by Annunaki77 on December 8th, 2011

Lifecycle alone, for some of you it will take multiple lifecycles to become Improved Versions of yourselves.
To upgrade yourselves will take an open mind and an open Heart. The levels to progress will be an uphill battle because many of your peers will destroy your progress. You cannot ask for acceptance from your Mortal Peers you must search within your Soul for Evolutionary Progress.

First things first you need to understand that your Reality that you are experiencing has been Engineered by the Illuminati, and who are they?, they are a few Old Men who basically take Orders by the Draco Reptilians to Fabricate a Reality which Billions of you already have been Sold on, an Artificial Cold and Tough Reality which makes Starseeds suffer because many Starseeds Incarnate in tough Nations which make life difficult to express their Creativity. What your Bankers and Leaders do is hold back Human progress through Laws, and Policies that simply hamper human progress to stop Human Evolution.

Ideas such as Censorship of Free Speech, Heavy Taxation, Money, Tyranny and Oppression , these are the Tools of these Reptilians which they use on Humanity. They also use Negative Frequencies which they soak Nations with, also Media Propoganda which further magnifies the Lies.

It will be up to Humanity to Rise to the Occasion to become better in a Matrix designed to oppress you and belittle you. This Reality is no Picnic but we can overcome and we can change the World for the Better.
But we must not just accept the Lies of the Media , we must Upgrade ourselves and become better and change this System of Lies and Deception to Serve Humanity for a change instead of feeding it so it can enslave us more.
We must think Grass Roots and become Independants again like Mount Olympus.

Freedom is only given to the Brave, if you aren't Brave you wont be Free.
Love you all Peace.


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