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Annunaki77: Do you hate Enki Terran R?

I don't hate you. But you hate the Kods.
Learn to be more Loving, and have respect when you share your views among Kods. You are Intelligent put your Gifts to use for the betterment of Humanity.

Great Wisdom and knowledge is yours to Discover, for this Heresy Lord Enki was Punished. Free Will is considered Evil, Passion and Destiny also.
How can a Primitive Being be allowed to have the Gift of the Kods.
By Divine Right, that is what I say.


Peace and Harmony

Terran resistance: So im guessing

So im guessing you believe that the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are Enki's sperm, because it says so in the sumerian tablets.

Civilisations before the sumerians didnt believe in gods, because there isnt any. For example in Jainism.

I dont subscribe to your world view that there were gods in our ancient past, these were extraterrestrials

For example the word alien comes from the word Elyon which is hebrew for god.

There are no kods. I am my god.

Tarheel: TRs ideology is not THAT far away from ours .....

......on most topics. TR gets way lost when it comes to EnLiL and Enki and their legacies. TR starts arguments for his own amusement. He is terribly misguided.
"Forgive him Father, for he knows NOT what he does." I think there may be some good in him, but I will let Anu77 n Edi determine that. He remains in the "delusional penalty box" until further notice from his Masters.

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