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Terran resistance: -


Terran resistance: your so easy to wind up

no challenge at all


HebrianDaniel: i have no more god because im

i have no more god because im no 1 god and no god will try rule me and
force me to worship me. im no slave

bluesbaby5050: Correct H/D!

YOU are your own Master! Slave to NO ONE!

Annunaki77: Good Work to Free Humanity

Now remember what I taught you, remember that only the Few will Understand.
The many will become Food for the Kods.
Do not become Food , but Learn from my teachings and become Powerful Kods yourselves by not going into the Light when your time comes to enter the Afterlife. Those who follow the Light in the Dark tunnel will reincarnate back to Earth and be subjected to abuse again.

Turn away from the Light back to the Dark Space and search for your Star in space and reincarnate there, away from this Reptilian Net.


There you go, I have just given you the key to your Destiny.
And I didn't even ask you for any money or any pledge.
I give it freely because Freedom is my Currency of Choice.

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