Why do we suffer? Some might say that we suffer because luck is not in our favor. But those of us who know better, realize luck is just a word used to describe the belief in an outside power or force which delivers either a favorable or unfavorable outcome beyond one's control. Now they text book definition varies from this however that is my overall take on it.

Further more, why do we suffer? An why do some believe in luck? Well, one needs to understand what both are in order to grasp why we have either. First of all, people suffer. No if ands or butts about it. People suffer. An you may argue that people suffer because they have self fulfilling prophecies and bring it on them selves. Well, that is only one for of suffering an shouldn't be an over generalized statement to suffering as a whole.

There are different reasons why we suffer. Not all, are the works of our own individual selves. In fact, sometimes we literally have no control over the outcome of our situation. Take for instance you are in your car and someone pulls right out in front of you, you can't stop. You neck gets broken. You suffer. You're suffering at the hands of someone else.

Other times we project negative energies and we draw that kind of actions into our lives. We do have control over much more than we give our selves credit for; however without suffering. How could we learn or how could we appreciate the time when we are not in pain and suffering.

Like anything, there is a balance. We have choices, we make moves, we take risks, and then there is the outcome. Either way we choose how to react to it. Sometimes we suffer. Sometimes we're in bliss. No matter what, we will suffer from time to time. The point is, in these times, to step back, and think. Can I change my frame of mind? Can I view this differently? No one can avoid suffering but we all can certainly choose how to deal with it.

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