Today I will teach you about Creation & Consciousness and the Effects your Thoughts have on my Earth and your Earth.
Humanity is an Ocean of Thoughts , Humanity is an Ocean of Dreams, Aspirations, Desires,Truth and Hopes & Unconditional Love Happiness, Joy & Life. But since we live in Duality Consciousness we also have Negative Consciousness, like Fear, Ignorance, Arrogance, Hatred,Lies, Misery ,Anger and Death.

You come into this Reality through Passion & Love but since we live in a World of Duality we have a taste of Positive and Negative in different Quantities from each Conscious Human and others on this Blue Planet and other Planets.
You live in a Planet with Both Forces , an Action and a Re-action, an up and a down, a left and a right and these Forces were in place even before your Existence and my Existence.

Good , Evil , Hot , Cold, Love , Hate , etc.
But there is an Element that is the Key to your MASTERY on this Dimension and other Dimensions when you move on after your "Tour of Duty" on this Living Planet you call Earth.
Your Consciousness , Thoughts , Feelings & Emotions are connected to all Dimensions, Yes all 12 Dimensions. Never under-estimate the Awsome Power you all have as Human Beings, you are all energy and your Thoughts directly Effect the Mood of this Blue Planet.
KI (Earth) is a Living Being, when our Friends came to her she was Dead by the Ancient War between ZEUS OF OLYMPUS, ANU OF SIRIUS, THE SERPENT QUEEN COUNCIL OF ORION.

War was a Colossal Mistake and the Serpent Queens understood this, so some of the Planets survived this War, but VENUS , EARTH & MARS was Murdered (NASA KNOWS THIS & THEIR ROVER HAS ALREADY COLLECTED CLASSIFIED IMAGES OF A DESTROYED MAJESTIC CIVILIZATION ON MARS) ,Saturn , Jupiter,Uranus & Neptune were still O.K., all life was destroyed.
Many Benevolant Beings and Malevolant Beings Cried for their Loved Ones lost to this Star System Nightmare because of their Differences in Ideology and Wreckless Lust for Power.

Genesis Scientists came back by the Orders of Anu and the Orion Council to Rebuild this Star System, To Breath Life back to Earth, The Oceans were Cleansed, the Atmosphere was cleansed, Flora and Fauna was brought to Earth from other Planets on Sirius & Orion to Bring Earth Back to Life. The Animals were brough in to Kick Start the Cycle of the Earth. The Carbon Dioxide was given to the Plants by the Animals and in return the Plants gave Oxygen to the Animals as well as Food for all Herbivores and the Preditors were put in Place to control Disease on this Biosphere to keep this Planet Balanced.

Governments who Promote Carbon Dioxide as Evil are Fools and this Global Warming Nonsense, Carbon Dioxide is Vital to Life on Earth.And Carbon Taxes is simply more nonsense to Life.

But I am not here to repeat what I have said before, this Teaching is about you, the Adamu to understand your Thoughts. When Humans think "TOO NEGATIVE" and the Level of People who think in this Manner , this Creates a Microburst of Negative Energy on Earth.
Earth does not like Negative Energy and like a DOG she will Shed her Negative Thoughts Problem like a DOG by scratching her Fleas off her Body with Natural Disasters.

Your Earth Quakes Recently around the Planet are Directly Attributed to most of this Activity.
Some Earth Quakes are Battles between the Falcons and Reptiles , but most of the other Earth Quakes and Irregular Weather is directly attributed to Humans reveling in NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.

Unknowningly Humanity can cause more Harm to themselves when they are constantly thinking Negative, it affects the People around them and the Planet as a whole so I say unto you remove all Negative thoughts and FOCUS on POSITIVE THOUGHTS.

Meditate, Listen to Beautiful Music and Open your Heart to Love and Wisdom and always think POSITIVE THOUGHTS as hard as that may be, it will save Lives and Earth will be Happy.
The Lords of Creation Understand this. Human Life has Value, all Life has Value.
It is time to Learn New Lessons from those who know more.

Your Soul is yours and it does not belong to anyone else. This is a Gaurantee promised by the Ancient Elders of this Universe. Elders more Powerful than the Annunaki and other ET Nations.
Life is a Gift , do not squander your Lives, Learn and Meditate when you have time, Value your Lives for you are all a part of the Universal Consciousness spanning Billions of Galaxies and Star Systems , you are all precious.


A Teaching from a FRIEND.

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bluesbaby5050: I'm so Glad to see your back with us again wise Annu77....

Thank you for your Wisedom Sir. (I really missed you in your absence). Your message to us really hits to the bone. You speak the truth.

bluesbaby5050: I RE-Posted this Beautiful Message given to us ............

Given to us by our Master Teacher, Lord Annu77. His Wise Message is a REMINDER to THINK POSTITVE for Our Mother Earth, and this will lessen the destructive forces that are used to REMOVE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, and NEGATIVE EMOTIONS Brought to Earth from NEGATIVE People. If people want their living areas to be peaceful, and happy, then they are RESPONSIBLE to make this happen. This takes ALL people to do this. It is simple really. Earth, and her people are all connected on a deep level, and she feels are emotions brought to her by all of us. The same thing stands true in this forum, and the people here should apply this message here too. It's ok to disagrees with a people, but a person should show each other respect, this is a good starting point I think. I realize this is hard at times, but practice makes perfect in the end. Peace, and Love is my message to you all. BB5050.

Tarheel: Was this you..Practicing what you preach?

bluesbaby5050: IF this is the Truth then Move on OUT of................

I don't drink, I'm not a redneck, I will live where I want to and I'm way smarter than you ever pretended to be. But it really doesn't matter, you are hemmed into perpetual 3D. Enjoy it.

bluesbaby5050: Why did you Wait a Week to Reply to my Thread?

And you also WAIT to do this when I'm Off TC? I was way ahead of you when I joined TC. Your The One that ASKED me for Assistance in Private, and NOT the other way around Tarheel Cowboy. Your only Top Dog within your 4 dog household as your New ID Seems to Imply now. You must be Feeling a little Insecure about yourself, so you felt the need to change your ID to feel more confident. What ever Floats Your Boat I guess.

bluesbaby5050: I Believe it was YOU-TarHeel CoyBoy that called TR, and Myself

ASSCLOWNS, as well as a other Pet names just days ago. I said, " I, as well as other people wanted to READ what TR Brings to this forum", and the FACT that Your the ONLY ONE that constantly insults TR, and your Negative behavior YOU Constantly Throw towards TR is not called for. You had made it KNOWN in the past YOU NEVER LIKE TR, and he told you to give it a rest, he told you he wasn't going any where's, and it was all in Vain on Your part.

HebrianDaniel: stay on the good side

stay on the good side
or else you will become a sith like what anakin became.
may the force be with you

sun: true...but...

All is necessary for learning and duality is one of the earth traits. Through positive and negative emotions a balance can be achieved, which otherwise, without the knowledge of yinyang, black/white etc. would not be possible to be aware of. The main key is that our awareness needs to expand, which is only possible through life itself and therefor its duality. I believe it is therefor vital that all emotions are embraced, and looked at, to then choose (free will) the path which needs to be followed. :)

Tarheel: Well put Wise One.

Anu77 speaks from his heart.

Try to love again

Ecbra de Oaoj: Integration of polarity

when done; acomplished mission for our player in game...

new adventures then will come.



ps: just a brazilian young song for enjoy

Good Vibes

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