Strange Artifact Found On Mars Curiosity Photo, Can You Explain

100% Proof Life on The Red Planet Mars? Incredible Photos sent to me via email, of what looks to be a Strange Artifact Caught By the "Curiosity Rover" on Mars! Can You Explain This To Me? I have studied the UFO Phenomenon for over 10 years and will post here on Project UFOs. [You decide ].......
Discovery Of a Duck And 2nd Lizards Found On Mars, by NASA'S "Curiosity Rover". [ NOTICE THE SKY OF MARS, AND THE CLOUDS, AND THE PALE BABY BLUE SKY! ] We have been lied to all along! Our ancient history has been hidden from us for thousands of years by those to keep control over humans. Mars looks a lot like our own Sedona, Arizona on Earth. Mars was a lot like our own planet Earth before the ancient wars took place in our solar system that destroyed all life on planet Mars, and destroyed the planet Maldek, and this war had created the Van Allen Asteroid Belt when Maldek was blown up during that ancient war.

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cosmicstorm: The holes could probably be

A robot or mechanical object of some sort. Now the duck made my day ;}
Chicken on mars=

bluesbaby5050: I just post them....

It's always left up for you, and others to decide. You have to admit that the holes look just like piping, and not natural at all. As for the duck? I thought it was too blurry to really see anything positive , never mind being a duck, and the same for the blurry lizard too. And as for Your Chicken, it obviously was a faked Chicken on Mars, and taken on Earth in a place where it was rocky, and in a gravely area, and shot in Black, and white. Most imaging of Mars is in color now. PS: This film of the holes, and the building coming out of the mountain/pipes in solid objects are from Richard C. Hoagland's new footage, and has been discussed in public lectures with many other images taken on Mars as well. I didn't have the rest of them to post, I will in another post though, sorry.

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