Are you living up to your expectations?

Are you living for someone else’s expectations?

Are you afraid of what your expectations are?

Are you afraid that if you live to your expectations you will let those you care about down?

Are you putting in the time necessary to expect growth?

Are you growing?

There are generally three types of people on this earth: Persons who have wishes and want to be given everything (commonly say… “If only I had or coulda, shoulda”), the second group are persons who have dreams but are too afraid to reach for them, and the third group are the champions chasing their dreams despite all odds and obstacles.

If you aspire for greatness then you have to put in the time to achieve greatness. What are you doing with your time? When is the last time you looked at the ‘closet’ of your life and tossed out the items or tendencies not working for you? I guarantee that if you take the time today you will be able to identify something that is wasting your time or something that is holding you down. You have to run your life like a business. From a business perspective of life, time is your most important asset. Nothing on this world can be achieved without ‘time’. Put the time in…and impossible is nothing.

Another good question to ask yourself, with regards to your time being spent, is ‘how does this action make me feel’? After reading the website you check daily….how do you feel upon exiting? After watching the news report you check daily….how do you feel upon its completion? Whatever daily tasks are dominating your ‘day’ ….I am advising you take some time to evaluate their effect on you and also ask yourself if they are a necessary function to improve your life? Are you surrounding yourself with the atmosphere and information needed to succeed? Do you listen to motivational videos or read spooky books at night?

Everything is information…..the only difference is how it is coded….look over the information you are taking in and make sure it is all helping you towards your goal/goals.

If you are stressed…..which hopefully you are not….but if you are, try to answer the questions above and discern where your stress is coming from. Once you identify the source of your stress you can take the steps needed to remove the roots of it from your lifestyle.

Stress is an intangible object….just like fear….these things don’t exist unless you create them for yourself.

Be strong and keep digging.

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I shall reach in my treat bag for this post.
"If the illusion is real, let them give you a ride.
If they've got thunder & appeal-let them be on your side.
Let the good times roll !"

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