Stewart A. Swerdlow - Iceland Caldera & The Reptilian Blow Out- video

by bluesbaby5050 on September 15th, 2014

Stewart A. Swerdlow - Iceland Caldera & The Reptilian Blow Out. Stewart A. Swerdlow delivers the inside scoop on the long dormant volcanos in Iceland coming to life, and the Montauk revelations regarding volcanos and the underground Reptilians. Stewart forewarned these events back in 2011, and he explains that reptilians can be found laying deep in the ground under volcanos around this planet in stasis for thousands of years where no one would think to find them, until the right conditions such as the volcanos becoming very active enough to revive the reptilians so that they will resurface to reclaim the earth with their hybrids.

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eevie: Hey, blues.....this guy is

Hey, blues.....this guy is full of shit....and Crowley.....and Aquino. Sex rituals together. They are using milabs, excuse me, forcing milabs to do sex rituals with them. Not a for real good guy, but a fake good guy. The truth quotient is not enough to sabotage your mind with, not worth it. Most of the "experts" are either now replaced with clones, or like Stewart, they pretend to be helping us, but they are not, they have an agenda. Sorry, sis.

bluesbaby5050: eevie you were recused.......

Because you serve a purposeas you had explaned to this forum a while back when you first joined TC, and you had explaned what your purpose was, and how you went about doing it, and you told us of your life history too. That's why you were on this forum again. I am one that had sent you an email remember this, and it was on another web site I saw you at, and that's when I did it. You know this is true.

bluesbaby5050: It's true, because you told us a day after you got back on TC...

That you could not remember the name of this web site. I saw you on that site, and I read what you had been experiencing since you left TC, and that's when I sent you an email, and I see that you got it after a rough time you had with the hacking of your pc you stated to us in your threads. Anyways, I was hoping to see you again, but I was not expecting to run into you while I was surfing the net. Glad to have you back on TC again :-)

eevie: on tc again

Thank you so very, very much. :) Time for me to be back. lol
I don't know how you found me, but i'm glad you did. For anyone not understanding how i could forget a site i am on. Happens all the time when your memories are screwed with. Almost 2 weeks ago i woke up with my head too sore to touch. More brain surgery correcting what milab has done to me. lol I still don't have my faculties back online 100%, but making it anyway. Took some memories, too.

eevie: other website

Which site did you find me on, Blues...:) I had no idea. I have left so many sites over the past year. So many are just wallowing in ways to make it in 3d instead of getting out of here. They don't want to hear the truth. Hell, i didn't either at first. But, once you awaken, even the tiniest bit, you can't let it go any longer.
I send messages to the obama clone. :) they are delivered to him. He has involved me in some of his fucking rituals thru milab. I don't want to be used to further their agenda. It is against everything i am. I want payback, i want revenge for everyone that has suffered under their sick depravity.

Tarheel: Finally !

I agree. It's all a bunch of Happy HorseShit (HHS) from disinfo-ers & people PRETENDING to be benevolent.

Anytime they or anyone uses FEAR to play on your emotions, your blinders/veil should drop. Fear is a DEAD GIVEAWAY !

There's Knowledge and there's the Illusion of Knowledge.
People aren't getting all the lessons taught to them by the empowered.
We've been warned about this, and some of us have been preaching against this for years. WTFU peeps !

bluesbaby5050: With Stew's background.......

Who's to say that he, and his wife are not clones too? They clone whole families and this is widely done. Just have a look at the Obama's, nd the Clintons, and the Bush's. That's the norm now a days. Even Dick Cheney is a clone, and the original man was killed by the reptilians, and he was tortured before they killed him in the most adbominal ways. They have been cloning people since the early 1930's. They perfected this thousands of years ago. It's in the ancient history after all. They just hate humans, and their own hybrids too. Dick Cheney and the others I mentioned were used, and then done away with as they all are, and their clones live on, and they just keep producing more as needed. And the reptilian kill off the hybrids as soon as they fill their usefulness to them. So you know they just void of any kind of human feelings at all. They kill their own kinds with no regrets.

eevie: clones

Even the ones of our genre, the most visible and heard, are now clones. Anyone listening to and following the speakers and authors are being fed disinfo. the truth quotient not enough to warrant listening to them.
So much shit is going down and threats of more shit. I am ready to walk away from it all. If i only could. :) I know i'm not the only one ready to leave them with it.

pasqualie: Dont know who they are or what their true intentions are

But anyone in general that uses fear porn, like cnn and fox, you know they are trying to control you in some manner. Thats the dead give away. The mind programming of fear of loss or safety, or helplessness.

eevie: they

=) They are the enemy. The ones we are up against in this war for souls, for the planet. It was the same enemy then that we have now. Fear porn is a large part of their arsenal. When what you hear grips your gut, then know it is just fear porn. When i hear their lies my gut knots up. Our bodies interpret what our hearts, spirits know. May be different language for everyone. Could be the gut, the heart, the head, etc. :) I am always aware of their machinations and lies, but i do not give those ass clowns my focus unless it is battle time.

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