Strange things going on in Poland

by szymo on March 27th, 2012

Hello people

My name is Szymon, I'm from Poland. Recently I noticed some strange activity in my country, suggesting, that many of the Poles are involved in mind control and manipulation. They are targeting me heavily, maybe I am some sort of thread to them. At work, on the street - it's like being stalked all the time. They are really good at it, but I am getting increasingly better in recognizing their attempts and actually having a little fun watching their tricks, which are not working any more. Nevertheless, I don't want to be groundless, a picture is worth a thousand words:

RFID shit at my place of work:

Lights on a tree - do you see what I see?

A spot for the Disney movie John Carter, polish TV:

Voice saying in background:

"You understand, you live, you don't understand, you are dead".

There's definitely something going on here, these fuckers are gathering for some reason. What do you think?

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Fal: RFID's as far as I know, can

RFID's as far as I know, can be used to trace you whenever you are within distance of anything that can receive or transmit the signal. Not cool, bro.

Also, the tree... what am I supposed to see? Cthulhu?

The video, more or less, says things that we say here. If you are blind to the things going on, you will die. If you see, then there is a chance you may survive the storm.

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