Is the Sumerian god Enki buried on the face on Mars?

John the Baptist and the story of him losing his head to king Herod is a story about the head (face) on Mars. So is the story if Isis losing her head to the ancient Egyptian god Horus

Look at the similarities between John the Baptist with the lamb of god and the Sumerian god Enki with the lamb of god.

Contactee Alex Collier makes the claim that the Sumerian god Enki was killed by his brother Enlil and is buried on the face on mars.

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bluesbaby5050: YES! is actually buried UNDER the face ...........

Face on Mars along with the ancient King Alalu of Niberu that was exiled by the King Anu after which they had hand to hand combat with each other in the palace. This is a Tomb. The face is actually the face of Alalu, wearing his helmet. This was build in honor of Alalu, because he was king of Niberu before Anu became king, and also because he was the first king of Earth. This ancient history is all explained in detail on this site.

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