Steve Quayle and Sheila Zilinsky on Xenogenesis -Changing Men Into Monsters.

by Chris on July 16th, 2014

Weekend Vigilante Sheila Zilinsky is joined by Steve Quayle on his new book Xenogenesis-Changing Men Into Monsters and a discussion about the transhumanism movement.

A Future of Unimaginable Horrors ...created for our planet by unseen masters

Xenogenesis reveals a future of terror that will soon face human beings. Monsterous creations are being developed with secret technology in labs around the world.

Xenogenesis is the production of an offspring entirely different from either of the parents, transformed though the addition of DNA from an alien or animal to the normal genetics of a human being. The results will be comic book super-heroes come to life, living creatures with mythical abilities unlike anything mankind has seen for thousands of years, and with inspired the ancient legends of gods and goddesses.

This horrifying future targets God's original creation for corruption. Evil forces hope to use fallen angel technology to shift the balance of power from God and mankind to Satan and his followers; monsters will soon be presented as our saviours, with hollow promises of eternal life without the need of God or morality.

Even now, these seducing spirits are guiding and tricking mankind to unwittingly commit genetic suicide. The replacement race stands poised to bring about the total annihilation of the human race.

This book offers hope. There is a way to avoid the dangers and ultimately save mankind from this hell on Earth that evil powers have devised. There is a true Savior, Jesus, who waits silently and patiently to rescue human beings from this most perilous time in history. This book will reveal how you and your loved ones can find the way to avoid the dangers our planet now faces.

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Chris: Steve Quayle

Steve Quayle haas alot of good information he puts out but i don,t believe everything he says jesus will not save us we must save our selves and have the power to do it.

bluesbaby5050: Your Correct Chris, and I Do Agree With You.........

Steve Quayle means well, but he is wrong about Jesus saving humanity, because Jesus never existed, therefore it is up to people to take personal responsibility to do this for themselves. Start praying to the Great Spirit that was, that is, and that ever shall be.

TillToTheWhen: All of the movies and video

All of the movies and video games are coming true. That is why they made them, something called "Neuro Linguistic Programming"

It's like they have to program us first before it can happen. That is the reason for all these games and movies. If only people wouldn't watch or play that stuff! I admit I am guilty of it too, but I don't watch any of the newer hollywood movies(or play any of the newer games) now that I know what is going on.

Also I think they are boring anyway, thank god I have absolutely no urge to watch them. But I still like the older movies and those are still no better really. But they're already in my mind, programming so I can't erase it.

I remember a game called Xenogears for PSX. I never liked it or finished it, but this article reminded me of that.

Remember the Die Hard video game for NES? I think it came out on September 11th 1988 which was 13 years before the 9/11 event. And it had the towers right on the cover/cartridge. I miss those innocent days....but I had no idea the world was corrupt then. Ignorance was bliss.

bluesbaby5050: NO, Ignorance is NOT BLISS!

Ignorance of the NOT knowing about the Truth of our origins, and the True history of panet Earth, and WHO really has the power, and rules over this planet is what gets people in to Wars. Tyranny, and Oppression, and these people UN-Knowingly give their power away to those that are very happy, and delighted to take it from them. And then those same takers say about those Dumbed Down people, " That it is their own fault, because they give their power away, that they deserve to die because of their IGNORANCE" ! So what are YOU going to do about this?!

TillToTheWhen: I agree BB, but I am kind of

I agree BB, but I am kind of in the middle. I still have yet to learn who I am and where I came from. I unfortunately cannot remember any of my past lives or anything before this lifetime. I agree if everyone wasn't ignorant, this would be such a better world. My definition of ignorance is EVIL.

But I just meant that, before I learned about all this stuff, I was much happier.(I know the people dying in the wars were not feeling bliss) Ever since learning about all this fucked up stuff, I have been depressed. I hate thinking how the world is full of robots.

bluesbaby5050: Please do not become depressed, and feel hopelessness.........

These are exactly the kind of emotions they want you to feel, and they know that you will once you learn the truth. This is a normal reaction to this information. Your kinda in shock to this realization, and of our true reality we are living in. We all have the power to overcome this mess. And we are on the right track, and this is why we were dumbed down, and mass distracted with the New gadgets, and bombarded with hypnotic advertisings of all kinds everyday for decades, and more, since TELE-A-VISIONS WERE MASS PRODUCED, AND BECAME CHEAP TO BUY, SO THAT EVERY HOUSEHOLD COULD AFFORD AT LEAST ONE BOOB - TUBE. Now this BOX IS A WEAPON TO CONTROL YOU , AND YOUR FAMILIES, AND YOUR FRIENDS, AND YOUR CITIES, STATES, AND YOUR COUNTRY. Yes this is not good for us, but great for TPTB. Let this site EMPOWER YOU! You are in the right place, and on your path to evolve in to a better, smarter person, and for a better planet Earth. Maybe that's the reason you were resorting to those drugs, to lessen your internal pain. Most of us can relate to you on here. We have experienced these feelings, and emotions also, and so now your not alone in this. Your search for the True answers are on this site. I am glad you found it, and that your here with us now. Please stay long enough to read this valulable information on this site. It's a perfect 10 Star site, and we have Quinton to thank for this!

TillToTheWhen: Thanks BB

Yeah I guess it takes time to get used to all this. I always had some kind of insight, even before the days of the internet I always thought Bush was an alien! This was before I had ever heard of known anything about any illuminati or anything like that. Not sure how I knew, but just by looking at him, I had this "feeling" and i guess it was psychic back then, because now I see (the obvious truth) that these guys in power are all controlled by aliens/reptilians/etc

Basically they are not human like they appear. It should even be obvious to those who are ignorant to all this. They should ask themselves the question- "Why would MAN want to destroy his own world that he lives in?" So, then it would become obvious that presidents are just puppets for something greater.

It truly is a galactic and spiritual war going on here. Recognizing that kind of helps with the depression, because then you know that you have to be active and do something about it. Just sitting around being depressed and doing drugs all the time is not going to help the planet or yourself get any better.

(And TV, definitely boring, fake, controlled shows... and dangerous at the same time to watch it... I wish everybody would just throw theirs out! That would be a good starting point, and take away one of their major avenues of brainwashing. I wonder if TELL-A-LIE-VISION is also not a coincidence!)

So, I do thank you and all the others here who contribute info. It is greatly appreciated. It is always good to contribute, learn and be active, and help each other. At least make some kind of difference in this world with what we CAN do.

bluesbaby5050: Your right about all that you just told me......

You have great insight before the internet. Even I remember those days too. So I'm guessing your around my age. You would have to be to remember this. Computers were already around back then, but in the baby stages on Earth. But, when the fiber optics were discovered though alien crashed space ships, then it got really rolling, and never turned back. Beofre this, velco became used in military foot wear, and backpcks, and clothes, and this all came from alien technology. They wore this in their clothes, and had no buttons, or zippers. This is the truth. Mico chips were first introduced though the technologies of aliens also.And computers took off, and became smaller, and lighter, and could hold huge amounts of data, and this was easily stored away. You would be surprized how far our own technology REALLY IS. 100 YEARS ! NOT WHAT THE MEDIAS TELL YOU, CAUSE THEY CONTROL THAT TOO. Your doing great already, and you will degest even more, and feel alot better the more you learn about all this. Please read Agenda 21, and how this works, because thier plans are in there for mankinds future,IF THEY GET THEIR WAYS. And they will fail! They are already on a slippery slope all downhill and they KNOW THIS TOO,and so they are trying hard though all this evilness to do us in, so they can steal OUR PLANET FROM US, AND IT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS! And You Welcome :)

TillToTheWhen: Agenda 21, yes I've read some

Agenda 21, yes I've read some of it. It came out back in my younger days. I am actually pretty young still, but when I was growing up there was no internet yet. Only the BB's (Bulletin Boards)
but that was very limited as to what you could do on those. Connections were way too slow.

I did hear somewhere, that the internet has actually been around for over 100 years, but only the PTB had access to it back then. And they wanted to keep it secret as well. But then I've also heard that the internet IS the NWO. So, that kinda contradicts. If I had to chose I would believe that it has been around a lot longer than we've had access to it. I am not sure what they meant by "It is the NWO"....other than that they can track your every move with it. That makes sense. But they can track you with all sorts of technology, I believe we all have computer chips inside us already.

My ears tend to ring a lot. Sometimes I wonder if that is some kind of technology or just tinninitis.

Tim Lovell: well actually bush isn't

well actually bush isn't stricktly and alien he is just one of the bloodlines the annunaki laid down to be the ruling elite who have a reptilian part of the brain in the temporal lobe that becomes active at around 18 to 20 that gives them more use of the brain that the rest of us and allows them to see upto the 4th dimension , its what all the royal bloodlines had , but they had to come down to re-seed it sometimes as the bloodlines got too dilute back then

TillToTheWhen: Hmmmm, interesting.

Hmmmm, interesting.

He always seemed pretty stupid to me! lol

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