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[click image to enlarge] Messages: The Stan Romanek Story - We are not alone and Stan Romanek can prove it. From his first sighting of a UFO to chilling alien abductions, Romanek relives his personal journey as a conduit of extraterrestrial contact. But what's most shocking are the strange messages these unearthly visitors communicate to Romanek - authentic equations relating to space travel and planetary diagrams pinpointing what could be an auspicious date for the human race.

The national spotlight has followed Stan Romanek ever since the release of the "Peeping Tom" video of what he strongly attests is an actual extraterrestrial. Interviewed on "Larry King Live" and elsewhere, his true story of extraterrestrial contact is quite famous. More importantly, Romanek's gripping tale - augmented by video footage, photos, and physical evidence - is the most documented case of all time.

(1-12 video's)- Coast to Coast with Art Bell: (CLASSIC) Area 51 Employees: This is the classic episode in which the famous "Area 51 Caller" phoned in. ] (#2) Coast to Coast with Art Bell: (CLASSIC) Area 51 Employees ] (#3) Coast to Coast with Art Bell: (CLASSIC) Area 51 Employees-] ========================================================================= The UFO Masquerade - Dr Karla Turner

UFO's Aliens Contact - Dr. Karla Turner

Dr. Karla Turner - Alien Abduction and Alien Contact

Future Technology From The Past - Jim Marrs

The Secret Space Program

UFO Sightings, Encounters and Abductions

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