any other jobs i took after that, i was successful increasing sales from 4k a week to 10k a week by end of 3 months. But the manager didnt like it because it made him look bad, so that door closed as well. After that I realized if i tried through effort or will power, the doors close. So i watched as I had no income, releasing on the lack. Watching as my real estate license expired and was not renewed, watching as my credit rating of over 800 dropped as the collectors called and harassed me every day. They continued to call until i was ok with them calling sometimes 3 to 5 times a day. Until I was ok with what is. What little money I had, I had to gamble. Not that I liked it, or enjoyed it. It was just at times someone i care for calls and needs money, so in those times my only option is to gamble on sports or local daily lottery. And when I win, through all that stress I go through watching the game, I end up sending most of the winnings to the person to pay their rent or bills.

I have wondered or even asked in anger, why? but there is no answer, and that road leads to a place called nowhere. So I just release. Through all this, i have held to my principles. Even in real estate when my ex mafia hitman partner was suicidal and not working. I had to deal with difficult clients doing all the work that year. There were clients i could have cut, like the single mom with bad credit that wanted to move into a nicer area because she wanted her 9 year old son to be safe. Because a night she heard gun shots. I thought maybe drop her at the begining but I got her into a new place although it took me 6 weeks to find a landlord willing to take her. My commission after 6 weeks of travel, showing rental apartments, and trying to convince landlords was 150 dollars I believe. And even working till sometimes 1am, and dealing with a suicidal partner who would call when I was trying to unwind after work, saying I am going to kill myself. And after a year of that finding out unsavory details in a confession, and having made only 25k for that years work because of the economy and clients that seem to come to me for some reason that were difficult. And after I told the ex partner i was leaving, he wrote off the assistants salary against my commission and he wrote it off entirely on his taxes. I found out he wasnt that bed ridden as well, reason why I left. He had done 15000 in background acting that year in addition to getting half the commission on all the deals I did that year.

So there is no why, it just happens. All you can do is just release. Creating a why, creates a blame or reason, which allows you to not take personal responsibility. For what ever odd reason, I have have some how manifested or attracted all this to me. And this is after getting kicked out of being 2 years of a graduate medical career program and having passed part 1 boards. Did I ask for this no. Would I have chosen this no. I would much rather have graduated and made a comfortable living. But for some reason, someone decided no, and my life took a different path. So all I can do is accept responsibility and release. For what ever reason, I didnt fit into the system it was decided. And it wasnt for lack of brains or talent, or will power. I tried to contruct a new life after with success, and the same doors were closed one by one when I went into sales and reinvented myself from a quiet shy introverted book worm. I have only realized I stuck to my principles so I have no guilt now, but doingness doesnt work, so now I just release. If anything I find peace if anything else.

I sincerely hope your road is not as long as mine TilltotheWhen. And you are given a new path quickly.

TillToTheWhen: I feel for you bro, I just am

I feel for you bro, I just am caught between a rock and a hard corner right now myself. It's hard for me to grasp WHY we must order to be happy. I mean, why can't we just have happiness handed to us? why must it come out of negative situations? You know what I mean? It makes little sense when you think about it that way. So, it's either one of two options...


A- The matrix is EVIL and there are negative entities who feed upon our suffering

B- The matrix is not evil and we are here for learning experience, and we suffer in order to rise above it and learn how to be happy under any circumstance.

Of course 99% of us are going to chose option A.....

I guess it also boils down to a state of mind....obviously but that video crackdown uploaded (human resistance) I think hit the nail of the head. I truly believe most of what that video says....

Honestly I don't know what to believe but I do know that the release technique WORKS! And everyone should be practicing it everyday. Even if the "forces" try to get you NOT to practice, it.....never forget it...and use whatever power you do have to practice it anytime you can.

obsrvantlouie: B

It's B.

TillToTheWhen: I guess you're right Louie,

I guess you're right Louie, not as many people would chose option
A as I guessed, because honestly....if it was all evil I think there
would be even more destruction and sadness here. You can see
everyone is on their own path of learning and I do agree that option
B is the correct answer. That is not to say that there aren't negative
entities who DO feed upon negative energy...I bet there certainly are.
I think know one or two of them myself : )

pasqualie: Option A is

creating a fear, and creating an external enemy, so there is something else to blame, so you can externalize that fear and separate it from you. when in reality it is you who created that fear and belief. And gave meaning or significance and attachment to that story.

the fear goes when you release the attachment to that story. because in reality you create stories to justify things in your life and hang onto them. so the story you tell yourself is not real.

TillToTheWhen: I see what you're saying. It

I see what you're saying. It's just going to be a challenge for me to change my ways of thought, as my whole life I've been like this.

pasqualie: Its really about controlling your energy

When you take responsibility and release all fear and judgement, you are accepting responsibility for your own energy. Even if its someone who has done something bad to you, in a sense its hard to wrap your mind around it, but you are connected to that person, because we are all fragments of the one consciousness experience life in 3d earth. So knowing that person is the same as you, and the potential for all actions is within you also, and what every energy you are giving out has attracted that person into your life. You claim responsibility for both, and you are taking the charge off it the other person, and bringing it at least in concept together so there is no blame or victim and victimizer because metaphorically speaking you did it to yourself if you are part of the one consciousness just experiencing life with your memory erased. So in this way you claim your energy back, address that energy so you no longer give off that frequency that attracts those things into your life. And there by you control and take responsibility for your energy. Because if you are caught up in the blame game, you are giving control of your energy to someone else. And so you are not in control of your hologram.

People do bad things, but they act out according to their belief or understanding, and so act according to that nature of what they believe to be true. So the notion of evil is in a sense just categorizing something to make you create separation.

A shark is not evil but it eats to survive. Its running on a program in its mind to survive it must consume, because its the way things work on this planet, they run in reverse. Some people run on this program because it is how they believe they understand this world to survive. it doesnt mean you become best friends with them, but by acknowledging the same potential exists in you, and that there is some energy you give off that they read or are attracted to, you begin to take responsibility and claim your energy back, so it will not be controlled by someone else.

Its in a way what the money system is about. Money is not real, its just paper, but they make people believe its is something important so they expend their energy and lives working to accumulating it. So in a way the financial system although we cannot exist outside of it, just as we cannot exist outside of this 3d world currently, is to control and harvest peoples energy. Because the money itself is useless paper. Its the energy and the potential of people they harnass to create the lives the ones controlling it want.

its why they say what you own, owns you.

TillToTheWhen: It's funny, because I totally

It's funny, because I totally agree and understand every word that you write....yet I am still in this place where I'm at. You make it sound so easy! But it's really more to it than just practicing what you say. There are forces of "Evil" within us who try to hold us back from finding our path...and maybe they are outward forces as well, but I look at it as being a heck of a challenge!

TillToTheWhen: Also, unfortunately for me, I

Also, unfortunately for me, I am kind of "brain damaged" from all the past drug I seem to be one of the unfortunate ones who learns the same lessons, over and over and over again. I guess this was part of my journey though. Who knows, maybe I'll need to come back here again. Maybe (hopefully) I won't. I wish you the best as well, I know you're also fighting your own "demons" as you admitted. But you seem to be definitely on the right path and I think you'll be fine if you practice what you've said as well.

pasqualie: As for Going into the Light, thats the lie

You know hollywood is in bed with the illuminati, and they put out messages and signals through hollywood to milab the masses.

And the illuminati works on the law of opposites, examples of this the war on drugs creates more drug users, the war on poverty creates more poverty. Even charitable organizations take money from the people who can least afford it based on guilt, and pockets most of the time 90 percent of what they take in. In worst case they send 1 percent to the cause, in best case 25 percent.

Its the same thing with hollywood, they make shows like ghostwhisperer telling you to go into the light. Well at least for me, that is enough to tell me not to go into it. I'll be turning around and walking in the opposite direction of where the light is.

pasqualie: Anything you resist

Its some belief you have. so if you feed emotions to it when the ego acts up, you are feeding it energy. So you get to keep it because it grows, and you are hanging onto it.

The ego is telling you to hang onto it and resist it, say no to it. Think of it as a hot coal in your hand, ego telling you to hang onto it to feel safe. When in reality you release it by giving yourself love and giving what ever you are resisting love and letting it go with the exhale breath.

So you just give yourself love, get a place where you feel good, and then look at what you are releasing, and you release it on the exhale breath.

Also while you go through the process, you will be essentiallly going through emotions of all spectrum until you decide you are all in. If you have one foot in and one foot out, you will feel like you are going crazy. You just have to get into a place where you do not judge anything going on, and you just release it. Because if you resist that feeling inside you, then anything you resist persists because you think about it all the time, and you get to keep it. it only changes when you change from the inside first. The mirror can only reflect back to you what is inside you. As you judge less, those things hold less and less power over you. And so you learn to direct control and focus your awareness.

pasqualie: What it is doing is

Getting you to be present in the moment, and not live in the past or future.

pasqualie: The suffering or lack

is an illusion you have created. rules set up so you can feel good. when you get rid of that illusion truly, its when things change. but as long as you are emotionally charged or attached to it, it stays.

its basically the rule that says i cant be happy or love myself until i have this, when you arrive at i am happy with what is state, then that rule has been dissolved and so there is no need for it to create or manifest those things into your life, because that lens which you view life through has been broken. Only by hanging onto those fears and lack, do you hang onto those energies, and draw the circumstances, people and events that are drawn to that energy.

As I said before the woman who is in an abusive relationship, through belief or energetically she will attract someone else who is drawn to that energy, and so she will go into a series of abusive relationships until she realizes this, and changes it.

Its why even in movies, you see actors playing a role walking down the streets in not great neighborhoods. One guy tells the other to not look or appear vulnerable or afraid. Because the gangs target people who are vulnerable and wont fight back. So they look and read the energies of the people walking down the street when they decide who to target.

pasqualie: Its not destroying it

its cleansing it so it does not control you. ego is apart of you, its like cutting out your stomach, you need your stomach. So you need to cleanse it and integrate it with yourself so you are complete. right now as with most people on this planet there is an imbalance where ego controls. so you have to cleanse and merge the left and right, or dark and light to transmute it.

TillToTheWhen: Well today I didn't wake up

Well today I didn't wake up at 11:11 but it was still syncrhonicity again because I woke up at 10:49 (if you notice, that is 11 mins away from 11 o clock....and then another 11 mins away from 11:11 so 1111 regardless! lol and the date today happens to be 11/11....and the year is the "7" year and if you add up 22+7 it equals 29........ hopefully nothing significant will happen today.

pasqualie: I had a dream as well which i remembered

just before I woke up, 4 numbers flashed in my mind so i would remember them at the end of my sleep. They were 1 1 1 1, rare because I dont dream numbers.

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