The Sun and its recent activity

By now a lot of people here at least know that the sun has always had the potential of throwing a flare at the earth and wiping out all of it's electrical equipment and rendering it useless. Now more than ever it has the increasing chance to do so as the earth works to place its new poles as from what I have read it severely weakens the magnetic field while placing its poles, and that magnetic field is what keeps the flares at bay. And it certainly doesn't help that one of the biggest sun spots on the sun we live off of today is pointed directly at earth. That being said yes, it is another scenario of the cliche that the world ends. However, it is false and is only the world of social networking, the end of paying taxes, the end of electric equipment transportation.

Honestly this would the easiest "disaster" the world needs right now. Yes, people chained to this world in life support systems would become deceased, yes people in transit at the time it all goes dark (if it goes dark) would have a bumpy ride to say the least, it would even cause nuclear power plants to fail and you know the ending to that story. But after the initial shock, people would learn to rely and trust one another at that point. People would learn "hey I need to actually do something instead of paying and pushing buttons to do that" In my opinion it get humanity on its feet again, literally.

That out of the way I'm going to share a few things:

First: The main stream American media is getting prepared for such an event by starting a show dedicated to such a thing happening.

Second: I'd like to clarify a few things before you do this. I'm giving the instructions on how to see this because pictures now a days when posted from an individual can be photo shopped very easily. Also, I am not saying these are aliens, but they certainly are not rays and space junk...
Start by going to . This site from my understanding is dedicated to looking at the sun and monitoring its activity in many different spectrums.

Locate the menus on the upper left of the site..
Proceed to type in for the time 13:19:41, and the date 2012/05/03 and hit enter. You will notice...something..on the top of the sun. People claim it is a ship.

Next, for the date enter 2012/05/02 and the time 19:15:40, for the OBSERVATORY use STEREP-B, INSTRUMENT use SECCHI, for DETECTOR use COR1.
Look towards the lower left a little ways outside the sun, again I'm not saying its aliens but it is not rays or rocks.


Tarheel: Crig, do you remember Edisonik's post about this ?

There are Benevolent Beings helping divert the Sun's damaging flares/CMEs away from Mother Earth.

I'm not sure how much they can help, but I do know they are trying to "spare" Earth from the brunt of the damage.

I tried your link and it was dead, or inoperable maybe by THEIR choice !

Look at my avatar. It looks like a ship sucking a CME dry from The Sun (to me,at least) which is why I will use it for a while.

Also, ALL WEEKEND long, I have seen TV promo spots for a program called "Falling Skies", and all they talk about is "Humanity battling The Evil ETs and never giving up". It is a TNT drama produced byu Steven Spiuelberg. All I could think about is "the CONSTANT campaign aganist ETs that Hollywood has been on since last year" , it seems like.

That TV promo paints all ETs as totally EVIL and Humanity as vulnerable and all the govts as helpful. What a JOKE ! It's so easy to see through their BS, and I cannot believe that Spielberg is Cabalist/Illuminati/NWO leaning here, unless he didnt know how "THEY" would spin it. It certainly looks like the govt is participating in the promotion. It's hard to believe he/SSpielberg wouldnt know. He's gotta know. Maybe he forgot that fans buying tix and movie passes are what helped him get where he is. ...maybe. I'm just deflated that he would participate.

Crigitine: I am not sure what by choice

I am not sure what by choice means, it was a trailer of a show coming soon called revolution on NBC if the link is dead. The proxy I used to get on the site broke so I can't link it now. I post this from my phone. People know that electricity is not the only form of energy. It would not be instant but people would get around it. People would adjust in time, but most importantly true worth would show its face. Money is only "worth" when it's backed by gold. And sheep can't even produce a reason why gold is worth anything. The most abundant answer I have been given is that it's rare and not easily reproduced. It has virtually no outstanding value in an industry other than not rusting and being easily broken down and put back together. That it's "shiny". That is borderline idol worship at that point.

If suddenly the world went black the entire world would be unplugged at that point. It would be the birth of a new age. Instead of refereeing to ancient civilizations we would forge a new beginning, that golden age. Suddenly everyone would be "wealthy" because at that point there be no wealth. It's scary to think about because at that point there are millions of scenarios that could be carried out. Suddenly no debt, no immediate way of contacting people, no supermarkets full of gmo's on every product.

Tarheel: There was no underlying message, mY bRUTHA.

I just meant...maybe they are under pressure NOT to show it or have it available...esp if it IS ETs or Alien craft, etc.

In fact, maybe someone else could access the data. I could not.

We r cool, Crig . I promise ya.

Crigitine: I I thought you meant the youtube video. Here is the site again if people want to see it.

I, uh, fistbump? What made it look like we were faltering? :P

Tarheel: Yes, Fist-Pump !

I got thru!

"The break is STRAIGHT,DEEP and WIDE. Break on through to The Other Side."~JIm Morrison

meb1974: A colossal coronal mass

A colossal coronal mass ejection is what this planet really needs. IT WILL SET US FREE!!!!!

Son of Leod: I agree

Nice job Brother Crit. Good info on this page

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