The Spirit

by Tarheel on December 9th, 2016

There is no nature to form technology that can surpass the technology of the spirit.
AI is just what it says, artificial.
Relax, consciousness is in the drivers seat. It's developing much more rapidly than AI ever will.
Peace !

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Quinton: Agreed. It's also interesting

Agreed. It's also interesting how all technology does is copy what is already possible spiritually. Cameras take photos which are already stored spiritually. Vehicles transport us when we can already be anywhere spiritually. Technology is just a physical way to mimic the spiritual. Any information and feeling is already accessible to us instantly, but we instead use technology to create these same effects in a roundabout way.

Tarheel: It lends to the fact that ...

It actually more than lends to the fact that we are spirits in a material world.

bluesbaby5050: Agreed. It's also interesting.....

I agree too. Cell phones/ telephones instead of using mental telepathy to communicate person to person. Astro projection to travel inter dimensionally. The more spiritually advanced a person becomes, the more DNA unlocks and the higher self will make connections with the lower physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and once this happens then the linkup will complete with the godhead, and the universal conciousness, and the mulitverses.

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