This is rare, and mysterious, and this an Intriguing Enigma of Atmosphere Fluid Dynamics, OR JUST PLAIN WEIRD weather patterns we are having lately, according to the Meterological Society. These clouds are called Mammatus Clouds, and they form when ice crystals form, and fall from the " Cumulonimbus Cloud's Anvil. These clouds appeared over Michigan, and over Wisconsin this past Monday Night. Could the strange weather the USA is experiencing in many different parts of the country lately, be because of the use of HAARP being directed to those areas of the country, and this is the REAL CAUSE OF ALL THIS UN-USUAL weather we are experiencing this time of year? This weather is causing extreme heat in the west, and mid-west, with droughts, while it is raining above normal in other parts of the country for this time of year. Crops planted in the spring is unable to grow to harvest time, and these crops are either drying up to dust, or is just laying soaked in the grounds rotting. I do believe we are being attacked by way of our food sources. This is also happening in other parts/ locations of this planet. Such as in the UK, and in wide areas of Africa too. People are forced into starvation on purpose. And Guess WHO is at the Helm of it all? There are OVER 72 HAARP'S in different locations all over this planet, and they are all in working order!! We are being PLAYED THE HAARP! And this THEY want to keep SECRET from all of us, as if we can't figure this Scam out.

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bluesbaby5050: In my INTIRE LIFE...........

I have NEVER seen this type of clouds formation! This looks really strange INDEED! They look like eggs ready to fall with some kind of strange life forms inside of them! The more you look at them, the weirder they become! This is just my opinion. What's Your Guess??

bluesbaby5050: And that's one .....

That's one Hell of a large Anvil up there holding all those huge Droplets.

Tarheel: Last year Anu77 said we'd have Mediterranean type weather....

....and so far, he's SPOT ON. If I remember correctly, Anu77 said we'd have this weather YEAR AROUND !
It is supposed to be 79 here tomorrow and usually it is mid-to-upper 90's + in July/August. Plus we've been having rain every couple of days vs mediocre drought (usually).

bluesbaby5050: Tell me about it!

In my region of the USA, we have been having temperatures in the mid 90's, not too bad, and heavy down -pours in a matter of seconds during the HEAVEY THUNDER, and LIGHTENING STORMS we have had LATELY! Water rises at a rapid rate, and sometimes without warnings.The lightening, and thunder storms are very strong this year, and powerful too, and this is UN- likely for my region this time of year even. We have had an un-usually rainy spring this year. Winter lasted longer then usual too. Our planting season was late also. DONE ON PURPOSE, I AM SURE!!

Phaminator: Same here.

As some of you guys already know where I live, my city tends to rain a fair to large amount throughout the year (except summer) but I find it strange that early-mid spring acts like summer since spring is supposed to be fairly rainy rather than sunny for almost a month with no rain. Heck, it was a lot warmer compared to 2012 spring!

Tarheel: We'll have to petition EnKi about The Weather.

Weather (meteorology) is one of his many hats.

Naveed123: Truthcontrol

The site called truthcontrol is finally the way of the control of the truth

Tarheel: Are you new, or am I just noticing you here?

Either way, "Welcome aboard", Naveed123.

Yes, many Truths endure here.

Tim Lovell: I saw a picture of these

I saw a picture of these clouds in a cloud book recently so they do occur naturally just listed under `unusual` dunno if it was HAARP tbh..

bluesbaby5050: Well, I saw these clouds on the Internet Science News........

And this was the report as I read it. I just wrote about it here as I had read it, and then I posted the presented picture along with it, because it was weird to me seeing them together like that, SO MANY, and SO HUGE compared to the power poles, and the transformer on the pole under them. ( for a size measurement).


In our weather, and this is well known now. HAARP also uses Sound Waves by increasing them to produce different clouds directed to a area of a low weather pattern/system to create certain weather types in areas in many countries. I DOUBT it is Mother Nature creating this. Mother Nature is very powerful, but she does not play games on a HAARP FOR OUR BENIFIT !

bluesbaby5050: We do not BENIFIT FROM HAARP......


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