The Surreal Reality that you all live in!

by edisonik on November 9th, 2010

It is like a Movie your lives as you travel through the Time & Space Continueum , you are a part of the God Conciousness, all 6.7 Billion of you humans. You are the experience and as you travel and experience wether it is extreme Happiness or extreme Misery , extreme Good or extreme Evil you are all Part of the different Masks on the Same Face.
When Evil excels Good rises to the occasion to Out do Evil , like the flows in the Ocean Currents so too the Forces of Light and Dark.
When there is an inbalance the Almighty God creates the Awsome Power to Correct the Imbalance. I sense a Great Correction is coming for there is too much Evil and the Correction will be abrupt those who do Evil will get a huge wake up call.

This won't even happen by the people but by the Eternal One, the Ancient Spirit is around the Earth right now as I post this , this force has been known to destroy Star Systems and it is around the Earth. It is deciding what to do next, Earth has been spared and I was crying.
The Ancient One decided to spare Earth, but I really feel sorry for those that have been hurting humanity, they are in really big trouble, even the reptilians are shaking in their claws.
This never happens, Great things will come so be proud and happy for your lives, Hope is still alive friends. Hope is here.
Your personal Stories will never end for you are infinity.
The Future will be in your hands the people of Earth.

May Good Aliens died defending your right to Exist , they believe in you maybe you should start believing in yourselves also.

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