Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion, by Larken Rose/ Liberty or Death Media/ video

by bluesbaby5050 on February 9th, 2015

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion, by Larken Rose/ Liberty or Death Media/ video. [click on image to enlarge]
"Belief in Government is a Faith-Based
Indoctrinated Belief"

Alexandra Bruce
February 6, 2015.

Here is a compilation of audio clips taken from various radio interviews with Larken Rose.

There are English, Dutch and Polish subtitles available, if you click on the "CC" icon on the bottom of the video frame, to the right and choose your language. I used to advocate a ruling class. I used to advocate that millions of people be forcibly robbed to pay for things I thought were important. I used to think that if I could force my values and preferences onto others by way of a "legal" system, that made it moral and legitimate. I use to view anyone who disobeyed the ruling class as nasty "criminals" deserving of whatever "law enforcers" might do to them. And I used to think I was free.
For any of you who NEVER thought such things, good for you! For the rest of you, when talking to statists today, remember that you are talking to the YOU of yesterday. However you want to argue or discuss--loudly or quietly, publicly or privately, combatively or gently--remember that the only difference between you and them is that, for one reason or another, you ended up with a head start towards the truth. If your goal is to forever mock them for being behind, stop being a butthead. If your goal is to help them catch up, I commend you.
( P.S. Some people have found that this helps: )
Larken is the author of the book, 'The Most Dangerous Superstition.' In the news today, the world is a scary place and everything is dangerous! Luckily, we have a noble, wise and benevolent ruling class to protect us and take care of us! I hereby declare that North America is mine. By staying here, you AGREE to give me $100 a week, and do whatever I say. Now, if you don't like it, you're free to leave. And I'm not oppressing you, or doing anything mean, because I will let you leave MY continent. From this day forth, staying here counts as you "consenting" to be ruled by me. If you don't like it, get out!
Ain't it funny how many excuses for authoritarianism (such as the "social contract" BS) are obviously and patently idiotic if put in any other context? And yet many millions of people still believe, and repeat, such utter nonsense. Gack.
( This was the theme of my "rant" today, by Larken Rose. )
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Quinton: Agree 100%

Agree 100%

Tarheel: Deceit

They want people to believe Gov't is our country. THE PEOPLE are, were and always will be OUR COUNTRY.
I saw "anarcho-capitalism" get a plug.

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