The Star Nations Revision To the Standard Darwinian Explanation of Human Development

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., M.S. Ed, MSW, B.A. is an Educator-Researcher specializing in Star Kids and Star Seed adults, is an emeritus Professor of Psychology, a star-cultures Anthropologist, a retired Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker, Marriage & Family Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and is Earth's Councillor (representative) to/from Star Nations Council.

The Star Nations Revision To the Standard Darwinian Explanation of Human Development
Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

(c)2004; rev. 2012
A number of Star Visitor races evolved to intelligent life forms on their respective planets across the universe. Some of these civilizations are millions of years old.
Other intelligent races "out there" developed not solely from evolution, but from other races' "missionary" sowing of intelligent life on planets they discovered whose indigenous biota had evolved to the point where one or more animal species could provide a suitable anatomy and physique for engineering in high intelligence and spirituality.
Thus, these Star Nations vary, some naturally evolved, others with development accelerated through bioengineering by older, more advanced races. Either way, many of these Star Nations operate like Peace Corps workers, going about the galaxy, exploring, and trying to do good wherever they can.
The Star Nations decided to accelerate evolution on Earth. They selected a promising Primate order representative to take reproductive material samples from, bioengineered into it some of their own DNA, and reinserted it in the primate mother, so that the resulting offspring would be more intelligent.
After several iterations of effort, the Visitors around 275,000 years ago achieved a hybrid with a bit of their very high intelligence, a smattering of their highly-developed psychic abilities and spirituality, and sufficient dexterity and coordination to be capable of fashioning tools and intricate designs. In other words, they had achieved Homo Sapiens.

After observing Homo Sapiens in operation over a number of generations, and its idiosyncratic blend of primate animal instinctuality with incipient intelligence and spiritual sensitivity, the Star Visitors were dissatisfied with the intelligence level of their hybrid, and decided to proceed further with an additional genetic engineering upgrade. The result was what Earth anthropologists label Homo Sapiens Sapiens, modern humankind. This penultimate bit of bioengineering occurred approximately 130,000 years ago.
This phase of bioengineering is commented on in 6000+-year-old Sumerian cunieform quasi-historical literary story tablets. The Sumerian historical stories mention humanoid Star Visitors as the race involved in their proto-ancestors' bioengineering.
Other Asia Minor records indicate a Reptoid Star Visitor group intervened at Derinkuyu and elsewhere to provide information to assist the development of a higher level civilization.
Still other ancient cultures, such as the indigenous Aborigenes of earlier Australia, and early Native American ancestors, also had their oral traditions of Star Visitors involved in their fashioning as people.

Subsequent intervention by the observer Star Visitors took the form of cultural and spiritual teaching and tutoring, at times causing Avatars to emerge in various strategic zones around the Earth. These Avatars have become known and revered as the Great Teachers, some of whose wisdom has become enshrined as one of the several World Religions.
The Avatars (major world religious Teachers) are understood to include: Zoroaster (Zoroastrianism), Lao-Tse (Taoism/proto-Confucianism), Moses (Judaism), Krishna (Hinduism), Quan Yin (compassionate Chinese Buddhist Enlightened One), Siddartha Guatama, the Buddha (Buddhism), White Buffalo Calf Woman/Lady of Guadalupe (Native American spirituality), Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha (Meso-American spirituality), Yeshua ben Joseph/Jesus (reform-Judaism, Christianity), Mohammed (original un-“edited” teachings), Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (Sufi reform-mystical Islam), and Bahá'u'lláh (Bahai).

In addition to coaching Humans in the bases for civilization, various Star Visitors came down from time to time as Master Teachers and tutors to show Humans a higher moral standard, and a more accurate spiritual understanding of their relationship to Source.
A number of these Avatars have become known and revered as Great Teachers. Some of them came to concentrate on doing spiritual and moral teaching. While others included in their work the teaching of science, astronomy, agriculture, mathematics, architecture, Human origins, medicine and the healing arts, cosmology, the basis of laws, and a rudimentary understanding of the cosmic role in human history, among other things.
These spirituality-specialist Avatars from the stars (major world spiritual and philosophical Teachers) included such well-known figures as: Zoroaster, Lao-Tse, Moses, Krishna, Siddartha Gautama, Quan Yin, Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, Yeshua ben Joseph, White Buffalo Calf Woman (also: Isis/Yeshua’s mother Miriam/the Lady of Guadalupe), Mohammed, Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, and Baha’u’llah.
Krishna was born in India, according to tradition in 3228 B.C. He is depicted as having a bluish skin tone. According to indications from the Baghavad Gita, he lived about 128 years. Considerable mythology obscures the actual details of his life. He is depicted as a champion of justice. Weary of the war-like culture of his time, he later was given to meditation. In the Baha’i tradition, Krishna is seen as a prophet, teacher and intermediary between God and Humans. Hinduism sees him as a deity. But in actuality he was a messenger, a Master Teacher who originally lived in a star civilization.
Moses (Moshe) was born in Egypt perhaps about 1525 B.C. of Jewish parents in exile there. Adopted by the daughter of the Pharoah (Tutmoses I?), Moses was raised in the royal household, but later received a guidance vision to lead his Jewish people out of captivity to their ancestral home. While en route, in the Sinai desert, he had an encounter with an unseen Presence who gave him two stone tablets with ten commandments carved into the stone written on them. The advanced technology of these tablets is evident from the Talmud. The tablets were written on both their sides (Exodus 32:15), with the carving going through the full thickness of the tablets. The stones in the center part of letters were not connected to the rest of the tablet, but they did not fall out. The writing was also legible from both sides; it was not a mirror image on the back (Talmud, 2007). The message fortified by these unnatural tablets, Moses provided leadership to the Jewish people to turn from polytheism and idolatry to revering the single Source of all, God, who cannot be represented by any image. He also taught the moral principles, the Ten Commandments, found on those stone tablets.
Another Star Visitor Avatar, variously known as Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha, visited and taught among the peoples of Meso-America and South America.
As far back as the beginning of the Olmec Period in Mexico (1150B.C.), a Reptoid star person with humanoid as well as reptilian features was honored as a great Teacher who came down from the stars and taught the Olmec, Aztec, Mayan and Toltec Native peoples. They soon stylized his image as “Quetzal” the feathered (flight ability) “coatl” serpent (reptilian-looking). (See the Reptoid images at: )
Quetzalcoatl was credited with giving the knowledge about books, about an astronomy-based calendar, how to cultivate maize (corn), and the knowledge of the inner truths about death and reincarnation. He spoke against the practice of human sacrifice. He was also known as Kulkulkan.
In the Incan culture of South America this figure was known as Con-Tiki, or Viracocha, the giver of civilization. He was remembered for, among other things, being the person who taught the tribes which of the trees, flowers, fruits and herbs were edible, which had medicinal properties, and which were poisonous. Viracocha means “sea foam” and tradition has it that he disappeared across the Pacific, where he is identified with the figure Kon-Tiki, whom the Polynesians deemed a sun god (Viracocha, 2008).
Quan Yin (Guan Yin) is the bodhisattva (being of enlightened existence) of compassion, and is usually viewed as a female. As is common with the Avatars, their true history lies overlain with layers of Human distortion of oral tradition via legend and myth. She is identified with Miao Shan, the Buddhist Chinese princess who lived in about 700 B.C., (QuanYin, 2008). She is revered by not only Buddhist but also Taoist and Confucian reverent observers. She was first referred to in a Chinese translation of the Buddhist Lotus Sutra in 406 A.D. She is viewed as the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness.
Zoroaster (Zarathustra) (628-551 B.C.) was born in ancient Persia, (now Iran). While the details of his life and original teachings are somewhat obscured by time and legend, he felt his connection with Source outlined for him his mission to go about and confront the polytheism, idolatry and moral lapses of his time. He taught monotheism, and that God is the Source of both light and of the dark pregnant void which creates an opportunity for light and good to emerge through good-hearted effort. He strove to awaken the people to the importance of righteous behavior, and warned them against animal sacrifice, mistreating cattle, and the drinking of homa (an intoxicating drink) (Zoroaster, 2007).
Siddartha Guatama became known as the Buddha (Awakened One - Sanskrit). He was born about 563 B.C. He was a teacher and ascetic, reaching out with high spiritual principles to princes and beggars alike. He taught the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, as well as that reality is not dualistic. Although he warned against the infallibility of any “scripture”, his teachings were codified by later followers into Buddhism, complete with competing books of interpretation.
Lao Tse (6th Century B.C.) was a revered teacher in ancient China. Tradition had him as the author of the immortal philosophical classic, the Tao Te Ching. Lao Tse taught that underlying all reality was the Tao, Source. Lao Tse described the Tao as ever-evolving, and as embracing change within the larger matrix of the constancy of truth. He taught that wrong behavior was a result of a person being out of harmony with the Tao. Simplicity, not being pushed by desires, and humility are signs of such harmony. On a social level he taught that such a course would avoid wars and the need for harsh laws (Lao Tse, 2008).
It may seem that Yeshua ben Yosef/Jesus (7 B.C.-31 A.D.) needs no introduction. Yet so controversial a figure cannot merely be blandly postulated without some corroboration. Yeshua ben Joseph was born around 7 BC (Before Christ, ironically). While the mythology exists about extraordinary events around his birth, such as the Magi (Zoroastrian astrologer priests) from what is now Iran coming to pay homage at his birth, the sounder test of Jesus’s nature and origin comes from an analysis of his behavior and abilities.
Yeshua/Jesus’s message was starkly different than the prevailing religious interpretations of First Century Judaism. His was not the rigorous fetishistic ceremonial traditionalism of the Pharisees or the Biblical fundamentalist literalism of the Sadducees; nor did he retreat into the metaphysical escapism of the Essenes. His spirituality message was simple: God as a loving Father to be appreciated rather than feared, and the Biblical law to be interpreted according to its core spirit rather than in a fundamentalist way. That core spirit he summed up as “Loving God with all your heart; and loving your neighhbor as yourself.” Of all the Star Person Avatars, his teaching is perhaps the only one to parse the 11 Universal Laws and the11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos (Anonymous, 11:11 Laws, [no date]) into the above Two Great Commandments.
Parenthetically, Councillor For the Watchers observed that the person who is Yeshua originated directly of Source (God), rather than derivatively from other persons who ultimately sprang from Source; although Jesus was not the only such direct-born of Source Thus the evangelist John of Patmos had it half-right: Jesus was indeed _a_ son of God, but not _the_ son of God.
So, Jesus was a Star Man, as Lakota Elder Looks-For-Buffalo proclaimed. Yeshua’s 'miracles' reflect advanced abilities some of which even some present-day fifth-grade Star Kids also have. Whether healing, resurrecting a dead living thing, levitating (above water), or reading the mind of a doubter in the crowd, Jesus and today’s Star Kids share many abilities of advanced Star Beings. Is this blasphemy? The Pharisees accused even Jesus of blasphemy, but he was merely saying unfamiliar, uncomfortable truth.
Yeshua intended to reform the corrupt religion he found (Judaism under the Pharisees and Sadducees). In one of the repeating tragedies of Human foibles, his simple teachings got morphed by fallible and overzealous disciples into ”Christianity”, a rigorous cult of Human rules and distortions not so unlike the Human-corrupted Judaism he came to reform.
White Buffalo Calf Woman visited North America about 2000 years ago, (according to Lakota tradition related by Joseph Chasing Horse,) (This was about the same time that Yeshua ben Yosef/Jesus was teaching in Israel/Palestine.) Among other tribes White Buffalo Calf Woman visited the Plains Indians of North America, including the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota (Sioux) people. Lakota Elder Looks-For-Buffalo (Floyd Hand) said that among the Pueblo Indians, such as the Hopi, she is known as Corn Mother; while the Plains Indians know her as White Buffalo Calf Woman. She was the Star Person who originally gave the Lakota (Sioux) their star-origins history, their spiritual teachings and sacred songs, the seven sacred ceremonies, and their healing practices (Boylan, 1996). She admonished the Indians to always remain caretakers and guardians of the land (Mother Earth, Unce Maka) and to regard it as sacred.
(The Dakota Sioux have a tradition that Yellow Hand, their name for Yeshua/Jesus, also came to North America after his crucifixion in Israel and also taught the Native Americans.)
The Lady of Guadalupe is a widely revered figure of Native American spirituality, and is the same Variant Altimarian teacher whom the Plains Indians call White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is also the same Star Teacher who came among the Egyptians, (Isis) and then Sakhmet, and who in another incarnation served as Miriam (Mary) the mother of Yeshua ben Yoseph/Jesus. This is also the brown-skinned woman Avatar who appeared to Mexican Indian peasant Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin in 1531 A.D. on a hill outside Mexico City and spoke to him in the indigenous Nahautl lanuage, and who is now revered across Meso-America as “the Virgin of Guadalupe” Her visitation gave a message of hope and solidarity to the indigenous peoples of Mexico suffering under Conquistador oppression. She is popularly (and correctly) identified there with the mother of Yeshua/Jesus.
Mohammed (570-632 A.D.) is revered by Muslims, Druze, and Baha’is as a teacher instructed by God. Well-educated Muslims do not not believe that he was the creator of a new religion, but the restorer of the original, uncorrupted monotheistic faith of Adam, Abraham and others.
After repeated dialogues with a messenger from the skies, identified traditionally as Gabriel, Mohammed felt his primary mission was to help lead the peoples of his region away from then-prevailing idolatry and polytheism to understanding that there is only one God. However, Mohammed’s focus was not exclusively on monotheism, but also “on a strong general moral and religious appeal. Its key themes include the moral responsibility of man towards his creator; the resurrection of dead, God's final judgment, ...use of the nature and wonders of everyday life, particularly the phenomenon of man, as signs of God to show the existence of a greater power who will take into account the greed of people and their suppression of the poor. Religious duties required of the believers at this time were few: belief in God, asking for forgiveness of sins, offering frequent prayers, assisting others particularly those in need, rejecting cheating and the love of wealth,...being chaste, and not to kill new-born girls” (Mohammed, 2008). Thus Mohammed was a Teacher of reform and seeking peace. Those who came after him and exhorted violence hugely distorted his teachings. Qur’ran 60.8 clearly states that non-Muslims of good will and pacific nature cannot be the targets of war simply on account of their different religious background, as Quranic scholar Oliver Leamon notes.
Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani first emerged in 1127 AD as a public preacher of reformed Islam. As a teacher he eventually attracted disciples from the entire Islamic world. His great achievement as a thinker was to reconcile Sufi mystical Islam with the sober demands of contemporarily-interpreted Islamic law. As the Encyclopedia Britannica notes, “His concept of Sufism was that a holy war or jihad is to be waged against one's own will, in order to conquer egotism and worldliness and to submit to God's will” (Abd al-Qadir al Jilani, 2008). A bi-lateral descendant of Mohammed, Shaikh Abdal-Qadir al-Jilani taught the primacy of love in the moral order, and the importance of recognizing the presence of Source (tawhid)/Divine Oneness) in oneself and in all creation around one; (Abdal-Qadir al-Jilani, 2008a). As an Avatar, al-Jalani understood well the importance of the Universal Laws of Love and of (correct) Perception.
Bahá'u'lláh was born in 1817 A.D. in Persia (modern Iran). He presented himself as the last of the Avatar messengers, come to transcend the religions created by Humans through the distortion of the teachings of the previous Avatars (see above.) Bahá'u'lláh enunciated a message about the fundamental unity of truth, and sought to transcend the competitive boundaries of the religions he saw in the world towards a core unified truth. The principles he taught included: the elimination of prejudice; equal opportunity for both sexes; integrating spirituality into daily life; transcending divisive views about religions; working on social and economic justice to eliminate extremes of poverty and wealth; advocating universal accessible education; endorsing each person’s empowerment to search for truth; recognition that there is no conflict between religion and reason and the pursuit of scientific knowledge, and recognition of the basic unity of humankind and thus the value of reorganizing society into a global commonwealth of nations (Bahá'u'lláh, 2008).
This is not an exhaustive list of every star teacher who came among a given Human population center and taught them. There were others, many lost to the pages of history. And some are among us now.
The Dalai Lama is certainly not the only Star Nations Master Teacher-Human Incarnate to live among us. He as the current incarnation of one once known as Krishna.
Another Star Nations Master Teacher who lived among us until recently was Mother Teresa, who was the recent reincarnation of Star Nations Master Teacher and Star Person-Incarnate-Human Zoroaster (Zarathustra) (628-551 B.C.) who taught in ancient Persia, (now Iran).
I have also learned that Star Nations Master Teacher-Human Incarnate Mohammed [whose teachings of peace and compassion like other Star Person Avatars have been severely distorted and transmographied] is living amongst us currently as a Human but this individual is not world-famous like Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama.
Star Nations has been most generous in resending among us not one but three Master Teachers in this pivotal generation in Humankind's path to destiny.
Native American shaman/experiencers, such as Lakota Spiritual Elder Looks-For-Buffalo (Floyd Hand), have declared that Jesus was a Star-Man, and that the Avatars are Star People (Boylan, 1996). The Star Visitors, too, have indicated that the Avatars were sent to raise human spiritual consciousness, and have alluded to Star Visitor involvement with them (Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata, (2007).
Because of the imprecisions of oral and ancient written history, it is difficult in some cases to determine whether a given Avatar was a Human incarnate who was a Star Visitor in a previous life and has retained that advanced consciousness in this life. or a Star Visitor manifesting in this lifetime incarnation as temporarily with a Human appearance but who will reincarnate as a Star Person after this lifetime.
Some of their spiritual and metaphysical teachings and wisdom has eventually become enshrined as one or other of the several World Religions.
These cultural and spiritual interventions were done by the Avatars in an effort to lead Humankind away from our residual-primate excessive instinctuality, such as rigid territoriality, aggressiveness, and predation on the weak; and instead to point Humankind towards its highest and best potential as full spiritual and metaphysical persons, living in awareness and in balance.
The personal efforts of the various Star Being Avatars, and the residual beneficial effects of their teachings and example, persisted as an effort to uplift the Human species for many centuries.
Approximately 150 years ago, after witnessing the horrors of the wars of the Nineteen Century, the Star Visitors decided that humankind was far too capable of ignoring the teachings of the Avatars, and that the human recipe itself needed direct upgrading via further bioengineering. The Star Visitors also foresaw that humanity was getting closer to the time when it would venture out into space, and they wanted Humans to be fit fellow citizens of the cosmos.
The keenly-observant Star Visitors thereupon embarked on a program to re-refine Homo Sapiens into something more advanced. They began to gene-splice a greater percentage of Star Visitor genetic material into the Human genome, in order to amplify intelligence, sensitivity, psychic abilities, higher metaphysical adeptness, and a greater attunement to the intrinsic spirituality that permeates reality.
The Visitors began introducing the upgraded genome into the embryos of the mothers of the first Star Kids.
Many of the Visitors also volunteered to incarnate as an Earth human for this lifetime. The result of these various upgrading initiatives was what the Chief Counsel for the Smithsonian Institute in 1995 labeled Homo Alterios Spatialis, or Cosmic Human.
At first, there were only a scattered few of the advanced-model humans. Nicolai Tesla (1856-1943) was clearly one of the first new upgrades. Jane Addams (1860-1935), Nobel Prize-winning crusader for peace, democracy and women's rights, and Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), revered peaceful crusader for justice for the oppressed, were two more. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), compassionate missionary physician, ethicist, and peace advocate was another. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was yet another. Mother Teresa (1910-1997) and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) and scores more followed in their footsteps decades later.
Still more Star Kids were born in the 1930s and 1940s, who would come of age as a new Space Age dawned in 1957. (The Space Age is dated from the first satellite launch [Sputnik, 1957], followed rapidly by creation of NASA, and President Kennedy’s 1961 Space Program to put a man on the Moon.)
Then, around the end of the 1980s, there began a quantum leap in the number of Star Kids being born. The Star Visitors knew that there was no more time to waste to move humanity out of its awkward adolescence” phase as a species, before it blew itself up or terminally poisoned its environment. They began dramatically stepping up the number of encounters with humans, including reproductive re-engineering, combined with a metaphysical program of massive reincarnation of star beings as humans, to increase the numbers of children subsequently born who were Star Kids.
The Baby Boom of the Cosmic Generation had begun.
In poured tens millions of these advanced children in a veritable Star Kids Tidal Wave. This in-pouring escalates and continues to this day. My research indicates that now the vast majority of the children are Star Kids. At this rate the human race will be overwhelmingly made up of Humans with partial Star Seed heritage by the end of the year 2012, the date indigenous tradition identified as when Fifth World (cosmic society) will be well on its way to being in place.

Because Western History has tended to marginalized sub-Sahara Africa, its very ancient history and pre-European civilizations, the identity of Star Visitors who taught early Africans knowledge which helped accelerate their development, the names of major Star Visitor Master Teachers in Africa, are not household names in the West. Nevertheless, there were various Star Visitors in contact with ancient sub-Saharan Africa.
For example: the Dogon people of the country now called Mali. An aquatic species of Star Visitor Master Teachers visited and showed them much knowledge, including that the Visitor species came from the Sirius star system. In the "Dogon and Sirius" section of a Wikipedia article on the Dogon people, it states, "In 1976 Robert K. G. Temple wrote a book called "The Sirius Mystery", arguing that the Dogon's system reveals precise knowledge of cosmological facts only known by the development of modern astronomy, since they appear to know, from Griaule and Dieterlen's account, that Sirius was part of a binary star system, whose second star, Sirius B, a white dwarf, was however completely invisible to the human eye, and that it took 50 years to complete its orbit. The existence of Sirius B had only been inferred to exist through mathematical calculations undertaken by Friedrich Bessel in 1844.” Temple argued for an extraterrestrial transmission of knowledge of the stars."
Another example: in South Africa, renowned Zulu Elder, Credo Mutwa, states star lore, in which extraterrestrial visitors make contact with native tribes, form a large part of the oral tradition of African tribes. According to Mutwa, in every language in Africa, the meaning of star is “Bringer of Knowledge or Enlightenment.”
Elder Credo Mutwa has travelled the continent of Africa, sculpting haunting images of visitors from the stars, which were described to him by other African shamans. “These beings have been coming and going to Africa for forty thousand years,” he says. Some bear striking resemblance to beings reported by modern experiencers of the UFO phenomenon."

Native American shaman-experiencers have declared that Jesus was a Star-Man, and that the Avatars are Star People. The Star Visitors have indicated that the Avatars were sent to raise human spiritual consciousness, and have alluded to Star Visitor involvement with them.
These cultural and spiritual interventions were done in an effort to lead humankind away from the excessive animal instinctuality, such as territoriality, aggressiveness, and predation on the weak; and to point humankind towards its highest and best metaphysical and spiritual potential.
These observer Star Visitor efforts went on until approximately 150 years ago. At about that time, after witnessing the horrors of the wars of the Nineteen Century, the Star Visitors decided that humankind was far too capable of ignoring the teachings of the Avatars, and that the human "recipe" itself needed direct upgrading via further bioengineering. They also foresaw that humanity was getting closer to the time when it would venture out into space, and wanted humans to be fit fellow citizens of the cosmos.
The observant Star Visitors thereupon embarked on a program to re-refine Homo Sapiens into something more advanced. They began to select certain humans to splice into their genomes a greater percentage of Star Visitor genetic material, in order to amplify intelligence, sensitivity, psychic abilities, metaphysical affinity , and greater attunement to the intrinsic spirituality permeating reality.
More Star Kids were born in the 1930s and 1940s who would come of age as a new Space Age dawned. (The Space Age is dated from the first satellite launch [Sputnik, 1957], followed by creation of NASA, and President Kennedy’s 1961 Space Program to put a man on the Moon.)
Then, around the end of the 1980s, there began a quantum leap in the number of Star Kids being born. The Star Visitors knew that there was no more time to waste to move humanity out of its awkward "adolescence” phase as a species, before it blew itself up or terminally poisoned its environment. They began dramatically stepping up the number of encounters with humans, including reproductive reengineering, combined with a metaphysical program of massive reincarnation of star beings as humans, to increase the numbers of children subsequently born who were Star Kids.

End Notes

[1] Star Nations Councillor Asheoma said that of the great Teachers (Avatars) who have come down and incarnated as Humans to help guide Humankind to a higher moral and metaphysical awareness, certain ones of these had actually completed the course of enlightenment (satori), and had arrived back at Source (God). They had come to see Ego as illusion and dropped it, completely realizing their fundamental union with Source.
And then some of these fully-enlightened persons became specific energy-manifestations, who moved back through the levels of evolving civilizations in the form of Teachers who are utterly Ego-less, with Source alone as present, the Human ego totally reabsorbed into Source.
So when people dealt with one of these totally-enlightened specific energy-manifestations, people were actually interacting with Source, albeit in Human form.
The following Source-taking-Human-form supreme Avatars were:

- White Buffalo Calf Woman/Lady of Guadalupe
- Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
- Lao Tse
- Quan Yin
- Mohammed / Abd al-Qadir al Jilani/ Baha'u'llah

Other Avatars were Star Visitors incarnate-as-Human, of varying degrees of spiritual/metaphysical advancement, but who while on Earth had not yet reached full enlightenment. These included:

- Quetzalcoatl/Viracocha
- Krishna (who had not reached satori at the time of being in Human form, was close, and, yes, has achieved it at this time)
- Zarathustra (who is still on the path of service, has returned to Earth many times in service, his last service was as the one called Mother Teresa)
- Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha ( who was not fully reunited with Source while on Earth, but did return to Source at the end of the life where he was known as Buddha. He still serves Earth in the level of Spirit still as direct energy of Source through the name known of Earth
- Moses

This is an excerpt from the book by Dr. Richard Boylan, Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation
To download for free, or read on-line Star Kids go to:

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Behavioral scientist, exo-anthropologist, researcher, hypnotherapist, educator
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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Chris: richard boylan

Richard boylan has some good information however he promotes all aliens races are good not true there a those who are benevolent malevolent neutral races plus this universe is infinite and has trillions of alien races in this universe and not all are good eacth race has there own ideology and belief system out there.

bluesbaby5050: Richard Boylan is very aware of the negative/malevolent ET

Aliens also. He just gives his energy to the benevolent aliens more, because we spend too much time dwelling on the negative aliens. It's good to learn of both, and not too many benevolent et's are mentioned enough except for the 3 major ones, such as the Pleiadians, and the Andromendans, and the Arturans. Humans need to study them all, as much as possible. Many are living right here on earth along side humans for hundreds of years, and most people are not aware of this fact. I have yet to give more information on aliens to TC, because it is a huge case load, and it takes time to get the correct information, and some more pictures if I can to share here for your studing, and education. This information will be quite valuble in the near future when we have more open contact with them, so study all the material, because some new information has been added to this site recently.

Falien: I mail you a few times asking

I mail you a few times asking important question and always been ignore.
All i con come out is that your just a fiction writer if you can't even reply
I think that very disrespectful and insulting to those of us that seeking actual information.

From my research your so call Pleiadians and Andromendansmay be the most evil ones out there.
There a cult behind them calling themselves light worker.
They teach the while love and light they claim love and light is the causing harm to other and making other suffer.
They claim those that do horrible things are innocence and pure they were force to do those thing by the true evil wicked one that are the victim.
They claim those that suffer are evil and wicked and must be punish.
They claim hospital only treat vile trash that everyone that get sick with no exception made themselves sick so they can get people to feel sorry for them.
Lightworker claim no mercy or kindness should be shown to a victim that they should be punish.

I dealt with light worker for a very very long time and all of them are exactly the same in there believe.

To me there sound like a horrible race.
So negative even thought they claim there view are positive

Chris: Pleadians and Andromedans

The Pleades cluster and Andromeda Constellation are home to many alien species that are good malevolent and neutral wicth groups of pleadians and andromedans do you refer to being evil what species as there are many in these star constellations.

Falien: well i don't know of any good

well i don't know of any good one.

Those darn light worker worship them claiming they are there teacher.
That cult is simply horrible.
They tell children that was abuse that there bad that they cause there issue themselves.
They claim the abuser should be forgiven and love since there pure and innocent that the child made them do it.
That what those light worker always pull and it disgust me.
Light worker take the side of those that cause harm and treat victim horrible and claim the victim are the bad one.

I been seeking help for a very long time and keep running into those light worker.
I have memories before this world.
I was force here against my will.
So i keep reaching out for help for my situation.
All because i stood up to my superior before this world about the treatment of other.
I knew i was doing to be punish yet i just couldn't stand for the mis treating of other.
Needless to say was force to this world as punishment.

Am 34 and still have no rights.
I was born into an abusive family.
Treated horribly and even as an adult i can't leave the property or i be arrested.
The cops claim even thought i done nothing wrong that i have no rights.
I never been consider to be a person.
I kept running into those darn light worker when i keep trying to figure out why my situation is so fuck up.
I never could get answer or a way to escape.

I been told many times by them to blame myself and to cause self harm.
That who and what i am is one that meant to suffer.
I even seen people preaching this light worker garbage that claim they have to cause self harm because if they don't there Pladien teacher will make sure they suffer more.
Needless to say this whole Pladien and Andromeda things seem very very mess up in my view.

They preach of love and light and being positive.
Yet there view what love and positive is make me ill.

Tim Lovell: The Pleidians from planet

The Pleidians from planet erra are most certainly not evil, and also they do not talk about `light workers` etc , this is all from channelers on earth

Falien: Well how would you know if

Well how would you know if there not evil?

Do you have connection any communication with them?

From what i gather there the most wicked out there.
Have they even help a single soul?
All i gather is they look down on anyone that get the bad deal.
I seen nothing that say they have any good within them.

Then i have my own memories my own experience before this world and they are certainly vile to there core.

Tim Lovell: Yes actually I do have

Yes actually I do have communication with them and know them intimately, also many of my `past` lives previous to earth were on erra , actually a more accurate description is I have a multimensional identity there, so I know absolutely they are not evil , if you even knew them a little you would instantly know what an absurd claim you are making of them, if anything they are ALOT more human than most humans on earth, but you will only know when you know...

Quinton: Would you be so kind as to

Would you be so kind as to share your experiences with us? Perhaps on a new thread. I would love to hear what you have to say :)

Tim Lovell: Also one thing I would like

Also one thing I would like to clear up here , is that the Pleidians from Erra which I am referring to Semjase etc , are NOT the `channelled` pliedians seen all over the net and in books, they have no need to communicate via third parties , understand this, there are the human lyrian offshoots from planet erra (which I call the pliedians) which also contacted billy meier , when ever I say pliedians I am referring to these ok...

NOT ANY channelled `pliedians` including Barbera Marchiniaks pliedians , I `think` hers come from Alycone and are 5d but she is different I mean the lyrians from erra... that's it and they ARE NOT EVIL

Tim Lovell: btw the Erra Pliedians are 3d

btw the Erra Pliedians are 3d/4d , they start at the top lvl of 3d then at age 35 move upto 4d and operate there

Tim Lovell: This is also why when coming

This is also why when coming to earth whos humans have been locked in lower 3d via frequency control for ages, they have to drop down to our frequency level for us to even see them , and where their spaceships come from and mysteriously `disappear` back upto .... look

look look ones flickering!...

Tim Lovell: wanna see more? here look

wanna see more? here look same type ufos over a nuclear power plant...

what shape are they forming? the pliedies cluster???

wake up jesus...

Tim Lovell: and more...

and more...

funny isn't it these ones look like the Omaha beach ones :)

Falien: why would your channeling be

why would your channeling be better then anyone else anyway?

Beside your experience isn't the experience of all.

Just because you may of had a good experience that doesn't mean everyone experience is the same.
Seem disrespectful to claim your experience is the only experience there is that one should disregard anyone that had any different experience.

If you really are in communication with them why not have one of them look into my situation.
I don't know what my situation is so mess up.
I do have my own memories and i was force here.
Those being were very horrible to me.
There allot of stuff i don't intend to even post publicly.

If there so good there shouldn't be an issue for them to look into my situation.
I never had a say i never had a chance regardless how hard i tried, do you even know how that is?

Tim Lovell: what do you think of my new

what do you think of my new photos guys?

this is my fav of them :P

Tim Lovell: second down on the right ,

second down on the right , btw the 2 children standing on the beach

Falien: you never did say what make

you never did say what make them good.
My experience is that there horrible.

Yes am not very good at typing and make plenty of typoes.
This browser been crashing allot so i try to rush through.
The blackout doesn't help either.
I even clasp to the floor a few type not able to move anything like a rag doll.
I been inform it common for one that is in such intense pain that things just start to shut down.

I been seeking help for something much more serious and have no place to turn to.
That one reason for many years i been asking help from the et community as there been no place i can turn to.
Even tried that whole et healing website.
They pretty much told me i was created to never know anything but misery.
That my life is one that meant to suffer and they will make sure of it.
(it the same thing every were i turn to even been told the one in charge of me simply created me to suffer that it wrong for me to even try to change things)

So what make them good?
All i heard about your so call pledian is there very vile down to there core.
I never once came across anything good about them.

If you really are one of them like you seem to believe and claim there good then it shouldn't be hard to look into my case correct?

This pain is all i know and it not the reason why i need help.
My leg even got slice open and i only notice when i finally look down because i was feeling something wet.
As well as some bone fracture that i hardly even notice.
Pain is all i know am so use to it so that not the reason why i need help.

Tim Lovell: This pain is all I know...

This pain is all I know...

you sound like a tired orgasm

please dial up a channel that cares

you obviously have the wrong address

please try again


Truth control.

Falien: Calling it an orgasm seem to

Calling it an orgasm seem to show that you enjoy the suffering of other.
You claim your with the Pledian and that there good that your one of them.
Then you claim you want me to show you more orgasm which you consider is that pain of other which refer to suffer more.

To me this show that you are a horrible monster.

I know all to well how cruel the Pledian are.
They are monster one of the worse races out there.
Of course you wasn't doing to help as you follow the degree of suffering of other.

I didn't expected you would have a shred of compassion for other if your with those beast.
As you claim you don't care about other.

The Pladien claim that cause suffering and harm to other is good.

I seen there video were they claim they want to increase the frequencies of humans so they can feed off of humans like human were intended to be use as.
Even video that claim they intend to link all humans mind as one as slaves.

Those video always made me ill.

Tim Lovell: Show me your Orgasm ...

Show me your Orgasm ...

pasqualie: Falien

Forget about the Aliens or any other story, and just work on yourself. You say you have memories of incarnations, and then you have an advantage over me or many others. most dont have those.

As far as chanelling goes, you never know who is on the other side, so its always buyer beware. Beings can and will lie when they talk to you, and there is no way to verify who is on the other side talking to you.

Also no one is going to come in and save you, there is no cavalry. You have to raise your consciousness. And cleanse or dissolve the ego (this in itself is a 5-10 year process). Let go of all judgement, because as long as you are in judgement, you are in ego and separation.

The alien stories really dont matter, unless you raise your consciousness level up. and that process is not an intellectual one but an experiential one that takes time. In a way its just a distraction, directing your focus and awareness outwards rather than inwards.

There is a saying. Be ok with what is. Drop all judgements and blame. Focus and direct your awareness on the direction you wish to move in. If you dont, you are just going around in circles stuck in the trap of trying to figure it out, and trying to intellectualize everything with the ego. Raising your consciousness is an experiential process and not an intellectual one.

Falien: First thing don't dare tell

First thing don't dare tell me what i should do and should be.

I have no intent of raising my so call conscious.
If that mean am eternally damn then guess am eternally damn.

I will never release judgment of other guess it that mean am eternally damn then am eternally damn.
Other words if someone does something wrong to another i will hold them accountable.

To be okay with how thing are so like if a child is beaten to a bloody mess every day they should just accept thing how they are.
So it be very wrong for the child to ever try to change things as they should be okay with out thing are.
As it be completely wrong for the child to try to change things.
Isn't that what that saying is all about?
What right do you have to decide what best for someone anyway?

All of your kind is all alike.
Not thinking one should ever help another if they are in need.
There are thing one need help with yet helping someone in need isn't your believe system is it?
All it come down to is the justification of harming and looking down onto other so you can feel better about yourself.

I only have hate for those that justify poor situation of other.
If it mean i be damn till i release my hate then i guess am eternally damn then.
As i will never consider it to be right to look down onto other or think misery of other is a good thing.

Tim Lovell: Falien actualy I agree with

Falien actualy I agree with you , I am now working on removing all this stuff to become my sole self again but the pliedians are not evil ...

Falien: They are very evil very vile.

They are very evil very vile.
There nothing good about them.

You said your one of them and you wanted me to suffer.
You cal my misery an orgasm and you want me to have ore and more.
You claim it good because your one of them that it good for me to suffer.
So in your own words you claim the misery of other is a good thing which make your Pledian good.

They don't do anything good they always justify the misery of other.
The consider people more like library book the information of misery for them to consume.
It not enough that they simply want other to suffer they lust for there prey to cause self harm and self blame.
Anyone that consider this as a wrong are consider evil and wicked in there views.
Even if this existence end my punishment is eternal as am seen as the worse criminal in there view for being against this behave issue they have.
You for one claim you don't give a damn if someone in need that they should basically shut up.
You you claim am calling up the wrong number as no one give a damn about those in need.

They are vile evil monster.
The Pledian never done anything good in there whole existence.

Tim Lovell: my gasm was good was yours?

my gasm was good was yours? did it reach your toes?

pasqualie: Falien there is nothing wrong with what you choose

there is no wrong or right choice. its just you are choosing to stay in polarity. choosing to focus on and put your awareness on what you dont like, and so it will continue to grow. perpetuating your cycle of separation, anger, hate and negativity. what you resist persists, because that is where your awareness is, and where the energy flows. and so you get to keep it.

its just the way the world works, it seeks to draw your attention outwards to things and dramas which you have no control over. and by being drawn into it, you feed into the polarity and mass consciousness of the milliions or billions that are feeding the emotions of hate, anger and separation from playing into the drama and game play. whether its political or world foreign event drama or galactic drama, its all just a story and polarity. and you continue to play into that polarity until you come to a realization, it doesnt change and it hasnt changed in thousand of years. the story only has meaning if you choose to have an attachment to it, and get drawn into it. and by doing that you stay inside the box and never get outside of it. you cant change the problems that were created inside the box from the inside. you have to look at it from the outside and it becomes clear what is happening. by being drawn into the drama, you are just allowing yourself to be drawn into the lower energies and frequencies. the base carnal energies and frequencies that caused and perpetuate the ongoing dramas for eternity. separating you from yourself, others and source, and pitting you against yourself, others and source.

you falien are stuck in ego, and the trap of wanting to fix or change or control everything so its exactly as you like it. the problem there is you cause polarity in others, because you are wanting your model imposed on the will of others. who are just acting out what is their nature because of their current level of consciousness. that trap falien of wanting to change or fix and control people, things is a road that leads to nowhere. because want is lack, and your awareness and energy is focused on that, so the universe gives you more of what you focus your awareness on. You only have control over your own thoughts. And operating from anger and fear and separation is a low energy to operate from, you will find you work hard all your life because you drive everyone away.

you dont see the condition you set for yourself. its not of unconditional love for yourself so you can be happy, but you set the conditions of i can be happy or feel good if and when these things happen.

your ego tells you to hang onto it so you can feel safe, but in reality those feelings in a way is like a red hot glowing coal you have in your hand, and your ego is telling you to grip it harder and tighter so you can feel better. and the only way you can feel better and heal is if you just let go of the glowing hot coal inside you.

Falien: As i said i don't care one

As i said i don't care one bit about your so call believe system so keep to yourself.

i will always have and have an ego if that mean i am damn for all eternity then am force to suffer for all eternity.
So there no right or wrong as long as everyone follow your view and your laws isn't that so?
Ego is one value of self to say to let go of one ego you saying that i have no worth or value that i should see that within me that i truly have no worth and no value.
For me to try to change thing for the better your claiming am trying to force my view onto other which is wrong.
Other words you telling me i should suffer for other because if i don't i be wronging other people view as they have to right to have me to suffer.

Yes am trying to get a little control in at least trying to get myself.
Guess that make me evil incarnation the worse being out there doesn't it.

You also call feeling as red hot coal that i should get rid of all feeling.
Yea i guess you right i have no right to any feeling as am not a person.
Well i really couldn't give a damn about your so call view.

I have no intent of raising my freaking frequencies so you can just screw yourself thought you probably do plenty of that.
As i have no intent of become a mentally control freak light worker.

So what if it wrong for someone to seek help.
Guess am a very horrible vile creature for seeking help as i can't do it myself.

I never told you what issue i was trying to change yet you claim your all knowing and you have the answer that must be follow.
That am trying to control everyone for seeking help as seeking help trying to change things for the better is a bad thing and i should stop.
So what you doing to do as am still doing to try to change my situation.
If that mean am a horrible being then i guess i am.
Just deal with it sicko.
I have no intent to suffer for all eternity become mental ill people claim i shouldn't even try for something better.

obsrvantlouie: You claim

You asked BB for help to questions you have and she did not that Pasq is trying to offer insight you attack.

Do you want to share your story or keep feeling sorry for yourself and attacking people?

Falien: You know what i will continue

You know what i will continue to attack because am a very horrible soul.
I try for help which make me very bad.
I have self respect which make me evil incarnation.

I have no intent of showing you my situation in detail because i don't give a damn about you.
He tried to inform me i have no right to change things so if a child is beaten to a bloody mess that child have no right to change things.
As a victim is meant to accept for thing are and suffer for the delight of other.
Since i disagree with that logic it make me the worse being you will ever meet so deal with it.
I will continue to being hateful and attack those that claim misery of other is a wonderful thing.

Yes those that seek help to get free from horrible situation are only those that feel sorry about themselves.
As the right thing for them to do is blame themselves and suffer like the worthless garbage they are.
This worthless garbage, trash, lesser, will always try to change things.
So deal with it!

pasqualie: Falien

Whats causing your misery or suffering is not outside of you. Its inside of you. You resist it so you keep it stuck, and so you get to keep it. And it will be reflected in your external world around you. People, conditions and circumstances that reflect your state of internal being.

Wanting control is lack, so you get more of that, because you only control your own thoughts. So if you want control, you are more out of control. Its actually your focus, your attachment to the story which you percieve as real. So you remained focused on what you dont want resisting it, wanting to control it, feeling more out of control. As you feed more emotional energy into it, you think about it more and stew on it, getting more angry or emotional, until it grows and grows and takes a life of its own. If you continue, it leads to ego callapse. The last card life plays to try to get you to come to realization. Where everything you value and hold dear is taken away. if you survive that, then you can begin fresh and have a new start. Some call ego callapse a rare gift that is given to a very few, but its not fun going through it. Its life way of giving tough love, the sink or swim.

Falien: So your saying if a child get

So your saying if a child get rape, abuse, beaten that it a reflection of themselves.
That they cause it all to themselves.
That the poor treatment they get is simply because they will it because it all a reflection of themselves so no sympathy or mercy should even be consider to them.
If a child get abuse rape and beaten to a bloody pulp that they were always in full control of the situation.
I get what your saying that we must always look down on the lesser and always treat them like that worthless garbage and criminals they are.
As only good thing happen to good people and only bad thing happen to bad people.

You say sink or swim other words it submit obey suffer, submit obey suffer.

I have this to say fuck off mother fucker.
Since am evil incarnated as i don't follow your fuck up view.

pasqualie: Falien

Your issue is you dont love yourself unconditionally. So you are trying to find that love, or feeling of worthiness from the external to fill that hole inside of you. It never lasts if you manage to find it in the external.

its not about tuning yourself out, or cutting off feelings. but its about being in control of your own emotions, and what you think, rather than someone or the external world deciding for you how you should feel, based on what is happening around you, or what value the external world sets on things people and events.

helping people is not a bad thing. but if you are doing it to satisfy a sense of self worth, or of wanting approval, then its not a good thing. because you set conditions where you feel good about yourself. the need to do things to feel good about yourself for approval or self worth is a trap. because you are controlled then. and also open to being taken advantage of.

your purpose is to feel joy and happiness and love unconditionally for yourself.

you look at the events and things in this world, you only see one micro aspect. the world shows you one micro frame to polarize.

people have come to this world to have experiences and learn. and there are alot of game play at work. even the world conflicts you see and the suffering, its just a grand scheme to polarize and draw in supporters and funds. one group rallying another to bring the flow of funds in to their bank accounts, another group allowing flare ups so they can get billions in defence and security funding from other governments. even charity groups see this as a win fall, because the best ones give 25 percent, most give 10 percent or less. and it just perpeptuates the problem, it doesnt get solved as long as people end up on polarized sides.

even catastrophies, look at new orleans, how much donations did they get, and only the bourbon street and other money areas got rebuilt.

even japan with the money they recieved for tsunami relief from donations from regular people around the world, they took that money and used 30 million of it to re-outfit their whaling fleet. and they didnt appologize for it when it was found out and protested by the world.

the world only changes when you change on the inside first. or else you are just pulled into the drama and game play and agendas, and giving away your own power,

Falien: I Gave enough hints for you

I Gave enough hints for you to pack up your mentally ill psychopath thinking and go else were.
Guess talking to a brain dead child isn't doing to go any were is it?

You keep saying you know how i feel and who i am more then i do.
That am wrong if i say i feel or think differently.
That you know what right for me not me.
That i should follow and obey your thinking.
That am wrong if i don't follow your view and what you desire.
That your all knowing and all mighty that everyone is meant to have your view and do as you claim.
That your a freaking master of the universe that know all.

It clear am not a freaking person or have a right to myself.
As you don't believe i should even have a chance at help as the only help i should be allow is what you decide no other should be allow.
As everyone must submit your your view and only your view or they shall be punish.
If they don't submit there evil and controlling of everyone as your not controlling when you force all onto your view as your be freeing them by eternally enslaving them to your view.

Guess what i have no desire to continuing chatting to a little mentally ill child.
Why don't you check yourself in a mental detention.

It you was for free will you would allow me to chat to an et (in person).
Even if they were evil

O that right that not free will if you choose it as it only free will if it force upon you against your view in your view isn't it?

pasqualie: Falien i dont know why things happen to people or kids

Its something that is thrown into their life, to see if they can rise above it. I have no control over that and you dont either. It might be life has given them the experience of ego callapse early in life to see if they can move beyond it. If anything people who are raped or molested, will have difficulties because of the experience they had. But trying to figure out why it happened leads nowhere. But they have that hot coal inside of them, which they must release in self love, and even a sense of forgiveness of self if they feel any kind of guilt or responsibility from it. Alot of victims blame themselves or hate themselves after those experiences. And if you carry that around with you the rest of your life, it will manifest in alot of anger, hate, and separation from others and yourself.

If I were to garner a guess on why it happened. I would say for some reason, they were given a lesson from life early, to love and accept themselves unconditionally so they can find joy and love in life. its the first lesson in life everyone must try to learn, to love and accept themselves unconditionally. If you dont learn this lesson, its where people try to fill that hole inside with things from the external world, through eating, shopping, drinking, drugs or sex, attention, and other things. The lesson that you are perfect as you are, and what you think about yourself matters more than what others think of you.

pasqualie: also no one is lesser

we are all equal, all the same, and connected. they are just going through the diferent experience in life or similar ones.

but if you judge, know that the exact same potential exists in everyone. so in a way you are judging apart of yourself. nothing exists in anyone else that doesnt exist in you. a person that commits crimes will be pursued and if caught held accountable.

but being pulled into the emotions of hate, anger and vengence doesnt help you in any way, or change anything. it doesnt change the past, the past has already happened. and if you live in the past, then you end up stuck, in the sadness, pain, or suffering. its the glowing hot coal most hold onto all their lives.

pasqualie: also

no one asks to be raped or molested. but in the general sense, you teach people how to treat you by the way you think feel and treat yourself.

just as you cannot be loved until you love yourself first.

you cant be comfortable around others until you are accept, love and are comfortable with who you are.

its the mirror of life, the inner reflects the outer.

Falien: To make it very clear i will

To make it very clear i will not tolerate the justification of harming other.
Or that people in horrible situation have no rights to escape it.

Nor will i justify anyone claiming it a lesson.
No one have the right to cause harm to another and call it a lesson regardless what sicko you are.
If anyone don't follow those guide line i will not be friendly in chat.

I believe one has the right to ask for help when needed and should get the help there after.
(not what help other claim)
They should try to change things if there in a horrible situation regardless if there punish for seeking something better.
(They should not submit to this is how things are attitude as they do have value)
And no one should force there so call view onto another.

obsrvantlouie: But you are forcing your views

Are you not? "I will not tolerate" you say....this sounds an awful lot like an absolute statement. Keep going around saving people and they will expect to be saved versus taking responsibility and saving themselves....we all have hardships to overcome, some of us fair better than others. Those who fair better are those who save themselves. People like you just make it harder for persons to take responsibility, action and save themselves. Once you 'save' this child you speak of....will you be there the next time he/she needs saving? Are you going to supervise his/her whole life and save them when you deem it necessary?

It's people like you that have created an attitude of victim hood versus and attitude of responsibility.

Falien: Your absolutely right we must

Your absolutely right we must see any child that get to a bloody mess abuse and beaten as the worthless scum bag they are.
We must do the right thing and make the kid suffer.
The child should take responsibility for being the scum and garbage of the earth and suffer like there meant to.
As the abuser is innocent and doing what right as they are taking out the garbage when the abuse kids and cut them up and beat the living daylight out of them.
Your right we must never help one in need as we must make them suffer.

((I however disagree with you completely mother fucking faggot light worker))

You claim everyone have it so freaking hard so those that have it all a good life have it so much harder then someone getting abuse.
Get they do deserve more that worthless garbage that get abuse.
What a freaking surprise.
As you claim those with it all did the most work and are the most deserving so yea they have the right to treat other as worthless trash like they are.

You claim they shouldn't see themselves as victim but take responsibility as there to blame for being abuse as the child brought it all to themselves and we must see that as the truth as it is and hold those kid scumbag accountable.
As anyone that get treated horrible is the scum of the earth.

So fuck off sadistic looser.

Guess am truly the worse criminal out there for disagreeing with you.
I think your view are psychopath.
No one should claim it good to cause harm to other.
Yes my statement was absolute so fuck off.

obsrvantlouie: So

What's your plan smart guy? Do you have a solution to your issue or are you just going to keep complaining?

pasqualie: The issue here Falien

Is you take one example of and extreme and terrible tragedy. And then you are painting everything else in general with this perspective. Everyone will agree rape and molestation is bad, no one disagree with you here.

But you are taking one example and then painting your whole canvass with this perspective.

You have to look at the feelings you have inside you and ask does it serve you to feel this way and hold all that emotion inside you. Does it make you happy holding those feelings inside you.

The reason why I say this is, if you are in anger and fear 24/7 you are essentially in fight or flight mode 24/7. The thoughts you have often, become habits, and when you think about these things, they release corresponding hormones and chemicals to make you feel the way you do. Until it becomes your general state of being by habit of thoughts.

You may say so what, i can feel and think the way i want. And yes you have that choice. But your body was not meant to be in constant adrenaline release and stress. It was only meant for short periods of time in emergencies. So being in constant adrenaline release means your body shuts down key modes in this state, such as healing as well as other abilities of the body when in this survival mode.

This is why they say stress 24/7 is a bad thing. Because your body will break down, and you will have alot of health problems if you are in this constant state of anger and fear and adrenaline release.

pasqualie: Also Falien

Also Falien, if you did save a child, no one will argue with you that you did something noble and good.

But if you tie your existence to doing things to feel good, or feel worthy or significant in this life. Well then its a trap. You may think its undeniably noble to go on this course to do things to feel worthy or significant but its polarization. The way the world works and wants you to think. To assign value based on actions, or performance or deeds, or wealth. Because its an attempt to fill the hole inside of you. Which can only be filled by unconditional self love and acceptance of yourself as you are. So you can be happy if you are doing nothing at all, or doing something you love. But not doing something out of need.

Its a two edged sword the need to do things to feel worthy or significant, used for good and bad. If you look around the world, there are people who take the most broken down people and their need to feel worthy, significant or important, and they convince them to strap bombs onto themselves and blow up buses full of women and children. So people in this frame of mind can do acts of insanity to feel significant and important.

I think you are holding some deep hurt or anger inside of you tied to some or many experiences in your past, falien. and to focus on it brings pain, and so you have a view in life that you will protect it which is natural. it may give you direction and focus, but i hope you will release it one day, so you can find true happiness and peace.

Everyone has trauma, hurts, pains and suffering in their lives Falien. Depending on what life has given to them in this life. But its not the event that changes your life, but how you percieve the event. Whether you choose to stay focused in the past, or let it go and move on having learned the lesson from it, even if its as simple as self love and forgiveness. Each day you write the chapters of your life, with your thoughts, feelings and actions regardless of what you are experiencing. If what you are experiencing is not what you like, then the key lies in the thoughts and feelings you have each day which influence which actions you take. And through what energies and vibrations you are giving out through your thoughts and emotions, you are attracting things into your life through the lens of perception you are viewing life.

BTW there is a lady named anah mah who experienced rape, torture by her father growing up in a masonic family in satanic rituals when she refused to take a knife and sacrifice another person. I believe she wrote a book on it. And she found healing and release through these materials which you seem to look down on. She actually teaches it now.

pasqualie: One other thing Falien

What you hate, you become, so you can understand it. The more energy you feed into it, the more it will appear whether it be on tv or news as you watch it, or in the people, circumstances, events, and things that happen in your life.

thoughts become things. its how this world works. so you have a thought, charged with emotion, it gets projected out, and it comes back to you and appears in your screen, so you can understand it.

if you dont like the movie playing, then you have to change your thought, because its the film.

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