Symbols of how I perceive time, memories, dreams, and reincarnation.

by Fromdahbush on August 3rd, 2018

1st image: time, memories, and dreams.

The line through the middle is "you", the triangle is life, the horizontal lines are infinite alternate realities, the circle around it all is your connection to everything and the ability to travel into those alternate realities. Whether it be in your dreams, through memories, "day dreaming", or those who go beyond with an open mind.

2nd image: Reincarnation

The center is the taurus, pulling in new while simultaneously expelling old. The rings around and through the center show the cycles "path". The intact grey circles entering and exiting the taurus, are us as souls (the body is just the vessel).

As we die, the energy (soul) doesn't just disappear in to nothing. It is reused and recycled, into a new soul. The good stays intact and the bad gets exspelled.

When we are brought back into the cycle, the good naturally attracts the bad. (positive and negatives of a magnet for instance) Causing a balance between the two. (Ying Yang-without evil there can not be good). Hence why we all have good and bad in us all. It is up to you to choose which path to follow.

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western_yogi: this is actually interesting

your first picture remind me of the philosophers stone picture from the side instead of the top down.


the 2nd picture is actually a toroid as you suggest but in reality it symbolize the healed unified heart chakras of one who is in unity consciousness.

you see to heal one must connect all the chakras back through the heart chakra. in the traumatized state of polarity and separation in this matrix the chakras have been separated from the heart chakra. so to heal one must connect the other chakras back to the heart chakra. the soul over life times has fragmented into parts that you have disowned or have been taken from you, so you must call back those fragments and cleanse them and reintegrate them back into you to become whole. once you have unified the chakras with the heart chakra and completed soul reintegration, you are ready to leave the duality matrix behind. until you have done this you are stuck in the duality matrix.

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