Suicide? Worst way to entrap your soul or a Fuck You! to the controlers

by BamfOttO on November 8th, 2016

So not that I am I suicidal person, I deeply love life, most people think otherwise, but most people don't think at all. The fact that the general consensious is that these controlling powers are in it to some how gain our energy out puts, and from what I can research death is the only region they can't control us. We are trapped in this 3rd dimension and our only complete escape is death? I understand the act of suicide is horrible. I have had close friends kill themselves and I didn't understand it, but I had empathy for their pain. There souls were twisted and warped by this twisted matrix of control and materialism. This brain wash of failure and worthlessness. The fact that I don't feel this as much as most cause I think I peak behind the curtain when I can and most never approach it is the same reason why they think I am the depressed one. They think I am sad or lost cause I ask questions, cause I always want change and a better world, the fact I can't just follow the lemmings off the cliff. I still can empathise with those who don't, and could see why the bombardment could be just much. In that situation the soul and universe are unnaturally seperarated and in disharmony. That will result in a long "purgatory" and stall the transition into the next realm. This being said, if A person open to the knowledge that these beings are after us as a power source if we then disconnect ourselves from this power source through suicide, would we then also destroy our "aftersefs"? I understand this is not the best way, but enough detach and they can not get us in the 4th dimension, then when their power is too low that we can gain back our former selfs? Maybe that is this underline human want of self destruction? This subconscious want to rid ourselves of our controllers?

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BenjaminFalkenrath: I rather like to speak

I rather like to speak hypothetically personally, as you may come to find there are some trolls on here.

But hypothetically speaking, If the only way to truly disconnect one's self is to terminate one's life on this plane. Then how are we able to guide our selves, back to our HIGHER selves...

Without getting tangled up in the 4th Dimension shitheads, who are coming in-between us and our better life in our current and other side realms?

Because truth be told, this being said. IF we off our selves, we're giving into them.
If we're feeding them off of our energies then our anguish driven self termination. Is still food for them.
AN once we do die, be it accident, naturally, or otherwise. How can we ensure we won't run into them anyway? If they're in control, then they control this too?

If this is the case the you're not even free upon death. An the only way you are free is when you realize YOU either let them CONTROL YOU. Or you Tell them to fuck off!

When you consciously make the shift to let it all go. Imagine your line of light is unobstructed and incapable of being intercepted by ANYONE other than your HIGHER SELF.

Hell, this is easier SAID THAN DONE. I am as well as (We're) ALL ARE still working on this!
But, I don't think it is impossible....

But we do need to find a way. An we can, and we will.
Me, I'm weighed down by my past.
My lives before haunt me. An I'm trying to get rid of that so it doesn't feed into the dark forces that try to dig their hooks back into me.
I've spent lifetimes trying to run, but it isn't about running from the problem. An killing your self is doing just that. I use to be labeled the depressed guy. The crazy one. Oh well, screw what people think!
Remember one thing... The being who already sees in their minds eye as they have one, will be the winner indeed. Be the winner.

BamfOttO: good post back, I was only

good post back, I was only shooting out a thought and you gave a well educated reply. I practice meditation, and I am not very good at it, so practice goes off and on. I also know that I have travelled into other realities in dreams. These are not normal dreams from what I have researched, they are total escapes from this reality, and when I return the confusion is just as odd as in the dream like I wake up their, but when I go into these trances like sleeps even my wife says that my body is "in another world" and she is not nearly as "enlightened" (for lack of a beeter word) as me.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Neat!

I try this, but normally when it happens, it just happens its hard for me to make it happen. But I have more memories from prior to this life than I do going out & exploring the Astral in my sleep state or meditation. I normally just write & clear my head when I meditate.

BamfOttO: I don't try to do it. Infact

I don't try to do it. Infact it seems very foreign and I get frightend

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