Spy UFOs and the Starry Sky

by Logical Chaos on December 16th, 2017

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed many "spy UFOs". They appear as bright stars, usually more orangish (stars look more bluish) and hide in plain sight amoung stars. One is where Sirius is and is bright blue and flickers all sorts of "high tech" colors.

Ive noticed they are close to the horizon around 6am in the morning.

Anyone else notice this?

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Logical Chaos: First Classification: Mini-Reds

I have finally identified one type of star-disguised UFO type from sky-watching in dark desert environments.

I call them "Mini Reds".

Brightness: 4/10 - brighter than the dimmest stars, but less bright than mid-bright objects.

Apparent Size: Small. Similar size to small stars. Small point of light. All of these UFOs (there's typically more than one at a time in the sky) are the same apparent size.

Color: An orange, reddish color.

Movement: Either perfectly still or a bobbing/swaying motion. I have not seen both types of movements at the same time, so its either up/down bobbing or left-right swaying.

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