Stroke Patient Hears Doctors Discuss Organ Donation

This is SICK, and this man is NOT even cold/dead yet! Link:

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bluesbaby5050: And that's because of the

BIG BUSINESS of SELLING, and even Stealing people's Organs though Kidnappings. Big money, Big Crimes being Committed. Not all organs are Donated by the families, or by sick, and injured people in those hospitals. Trafficking in humans is BIG Business, and UN-Known to some people, both on this planet, and Off this planet, because we humans are a resource to be sold, and dissected for our DNA, our Blood, and for our Organ parts. This is also happening to all human- kind though out this galaxy/universe. We are to them, just like their Lab-Rats, and Guinea-Pigs. We are so much more then this!

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