Swallow This 'Password' Pill to Unlock Your Digital Devices!

The PINK Pill is Finally Here! And what is able to do for You! It seems like every other day we read about some far-out, new technology that makes us scratch our heads and say, "What the heck?" In this series, we'll take a look at all types of crazy new gadgets, apps and other technologies -- and the entrepreneurs dreaming them up.

Forget concocting long, complicated passwords to protect your digital devices and the precious information you access on them. They’re too easy for hackers to crack and for you to forget. Just pop Motorola’s edible “authentication vitamin” pill and you can literally become the password.

Becoming a living, breathing human password is really the big idea behind the telecom company’s controversial swallowable electronic pill. A quick soak in your gastric juices turns the pioneering pill on, triggering it to transmit an 18-bit, EKG-like signal from your insides. The ingestible micro computer’s (thankfully silent) signal would then automagically unlock your smartphone and other gadgets. Yes, you’ll actively be your very own password beacon for as long as the pill is still inside of you.
And you thought external wearables were all that.

Regina Dugan, former director of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and current senior vice president of Motorola’s cutting-edge special projects team, is an outspoken champion of the pill, and of making the authentication process more human overall. At an event last year, Dugan said that once the tablet is swallowed, it basically turns you into a cyborg. Well, kind of.

“It means that my arms are like wires, my hands are like alligator clips — when I touch my phone, my computer, my door, my car, I’m authenticated in. It’s my first super power. I want that.”

Too bad the pill, developed with help from ingestible tech leader Proteus Digital Health, isn’t available for purchase just yet, despite successfully winning FDA approval. Dugan claims it’s “medically safe” enough to take up to 30 times a day every day.

In these early days, many questions remain. How much will it cost? Will you need a prescription to get it? Does it really stop emitting a signal upon, um, elimination?

Like it or not, ingestible transmitters like these are here to stay and we’re going to see a lot more of them. Pharmaceutical giants like Otsuka and Novartis have teamed up with Proteus to embed medications with sensors that will automatically tip doctors off to how well their patients’ bodies respond to meds. They’ll collect and stream real-time data like skin temperature, heart rate and who knows what else.

Want a close-up look at Motorola’s small but mighty password pill? Here's a video, via Slate:

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bluesbaby5050: Some Realistic Questions to Add to the Pink Pill Agenda..

Some questions you will have to ask yourself.... What do I do when I buy any new Smart Phone of any Style, and have to activate it? How will I be able to adjust it to my needs? What will I do when my new gadgets break down? What will I do when I loose my new Gadgets? What will I have to do? Keep a steady supply of Prescription of Pink Pills to use JUST IN CASE? What will I do IF MY NEW PRESCRIPTION of Pink Pills Expire, and they are OUT DATED FOR USE, and I still have more left? Will my health insurance cover all this, or just some portion of this? Geech will they answer all these questions, and will they also have them all solved before they are put on the market? And I bet you can think of some more.

bluesbaby5050: And on this same note of questions to THE PINK PILL AGENDA......

Here's a BIG question, and Will they answer it? What else does this Pink pill DO WHEN IT'S DIGESTED INTO YOUR BLOOD STREAM, AND TRAVELS ALL THOUGH THE HUMAN BODY? Will it also have any COVERT OPERATIONS TO PERFORM THAT THE CONSUMER ISN'T AWARE OF? I would THING HARD about this before I indulge in this passing fancy for the UN-aware person. MY personal choice is NOT to take any pills at all! Our bodies are awesome, and they can cure them selves with the human brain power. Humans need to wake up from their Trance, and not to be fooled by falling for those passing fads from the " Shadow of Evil" when it raises it's Ugly Heads to Prey on Mankind. (spend your money wisely).

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