Star-seeds Rebelling against this 3d Realm .

by Chris on March 5th, 2014

speaking on these wild teenagers or young adults that is rebelling on society real bad now. Now even the younger children getting more violent.

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bluesbaby5050: Short Note Regarding Dr. Phil Valentine, and his videos........

His teachings on the" Escaping of the Matrix", and how the Matrix is played out on Mankind is Ok. But, in his messages, and in his lectures he is blaming the "WHITE" man not realizing ( maybe he does, and isn't saying it to his students) that ALL the races of Color are involved in this "Secret Knowledge" of "How to Control the Beast" - Us- as their physical, and mental "Food Source." Other then that, I liked listening to what Dr. Phil Valentine's teachings had to say, and they are on the same level as Da13thsun, and his teachings in his videos. Da13th sun does not blame the white-man, he blames ALL the colored races that Do the Controlling. I just wanted to make this point to the people that are tuning into these two teachers. They BOTH are very good, and they both are on "Target" at the root of the problems we are facing today. They both go very deep into the problems, and how to get yourself out. I recommend them both for their spiritual teachings. This is the kind of stuff TPTB don't want us to learn about, because then they will loose their source of life, and their existence.

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