Stewart Swerdlow ~ Blue Blood True Blood galactic history Lecture.

by Chris on October 25th, 2013

Stewart Swerdlow, in this lecture talks about the real history of planet earth and humanity. Many subjects are covered including the creation of blue blood elites (Illuminati) and new world order agenda. This is an excellent lecture that everyone should listen to

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Sky: Fascinating Lecture

The information he says is near identical from that taught by Laurence Gallian scholar of druidic and SEUFI mystic studies. GALLIAN recommended Michael Tsarionan that lead me to read Michael Tsarion ebooks many times over. I read the book THE COMMITTEE OF 300 by Dr John Coleman since Tsarion recommends it as I recollect from one of his lectures. Dr. Coleman (who I differ with on Aton-Jeudo-Christianity) said Kennedy in 1969 was NOT assasinated by his limo driver but rather from a planted assassin in a street gutter(;the round lid manhole type) and another planted spot on the highway overpass above daily plaza. Stewart Swarlow says it was the limo driver since that is why his wife went for the trunk direction after the shots. Well when Jackie Kennedy memoirs are released in 2025 (says Stewart Swardlow) we hopefully live to read of the real story. Otherwise all of this near identical to what I learned from Laurence Gallian who introduced me to MICHAEL TSARION. DR. JOHN COLEMAN SAID IN HIS BOOK COMMITTEE 300 that textile episode typified what happened to Kennedy. However I cannot recall which defile episode Dr Coleman sais. This episode is listed somewhere in his book. I snap' t have the time leeway to look it up given what I wrote already here.

Sky: The near end follows with

The near end follows with typoes do to interruption. Dr Coleman said the info on Kenndy assassinated was insidiously portrayed in an X-FILE TV EPISODE

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