Stewart Swerdlow on Isis wisdom Live Radio .

by Chris on October 25th, 2013

Information discussed in the interview. Kuipers belt aliens, illuminati, Draco reptilian, alien invasion, Blue Beam project, mind control and programming, world events, politics.

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Sky: Project Blue beam & implications with illuminati psyops

Chris your link I viewed all one hour and fifty some min. The interviewer Carrie Cassidy is as always a delight to hear((& see but not applicable to this radio to internet interview). PROJECT CAMOLOT IS SO IN THE KNOW so to speak. I found it impressive to put it mildly to see her interview Stewart Swardlow. Swardlow name is FAMILAR but now he is in my lexicon to say the least. I learned about PROECT BLUE BEAM INITIALLY FROM a retired professor Laurence Gallian. I highly recommend the reader for additional contextual reference if needed on the connection with it and the ILLUMINATI regarding future air show so to speak to destroy allien deniers that their mainline centers of cultural controls have discouraged other than recently by their mainline organ the CATHOLIC CHURCH.

The web site for Steward Swardlow is stated at the end of the interview. I had written a previous response at an alt location but lost the Texas message prior to posting so this is the second retyped post of the original attempt. Swardlow's site written on a manual post-it note for is at my home where I had tried my first post of this.

Thank you for the link. I am embarrassed to say I do not know how to give a link to LAURENCE GALLIAN ON PROJECT BLUE BEAM. I ENCOURAGE THE READER TO CHECK HIMOUT if additional supportive into on Project Blue Beam is needed.

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