The New 2013 SUPERMAN is very Intriguing and very Creative. The Movie talks about Extraterrestrials, Terra Forming Manchines, Super beings who think they are greater than Humanity.
Genocide , Morality, Conscience and the Battle between the Forces of Good and Evil.

This Movie basically Discloses what has been hidden by Governments for Decades, "WE ARE DEFINATELY NOT ALONE!", and that is a clear message to you the Viewer.

If you get the chance Watch the Movie SUPERMAN 2013.

Hollywood always finds a way to disclose the ET's the Dog that resembles Sirius and Superman , the Superbeings that come from Sirius in the form of Images in the Movie Superman.

Very Creative Indeed.

YOUTUBE: Man of Steel Official Trailer #3 2013 Superman Movie [HD]


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bluesbaby5050: Gee Edisonik, this same Topic came about just Yesterday......

When I was talking about how Lord Annu77 keeps telling us in this forum, how Movies Mimics Real Life, and what is being hidden by our Shadow/Secret Governments, and what they have been / are doing behind our backs. I Plan to view this movie completely when it comes out. I am sure it will give out a lot more information to the people. I hope to see you around more often. I love you. Take care. BB5050.

ShockRah Zulu: I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you edi... I saw this movie the past weekend and was amazed at just how much subliminal content was crammed in! I thought it was neat how they described krypton becoming disconnected with nature (artificial births) which was what eventually caused their demise.. Also thought it was cool how Kal-El's DNA held the genetic info for his WHOLE RACE. I think there definitely was some disclosures (on the sly of course)

Ecbra de Oaoj: ei, Iron Man...

we indeed... love Holiwwod and you... but... just some; words to you... remember please...

in your last film... we know you are a playboy and... arrogant. i some matter but...

first; not all sulamericanos... are; stupids. in politic mind. maybe you need... learn. more. about... and you are.. luck! good times... and

meanly; are you serving... a president that defend tons of oil in gulf? we hear it in midleletters in film?

if yes... you will stay with face of... sucker. inf ront of... Superman... Thor... Hulk and...





Tarheel: Everything happens for a reason.

Coincidence does NOT exist.
I'm on board, Edi.
I say "Lettre de cachet" for all New World ODOR goons.

HebrianDaniel: its just a movie. why the

its just a movie. why the director should hint anything about reality?

Tarheel: Foreshadowing, perhaps Brotha HD.

Maybe to give us a glimpse of what THEY'RE privy to.

Tarheel: Always hold onto your life's lessons. - Superman

Again, One of the worst sins of age is to forget the trials of Youth.

bluesbaby5050: Aging has Nothing to do with Forgetting Events,Neither A SIN!

What Does Matter Most is HOW A PERSON AGES. So did the person Abuse their Body with Drugs, and Alcohol, or did they Lead a Clean, Purposeful Life? If a person has Great Genes/ DNA then they have a better chance to Live a Healthy Long life. It is in our DNA Lord Annu77 always Reminds us. Humans were Meant to Live Long Life Spans he said.

HebrianDaniel: my tought about movies is

my tought about movies is most of them are basted on story books and based on real event that happend in the past.

bluesbaby5050: This is true HD............

Because, before there was movies, there was books first to RECORD events. Now we have movies to do this same thing. Most people prefer to watch a movie then read a book, because they may not be good readers, and this could be the reason why. Also, watching a movie is alot easier then reading a book, and it takes less time too.

Quinton: I finally saw the movie

I finally saw the movie yesterday and really enjoyed it.

There were a few interesting things that I picked up.

1. His name is Kal-El. He is from the House of El.

2. Kal-El was 33 years old when he was at his prime saving humanity on Earth, the same age as the savior God Jesus.

Tarheel: Superman ROCKS

CK/Superman is THE penultimate superhero, bar none.

Did you pick up that his father, Jor-El is a master geneticist ? Or, that Jor-El is at odds with his brother Zor-El? Kinda has the En Ki /EnLiL slant to it.

Quinton: Yes I did. I was thinking the

Yes I did. I was thinking the same thing the whole way through. Very interesting movie :)

nivine: better late than never :d

I actually I see 2 things:
most of the movies released, especially the most popular ones, the government will keep an eye on.. Simply bz such movies can effect or not mostly the entire world.
So here we are not talking about famous actor or director knowing a truth and they want to give people hints. We are talking about a huge crowd fans worldwide!

But this is not my main point..
What I'm trying to point is that, they know that the contents of the story is true, and they agreed on its release just bz they simply know no one take movies seriously. And if some people managed to see the hints, they have no right to accuse the government, bz simply again the government will reply that movies can't be taken seriously..
The information released was intended.. Bz I know the hints are true, but what they are trying to show people that no matter what happens.. The good overcome the bad. Which is exactly Thats the point bz it's totally opposite in reality, the bad powers are destroying everythin in a disguised manner.
But ofcourse no matter what we really believe the good overcomes the bad.. But to them, the bad always win and they are the ultimate power
I've got a question for u guys!
all the stars do the sign of illuminati watching eye, and the concept behind it is so true.. They werent afraid to leak such a behavior, bz simply they want it to be there in a form that people will accept it as acting like their favorite star and nothing else.. So the government got what they want in the easiet way..
It's not always that the truth is hidden, sometimes placing it exactly infront of ur eyes is the perfect way to turn it into a lie or make people doubt it..Bz people will never think that the truth will be so obvious and infront of them

I used to play a game when I was young.. The main point is when uve got the cards that will make u win.. Uve got to make any sign for yr partner to let him know that.. Without drawing attention, bz if ur opponents saw u, they have the right to stop u.. If I managed to give him any sign while they are watching me.. He must directly say at loud " got u"
What I actually did.. Is when I knew Ive got the cards.. I looked at him infront of them, and I told him.. "Say got u"
He did it and we wone.. Just bz they were never expecting that I will tell him directly what to Do and infront of them without using any sign....they heard me but didnt stop me.. They were trying to convince themselves to believe or not.. While in the mean time I wone..
Damn I sound like grandpa..Talking about old stories that no one is interested in :p
I'm sorry guys for this super duper silly story.. But just forget wat u heard and take only the theme :d

Crackdown: Ways of disguising the truth, used to hide the real stuff...

Yes, you are correct about that. There are many tactics. For example, if you want to hide something about aliens, you could just make a movie, and that will flood the internet with a lot of shit. Perhaps, the xenomorphs and yautja (predators) are real, according to some info from Omegle - but the Internet is full of stupid fan art and it is nearly impossible to find something serious

nivine: my bad .__.

Sorry for the inconvenient introduction of my comment.. This journal I just typed is definitely not I actually see only 2 points.. These sound like a 100 points .__.
My bad

nivine: Guys thank u for ignoring me :p

I'M really looking forward for ur comments, I just wana be sure if its a non-logic interpretation..
I doubt everything I say, But u guys made me even doubt more .__.

Peace :d

Tarheel: "Above all else to thine own self be true."

Don't over-think things or try to read anything into lack of responses.Don't try to read between the lines, Niv. People here are cool but sometimes are limited to their own agenda, sometimes it's a time thing and sometimes it's a tim-ING thing. . You don't have to be self-conscious.

Everything is cool. And don't ever doubt yourself. You know the divine within and should stay true to yourself.

nivine: well I think I've been mis-understood

First, I was pointing to 2 or 3 people for the reply and definitely not for everyone

Second of all, its not About doubting myself at all, its bz we always used to correct each other.. I thought this is the strategy already between the ones that got along each other the most , but later I realized it's not. So mainly bz I this is the concept we followed at the very beginning, discussing, doubting, and convincing each other,, guess it was momentary
Do u think if I was serious About the comments I did later.. I would write them in a public post and with smiley faces, and even doubt myself in that way ? I could easily inbox the ones that im concerned with.
I repeat again, the first comment I did on this page was to those that negotiated about it and which Im already along with them..
I apologize for any inconvenience, things definitely didnt mean the way it showed
My bad!

nivine: And one more thing

If i really took things in that manner, i would have acted the same when i asked to discuss about the royal family occult-ed numbers
So simply my intention right here was following the discussion, and not asking for a discussion!
Anyways.. its not worth any further discussion on this
The main point is well understood and ur definitely right! i much appreciate ur concern

Peace :d

nivine: Oh finally a reply :d

yeah exactly!
I just thought of it as a way of confusing or mental distraction, so we won't be able to even analyze what could be possibly true and what is not!
I really appreciate ur comment, thank u for ur concern
Peace :D

Crackdown: About the lack of replies...

Perhaps, your question was not stated clearly enough through your message (usually, a question means some sentences with a question mark) and I had to re-read it a couple of times for better understanding. Also, sometimes people just read but do not reply. A clear example of this is my article about Ki energy - it got almost one thousand views, but no replies; meanwhile, the post about alien chat got 20+ comments for the same amount of views. The introduction of "Like/Dislike" system, the way of showing your opinion without having to express it, was a great idea - because often I agree with a speaker, but just do not have anything valuable to add

nivine: My bad .__.

Im just new here, and im not used to how things work :d...And no I'm not expecting that people got anything but to read my comment and reply! or even like. There are thousands of comments, it will take like forever :d
i was just expecting ''agree or disagree'' as an answer.. bz i really got confused and i wanted to know if I'm on the right track of thinking or I'm just a girl that is hallucinating :d i can change that..
Anyways I definitely agree with u..and thank u for making things clearer

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