stage 2 the final stage of the accending

The next stage of the ascending for this planet is now in affect. i know many of our observers are in fact ETs something has happened with time use again. you all have been given warning not to use it do to the damage of the universe by the eternal 7 overseers of the multiverse and void. the last 3 days has proved that with many of us feeling the effects. for the safety of the ones who made it threw the ascension they have the right to be safe as promised no mater what the out come.

as of now i Apolys Mandylion title Terra priestess ( Um-besh-ra ) protector of the spirit of this planet and voice of her. Terra guardian overseer and protector of all her inhabitants. member of the Andromeda council. Herald of the eternal 7 overseers of the multiverse
all ets are permitted to take marked family and contracted subjects home. your elders will be summoned for a meeting by messenger for further instructions and rules. This planet is now a sanctioned neutral zone until further notice!

the elite death guards of the eternal 7 will be placed around this planet for those who disrespect the rules. the treaty between the Orion factions and the Andromedan factions are still in affect and will continue to be so.

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LoliApolys: i apologize to a certain some

i apologize to a certain some one on the form but i can stand buy and watch Innocent people get hurt and possibly lose there future dew to others not fallowing rules :(

TriThorntheReaper: I get the party supply's :P

I get the party supply's :P

LoliApolys: this not

this is not a game trithorn. please do not post so jersterly on important subjects.

TriThorntheReaper: Sorry

Sorry i was just making a Joke.

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